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    I was suffering from liver cirrhosis. We searched on the internet about Dr. Vikram. We contacted Dr. Vikram. He prescribed us some ayurvedic medicines. After taking the medicines, there is a lot of improvement.


    Company Name : Maharashtra

    I would say that before visiting any other place try to take medicines from Dr. Vikram. There will be no need of going anywhere. His medicines heal the problem.

    Anjali Bansal

    Company Name : Punjab

    If anyone is suffering from any disease, they should come here and give Planet Ayurveda a chance. I am not forcing anybody to come here, but they themselves will be satisfied. Just come here on a trial basis, you will certainly get satisfied.

    Rajesh Puri

    Company Name : Jammu and Kashmir

    I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. I took treatment for 4-5 months from Ghaziabad, but the results were not satisfactory. Then I contacted Planet Ayurveda and contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Took medicines of Planet Ayurveda and became healthy.


    Company Name : Uttar Pradesh

    We got a reference from somebody in Feb 2016. I contacted Planet Ayurveda. Took medicines as prescribed. And after 5 days only he could pass all his urine out. The medicines that were taken were very effective.

    Dheeraj Sharma

    Company Name : Shimla
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    • Q1. Is this consultation free?

      Ans. Yes, the consultation is totally free.

    • Q2. How will I get my prescriptions?

      Ans. Share your complete details in the column 'Quick Enquiry Form'. Our doctors will connect with you through E-mails, SMS or other Messaging applications, and guide you with the detailed prescriptions related to your health problem.

    • Q3. How will I get my medications?

      Ans. We will be providing you the costing details of the prescribed medicines along with the delivery charges (if any) via E-mail, medicines will be delivered to the address provided by you as soon as we get the payment details from you.

    • Q4. How do I make a payment?

      Ans. You can pay us through NEFT, IMPS or Bank deposit and the bank details will be given to you via e-mail.

    • Q5. Are my personal details secure?

      Ans. Yes, all the personal details provided by you will be safe and secure.

    • Q6. How to get detailed answers for my health queries?

      Ans. Whenever you are posting query make sure you have provided the following details:-

      • Details of Current Symptoms
      • Details about Ongoing medication, if any
      • Age of the Patient

    • Q7. Who can connect with us?

      Ans. Patient himself or any concerned person.