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Vyoshadi Vatakam (Vati)

Vyoshadi Vatakam (Vati) Reference: Ashtanga hridayam, Sharangdhar Samhita Madhyama Khanda 7th chapter. Vyoshadi Vatakam (also called Vyoshadi Vati & Vyoshadi Gutika) is an effective ayurvedic medicine used for respiratory and digestive disorders. It is in tablet or granules form. It is main medicine for the common cold in Ayurveda and is really helpful for relieving nasal inflammation, discharge, congestion and irritation. It is also useful in allergic rhinitis, sneezing, cough, and breathing troubles (asthma). It improves appetite and increases the desire to eat, so it can also be given in cases of anorexia. This medicine is prepared from various herbs […]

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