Ayurveda in Nepal - Spring 2020 Program

Ayurveda in Nepal - Spring 2020 Program

Ayurveda in Nepal - Spring 2020 Program is going to be held in spring 2020, i.e., in the months of February and March. It will start from Feb 3, 2020 till March 6, 2020. It is an experiential adventure in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal, providing an opportunity to take part in the art and science of Ayurveda. The Himalayan Region of Nepal is said to be the richest country in the world on the basis of its biodiversity, and is well known as the birth place of Ayurveda. It has a unique geographical position and the fields assuring the ideal conditions for a wide variety of herbs, flowers and aromatic plants, which not only adds a beauty to the place but also provides a vast range of Ayurvedic material for medicinal purposes. This place connects you with the spiritual and healing energies. It is also believed that the Nepali Ayurveda tradition has a lot to serve to the people who are interested in the Ayurvedic medicine-making. The event will be a great opportunity to the Ayurvedic practitioners to learn the most ancient and unique techniques and skills for the growth and development of Ayurveda that are not easily available to the westerners and the other college-trained practitioners. This event is totally dedicated towards Ayurveda and is focussed on the practical learning about natural health and Ayurveda in general, with respect to its clinical application and also the medicines preparations.

Todd Caldecott, the organizer of the event is a medical herbalist and an Ayurveda practitioner for two decades. He has a number of clinical experiences in multiple locations including South East Asia, North America, and the Caribbean, working with various conditions including autoimmune disease and metabolic disorders. He is a registered professional member of Apria Healthcare Group (AHG) and NAMA, along with his clinical tasks; he is also active as the Director at the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Besides him, there will be a team of professional teachers who will guide the students and help them to learn, witness and obtain all that the Ayurveda has to offer. This team includes, Vaidya Madhu Bajra Bajracharya, an Ayurvedic expert for 42 years and holds the office of Chairman of Nepal Traditional Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner's Association, Nepal, at present. He is modernizing the Ayurvedic field through various social platforms and technology. He also serves as a consultant to the Himalayan Herbal Preparation Pvt. Ltd, a joint Nepali-Italian Venture. He is providing his clinical services at his ancestral clinic named as Piyushavarshi Aushadhalaya, the oldest Ayurvedic Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The other reputed name is Dr. Sarita Shreshta, a classically trained Ayurvedic Physician based at Kathmandu, Nepal with 25 years of clinical experiences in hospitals, rural health camp, etc. and a specialist in Women's Health. She has trained and is training thousands of national as well as international students in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga, and is esteemed as the first female Ayurvedic physician and also the first Ayurvedic OB/GYN from Nepal. She has an extra-ordinary view and ability to make a perfect coordination of western science and traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, in order to educate western students. Now, she is internationally known as the "Mother of Ayurveda". The other teachers in this event will be Vaidya Bishwonath, Vaidya Manjib Shakya, and Vaidya Kapil Khatri.

This event is offering two different learning options for different time period. The students can choose any of them according to their comfort. One of these options is 12 day immersion program providing an immersion into the savvy tradition of the world's oldest Ayurvedic heritage. The other option is to participate in the 5 weeks Clinical program, which lets you to have a deep dive into the experiences and teachings of traditional Ayurvedic Vaidyas, pharmacists and experts. For more details regarding these programs and payment, you can visit www.dogwoodbotanical.com/ayurveda-in-nepal-student-page and www.dogwoodbotanical.com/ayurveda-in-nepal-immersion-program.html.

During this trip, the students will also have some free time to enjoy the art, culture and legacy of Kathmandu. They can experience the pleasure of wandering through the web of narrow lanes, and visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Changu Narayan Temple, the oldest Hindu Temple in the valley, as well as Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage, Boudhanath Stupa, one of the holiest Buddhist site, and Swayambhunath, an ancient sacred Buddhist complex. This journey will end with a pampering, relax able, renewable and luxurious Ayurvedic Massage by experienced therapists.

The main purpose of this journey is to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda among the Ayurvedic practitioners as well as the society, and to enlighten its benefits for a healthy lifestyle by utilising the natural resources available to us. The organizer of this program, Vaidya Todd Caldecott has a great experience of a similar trip with his students in 2017, of which you can a have a view in the attached video.

So, let's be a part of this great and immense opportunity of getting Ayurveda knowledge from its place of birth itself and from the renowned Ayurvedic experts for more than 4 decades. We hope to have a large number of participants for the same and wish you all a healthy life experience tour of Ayurveda. For more details click here.

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