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Planet Ayurveda Treatment Center in Philippines

Rev. Reynaldo AbadRev. Reynaldo Abad is already 60 years old this year 2016 and is the owner and President of One Life Health Provider. He has four (4) herbal store and herbal clinic situated strategically all over Luzon. He finished his Pre Nursing studies in Saint Louis University, Baguio City last 1974. He finished his Nursing Course in Baguio General Hospital School in 1977, Baguio City. Took the Nursing Board exam in 1977 and successfully passed it. He pursued his studies and finished his Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Angeles University Foundation in 1977. Worked as a registered professional Nurse in many Centre and 500 bed capacity hospital namely Central Luzon General Hospital, San Fernando City, Pampanga. After many years of working in the hospital he saw much sufferings and people in pain and spending so much but still die of debilitating diseases and illness without any true relief. In his quest for answers, he began to practice and integrate herbal and natural means of healing people including their spiritual, emotional and mental sickness. He had so many successes and was able to help so many sick people in fifteen (15) years. By this very rich and long experiences he formally pursued his studies to further understand and learned about herbal and natural healing. He finished his studies in the School Of Natural Health And Science Berkeley Square, London and finished Herbal medicine (herbalism) in Sept. 25, 2014. After practicing as an herbal and faith healer combine with his knowledge in Nursing for many years he finally finished his course in (herbalism) Herbal medicine. At present he is continuing his studies in Advance Herbal Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine. At present he is a Registered Natural and Herbal Specialist at the International College Of Holistic Medicine, England.

As he continue further in herbal and natural way of healing sick people, healing breakthrough in patients with cancer even in terminal and 4th stage cancer are being healed herbally, naturally and miraculously. Now cancer, diabetic, asthmatic and dialysis patient have brighter hope and future because of the herbal and natural breakthrough of healing them is successful. With so many thousands of patient already healed and so many patient being healed daily in our clinics and herbal clinic all over the world is enough to prove that herbal and natural healing is not only possible but an answer and is an alternative to medical, surgical, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

With four (4) herbal stores situated strategically at different cities all over Luzon to cater to our sick constituents.

Rev. Reynaldo Abad Rev. Reynaldo Abad

JOSE & PAULA Bldg., Units 11&12 224 Mc Arthur Hi-Way Dau, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Tel: 045-308-0561 (Main Herbal store/clinic)

3rd floor Tan Bldg., IC-18 KM.6 Betag La Trinidad, Benguet

Rev. Reynaldo Abad Rev. Reynaldo Abad

2nd floor, T&S Bldg., Mc Arthur Hi-way San Vicente, Urdaneta City, Tel: 075-204-0268

Paranaque Clinic: 7033 Agape Centre, Kabihasnan Road, San Dionisio, Paranaque city

Ayurveda Herbal Medicines are an astonishing herbal products from India which contains natural substances that are beneficial to the body. Herbal supplements that offer an alternative to modern medicines which provide satisfactory results after 10 to 20 days of taking herbal supplements.

One Life Health Care Provider is dedicated to promoting herbal food supplements for the benefit of mankind living close to nature leading to a healthy and happy life.

One Life Health Care Provider passion is to help people suffering from acute and chronic diseases be restored, healed and be revive back to their normal lives.

One Life Health Care Provider is committed to helping people live healthier lives through use of herbs and medicinal plants.

One Life Health Care Provider offer herbal remedies which can also be used as nutritional supplements for various health concerns. Our Ayurvedic Herbal medicines are GMP certified, US-FDA registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified and the best quality manufacturing standards are met.

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One Life Health Care Provider


TEL: (045)-308-0561

Cell Phone No.: 0918-967-5700 (Smart), 0917-624-2525 (Globe), 0932-852-0274 (Sun)

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They give natural & herbal food supplement a chance and they were healed and restored back to health

Miss Crizzel Maygba (Kidney and Heart Deases healed) Dolores Paguduan (Healed, Kidney functions) Jaime Rath Ligan (Healed from Ovarian Cyst, Kidney Malfunction and Abdominal Tumore of ovarian origin Jacylyn Tulao (Healed Kidney Function) Pastora Yap (Cyst Gone) Mr. Mateo Espinosa (Kidney Healed) Mr. Lansangan (Kidney Healed) Mrs. De Guzman (Kidney Function Restored) Sister Pilar (Kidney Function Restored) Mrs. Soriano (Breast Cyst Healed) Mrs. Soriano (Breast Cyst Healed) Alma Briones (Totally healed terminal cancer) Afra Rivera (Healed from Heart & Kidney Malfunction) Patra Baby Castro (Healed from heart and kidney malfunction) Billy Nitura (Healed from Kidney Malfunction) Evangeline Garcia (Heart Ailment healed and recover totally) Lolita De Guzman (Healed from Heart & Kideny Malfunction) Mario Carreon (Kidney Stone Removed by Herbal Therapy) Miss Norberte (Healed from Kidney Malfunction ovarian cyst Gone) Regina Macalino (Healed from heart and malfunction) Rosalyn Borreta (Healed from Heart & Kidney Malfunction) Sister Laxamana (Ovarian Cyst and Heart Diseases Healed)

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