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Diet Plan For Paralysis Paralysis is a neurological disorder that can immediately cause loss of strength or even spasm of muscles of any part of the body it could be any limb or half side of the body or may include the whole body and will lead to partial or complete loss of muscle function. In this condition nutritious diet plays a major role in fast recovery. So, the diet must be enriched with antioxidants, essential nutrients like Vitamins and

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Virginity Should Be A Personal Choice And Not A Pressure!!

Virginity Should Be A Personal Choice And Not A Pressure!! Hey Females!! Today’s topic is a general one, Virginity, called as the esteem of a girl, but nobody wants to talk about it in general. There are a lot of myths about it and it have become a taboo in society. Here, in our society, especially in Indian society, the character of a girl is based up on her virginity and her independent decisions. Is it right to judge a

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Diet Plan for Arthritis Arthritis is characterized by swollen and painful one or more joints. Stiffed and painful joints are the main complaints presented in Arthritis. The peculiar point is that these complaints worsen with age. There are different types of arthritis from which the more commonly occurring are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In Osteoarthritis there occurs breakdown of bone cartilages. While in Rheumatoid arthritis the body’s own immune system attacks the joints causing damage to them. Increased uric acid,

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Diet Plan For Eczema Patients Eczema is also known as dermatitis that causes inflammation of the skin which is characterized by dry and irritated skin which sometimes also becomes scaly, wet or blistered. The exact cause of eczema is not clear and the reason behind it may be many like allergic reactions, stress and fatigue. Temperature sometimes also plays a role in causation of this disease. Out of all these, diet is also one of the main causative factors in

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Best Herbal Teas available to Serve You Taste with Health

Best Herbal Teas available to Serve You Taste with Health Teas are the most favorable drinks of the people worldwide, maximum population all across the globe love to start their day with a cup of tea with a thought that it will help them to stay away with the headaches and stress during the whole day. But do they actually? People have the variety of teas for their different moods and tastes such as milk tea, ginger tea, lemon tea,

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How to have Good Immunity for Child?

How to have Good Immunity for Child? Abstract There are many cells and organs involved in protecting our body. Our immune system and cells involved in it help us subsiding various foreign bodies which keep invading our body. Our immune system gets triggered by the presence of any pathogen and gets rid of them accordingly. In children, this invasion is more frequent and common because of their increased exposure to the outer world. To keep the immune system boosted we

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How a Newly Married Girl Should Manage her Health?

How a Newly Married Girl Should Manage her Health? Marriage is a great thing. Marriage and health are closely related to each other. First few weeks of marriage are blissful as well as stressful while adjusting in a new environment. There will always be differences in food culture as each household has different ways of cooking. Every girl is expected to mould themselves as per requirement of their new households. There are various effects of marriage on girls, they can

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Ayurveda will Stay Forever to Heal the Humanity

Ayurveda Will Stay Forever to Heal the Humanity There is a saying, “Everything ends being good, and if it is not good, it is not the end.” So, why to worry about the things which are beyond our control? Especially, when we have never worried to take care of them at that time when these were all in our control. This is the bitter truth which we all know, and now as this critical situation is here, finally we have

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DIY Tips for Long Healthy Hair

DIY Tips for Long Healthy Hair Long hair is almost every girl’s dream. But nowadays due to pollution and hectic lifestyle we didn’t get time to pay attention to our hair. Use of styling equipment also causes thinning and dryness of hair. Before you spend lots of money on professional treatments, consider natural tips. There are many natural ways through which we can rejuvenate our hair at home and they are not expensive like spa treatments. With these tips your

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Childhood Asthma

Diet Chart for Childhood Asthma It is chronic inflammation of airways of the lungs. This inflammation cause more mucus production and difficulty in breathing. There are many causes of childhood asthma include allergens, irritants, change in weather and infection, inflammation of the airways of lungs. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHILDHOOD AND ADULT ASTHMA Children diagnose with asthma are more likely to have intermittent symptoms, though some children have daily symptoms as well. Children are typically more sensitive to allergens and more prone

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