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Yantravidhi Adhyaya – 7th Chapter of Sushruta Samhita

Yantravidhi Adhyaya – 7th Chapter of Sushruta Samhita Abstract Acharya Sushruta who is also known as “The Father of Surgery ” has written Sushruta Samhita. He has mentioned various medicines and surgeries in this book. Sushruta Samhita is one of the three great treatises (Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridya) in Ayurveda and is considered as the oldest classical text written on surgery. Sushruta Samhita is divided into 5 sthanas (books) namely Sutra sthana, Nidana sthana, Sharira sthana, Chikitsa

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