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Planet Ayurveda Products Distributor in Ojai, California, USA

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is Planet Ayurveda's authorised products distributor in Ojai, California, USA.


723 Fernando Dr. Ojai CA 93023

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Khabir Southwick - Planet Ayurveda Consultant in Ojai California, USA

Khabir Southwick

Ayurveda Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath, Wholefoods Nutritionist, Master Herbalist

Member of the of the American Herbalist Guild & the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

Khabir maintains a busy private health-care consulting practice in Ojai and Santa Barbara California. For over 14 years, he has successfully helped hundreds of clients and thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions and improve their overall health. He travels throughout southern California providing private consultations, selling herbal teas and spices, conducting workshops and lecturing on a wide range of health subjects.

Khabir is the author of numerous courses on natural healing, including: Natural Heavy Metal Detoxification, Boosting the Immune System and Fighting Infection with Herbs, At-home Liver Detoxification and the Removal of Gallstones, Natural Weight Loss Without E xercise, Natural Heart Care using Proven Herbal Formulas, Eating Right for your Ayurvedic Body-Type and more.

Born a natural childbirth in Tucson Arizona, 1962, Khabir was raised as a lacto-vegetarian by health conscious parents who began educating him about nutrition and hatha yoga at an early age. As a teenager, Khabir was already helping others improve their eating habits and providing medicinal teas for common health complaints. He went on to formally study western herbal medicine (1980) and the traditional nutritional sciences (1981). He perused advanced studies in India (starting in 1982) to study Ayurveda, specifically herbal formulations and applications.

After receiving a grant to research primitive cultures while studying Anthropology at Prescott College Arizona, Khabir traveled worldwide to study isolated tribes unaffected by the modern world. He lived in Japan for 8 years where he studied the Japanese language, shiatsu, reiki, massage and reflexology; consequently he speaks fluent Japanese. In Khabir's overseas travels, he has visited over 60 countries worldwide. Since 1998, Khabir has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and treating the root causes of illness based largely on Ayurvedic principles and practices.

As a trained naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, Khabir is extremely experienced with both traditional and current natural therapies and treatments. As a lifelong herbalist, Khabir formulates his own line of "homemade" herbal teas, Ayurvedic formulas and spices which he provides to his clients.

Additionally, he teaches a whole food nutrition class at Ventura College, regularly speaks at Whole Foods Markets in Santa Barbara and Oxnard; provides regular health classes at Rainbow Bridge Health Food Store in Ojai and provides health lectures at the Holistic Health Center of Santa Barbara . Khabir annually offers various detoxification workshops each year: Colon Cleansing, Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse, Kidney/Bladder Cleanse and Heavy Metal Detoxification.

Residing in Ojai California, Khabir enjoys hiking, horseback riding, gardening and spending time with his son. His volunteer work includes educating children about healthy foods and eating habits.

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Khabir Southwick, DBA Natural Healing Consultants - Ventura County Business licence #8111

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723 Fernando Dr. Ojai CA 93023

Phone No. 001-805-308-3480

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