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Case Study No: 148 | Sheryl Sosa’s Husband had Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis

Case Study No: 148 | Sheryl Sosa’s Husband had Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis My name is Sheryl Sosa and this is my journey. I was born in Mississippi and moved to Texas in 1973 where I became a realtor and owned several businesses. My husband and I both have been featured in magazines for our work, one of which is the Houston Voyage magazine. We lived there 40 years when we decided to move back to Mississippi to be closer to our families. We continued our business in Houston and opened a satellite company of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My […]

Orthovita Oil

Orthovita Oil – Effective Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain Relief Buy NowMany of us or our family members and relatives want something that can cure the pain by just applying the oil or any cream for joint pain and stiffness. It is obvious why to take medicines if we can get rid by just applying something locally on the affected areas. Many of us always try to find Ayurvedic oil which makes the joint pain, stiffness and other related symptoms of ours / parents / grandparents go away. Ayurveda is the Indian origin science and its preparation has no side […]

Papita / Papaya / Carica papaya

What are the Health Benefits of Papita (Carica papaya)? What is Papita (Carica papaya)? Nowadays herbs are gaining importance as synthetic drugs are unsafe and not good for the environment. Herbs are safe and have medicinal, flavoring and aromatic properties. The medicinal values lie in some chemical substances that alter the physiological changes in the body. One of the plants is Carica papaya which has become well recognized for its exceptional nutritional properties. According to Ayurveda, this plant is indicated in various health conditions such as cough, cold, respiratory disorders, asthma, liver enlargement, enlarged spleen, oedema, inflammatory conditions, toxic conditions, […]

Coffee Senna / Cassia occidentalis

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Coffee Senna (Cassia occidentalis)? What is Coffee Senna (Cassia occidentalis)? Herbs have been used in traditional systems of medicine and as pharmacopoeial drugs since ancient times. Herbs possess a variety of phytopharmaceuticals which play a vital role in agriculture, human health etc. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient knowledge about herbs not only because of their immense health benefits. Although in traditional medicine Cassia species are well known for its laxative properties and for the treatment of various skin diseases as well. It belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae. This plant usually […]

Indian Hemp / Bhang / Cannabis Sativa

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Bhang (Cannabis Sativa)? What is Bhang (Cannabis Sativa)? Cannabis sativa is also known as Cannabis indica. It is an annual herb which belongs to family Cannabinaceae. It is native to central Asia, China, and Europe. It has been used in Ayurveda and in some Indian festival drinks since many ages. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, it is used for treating insomnia, low digestive strength, and IBS. This herb is grouped under Upavisha (sub-toxic herbs). Purification is required before its usage. Description It is an annual herb that grows up to the height […]

Leopard’s Bane / Arnica montana

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Leopard’s Bane (Arnica montana)? About Arnica Montana Arnica montana is often called as Leopard’s Bane. It is a perennial and aromatic herb that grows up to 1 to 2 feet in height. This herb grows mainly in Siberia, central Europe and North America but also cultivated and distributed in the Balkan peninsula, Hungary and Lithuania. Basically, this herb grows in moist soil and belongs to sunflower family. This herb is used as a medicine, a coloring agent in foods and even in cosmetics. Traditionally, this herb has been actively used as an […]

Indian Borage / Plectranthus amboinicus

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Indian Borage (Plectranthus amboinicus)? Introduction The art of utilizing herbs for different purposes is well documented in Ayurveda. The medical properties of plants are based on the presence of certain phytochemicals in them. Among the several medicinal plants used in Ayurveda, Plectranthus amboinicus is known to possess anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-epileptic properties. It is also considered as a diuretic herbal agent and its leaves have a pungent taste and a pleasant odour. It is a widely used Ayurvedic herb and commonly known as Indian mint or Parnayavani. Categorization Kingdom: Plantae Family: Lamiaceae […]

American Spikenard / Aralia Racemosa

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of American Spikenard (Aralia racemosa)? Introduction For hundreds of years, American Spikenard has been used in Indian medicine to treat numerous conditions both physical and aesthetic. It has been regarded as a valuable commodity since ancient times and also mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran. Aralia, which has the Latin name Aralia racemosa and is endemic to the eastern United States, China, Bhutan, Japan, northern India, and Nepal. It belongs to the family Araliaceae. Synonyms: This herb is also called as Indian spikenard, American spikenard, musk root. In Hindi, it is […]

Chervil / Anthriscus Cerefolium

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Chervil (Anthriscus Cerefolium)? Introduction World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 80% of the people worldwide rely on herbs for the treatment of various disorders. Herbs are considered as the natural medicine that are widely used in traditional system of medicine. Herbs are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. According to WHO, around 21,000 plant species have the potential for being used as medicinal plants. One such plant is Chervil which has the potential to be used in the novel medicines throughout the world. Chervil belongs to the carrot family and its […]

Kum Kumadi Tailam – Benefits for Skin, How to Use & Ingredients

Kum Kumadi Tailam – Benefits for Skin, How to Use & Ingredients Buy Now Introduction Kum Kumadi Tailam is an Ayurvedic herbal oil used for face massage. Ayurveda has one recipe that’s passed over generations as a beauty secret and that is none other than Kum Kumadi Tailam. It is one product that most of us can and should use, regardless of skin type, concerns, age, or budget. An Ayurvedic recipe, this beauty oil is wonderful as a facial skincare product, which not only maintains skin health but also treats skin issues. It is a unique blend of herbs and […]

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