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About Planet Ayurveda - Spreading wisdom of Ayurveda in Europe and other parts of the world

Planet Ayurveda Centre

Planet Ayurveda is a renowned name in the world of Ayurvedic medicine, dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness through natural remedies and traditional Ayurvedic principles. Established with a commitment to harnessing the healing potential of nature, Planet Ayurveda has emerged as a leading global brand, offering a diverse range of herbal supplements, wellness products, and personalized consultations. The company came into existence with an innovative thought by Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda), for his interest and passion to serve humanity. The products produced under Planet Ayurveda are 100% pure and herbal. The resulting rate of these products is very high and positive. Today the company is at the heights only because of its products and the services that are given by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. The Standardized extract of herbs are used in the formulation of our products, lovers are spread all over the globe because of the quality and effectiveness. Great emphasis is laid on the selection of the right type of raw material and herbs used for manufacturing herbal products. The company has so many herbal products on its list. Planet Ayurveda is dedicated to the promotion of natural herbs and bringing their benefits to the common man. We definitely need your regular encouragement and support to spread the message of "living close to nature" to lead a healthy and happy life.

"When the road looks long, it's just a shadow. When the sky looks dark, it's only the clouds. And when life gets rough, it's only your troubles getting in the way. You just need to push your way through and you will see the road's not that long and the sky's not that dark and life is good."

This is what comes into mind when we begin talking about our MD Dr. Vikram Chauhan who is an energy booster for all the people working with him.


Down to earth, he grew up in Chandigarh, Northern Indian city also called "The City Beautiful". Highly qualified in his field as he did his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from Jalandhar and then went to Patiala for his MD. He is Postgraduate in Medicinal plants Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology.

His Aims and Objectives

He believes in taking the company Planet Ayurveda to the sky. We, who all are working as a team in Planet Ayurveda believe in the clear vision and goals our Managing Director Dr. Vikram Chauhan that he will reach the stars in serving people and spreading the awareness of Ayurveda. He says- "I tend to keep away from people with 'negative side first' attitude and people whom I need to explain my jokes. I also don't get along well with people who steadfast in their dogmas and are not ready to reconsider/discuss about the same." So, all in all, he is a man of very positive approach and it is really very knowledgeable working with him. Other than being an herbal entrepreneur, he is a wonderful physician as well. He has his own Clinic with the name "Planet Ayurveda" (www.planetayurveda.com) in Mohali near Chandigarh where a lot of people visit him every day and he dedicatedly sits listening to them and satisfying their quest for longer, healthier and happier lives through his Ayurvedic insight.

We manufacture and market two main categories of Ayurvedic supplements - the traditional pharmacopeial preparations (roughly the equivalent of generics) and branded & Patent Proprietary products (P&P), which are analogous to the branded formulations of modern medicine.

The traditional pharmacopeial supplements are manufactured with the specifications laid down in the Ayurvedic Formulary of India, the official compilation of the department of health Department of Family Welfare and Ministry of health, India.

Just as there are tablets, capsules, liquids, suspensions and powders in modern pharmacy the Ayurvedic dosage forms are termed Gutika, Taila, Avaleha, Asava, Arishta, Ark, Churna, Vati, Pishti and Rasayana.

All our pharmacopeial preparations are done in a purely ayurvedic way as the Shastriya Paddhati is strictly followed. Shastriya Paddhati, literally 'the technique of the scriptures' is the equivalent of modern GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Some of the practices and equipment may be unique to Ayurveda, for example, the Bhatti, a sort of traditional kiln-cum-oven using cow dung as its fuel.

It is in the manufacture of Patent & Proprietary products, however, that there is a harmonious blend of the GMP and the Shastriya Paddhati.

After ascertaining the clinical efficacy of the product, often-employing modern diagnostic criteria such as serological tests, the product is modified if necessary, or is directly included in the corporate marketing plan.

Our Core Values

Founding Philosophy

At the core of Planet Ayurveda lies a profound reverence for nature's wisdom and an unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of Ayurveda. Founded by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, the brand stands tall on the pillars of authenticity, quality, and efficacy. Dr. Chauhan's vision was to create a platform that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern health needs, making Ayurveda accessible to people around the world. We accept personal responsibility, and accountability to meet business needs and have Passion for winning. We all are leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver results. We are determined to be the best in all spheres of our work.

Our Assets

Our customers, distributors and employees are our most important assets. We add value through result driven training, and we encourage & reward excellence. We give preference to our consumer needs and develop products to fulfill them better.


We work together on the principle of mutual trust & transparency in a boundary-less organisation. We are intellectually honest in advocating proposals, including recognizing risks.

Research, Development and Innovation

Continuous innovation in products & processes is the basis of our success Integrity: We are committed to the achievement of business success with integrity. We are honest with consumers, with business partners and with each other.

Product Range and Quality Assurance

Planet Ayurveda offers a comprehensive array of herbal supplements and wellness products meticulously formulated using traditional Ayurvedic recipes and potent herbs. These products undergo stringent quality checks and adhere to international standards, ensuring purity, potency, and efficacy. The brand emphasizes the use of natural ingredients, free from chemicals, additives, or artificial flavors, prioritizing the holistic well-being of its consumers. Planet Ayurveda’s Product Range contains Natural Herbs and are available in the form of Classical Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Teas, Minerals & Vitamin Supplements, Herbal Juices, Herbal Syrups, Pure Herbal Products for Pets and much more.

Business Opportunity

If you are looking for Business Opportunities or collaborations with Planet Ayurveda in any of the areas, Mail US Right NOW !

Write us at support@planetayurveda.com

Holistic Approach to Health

One of the distinctive features of Planet Ayurveda is its holistic approach to health and wellness. Understanding that well-being is a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit, the brand's offerings encompass a wide spectrum of products targeting various health concerns. From herbal formulations for digestive health, immune support, skincare, joint care, to solutions for stress relief and overall vitality, each product is designed to address specific health needs holistically.

Expert Consultations and Services

In addition to its product line, Planet Ayurveda provides expert consultations and guidance to individuals seeking personalized wellness solutions. Qualified Ayurvedic practitioners offer tailored advice, incorporating diet, lifestyle modifications, and herbal supplementation to support individuals on their journey towards optimal health. This personalized approach sets Planet Ayurveda apart, fostering a deeper connection between practitioners and seekers of holistic healing.

Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics

Beyond health and wellness, Planet Ayurveda is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand's sourcing practices prioritize sustainable cultivation methods, supporting local farmers and preserving the ecological balance. By adhering to ethical principles and responsible sourcing, Planet Ayurveda ensures that its products are not only beneficial for consumers but also contribute positively to the environment and society.

Global Impact and Recognition

With a global presence and a growing community of satisfied consumers, Planet Ayurveda has garnered recognition for its commitment to quality, efficacy, and authenticity. The brand's dedication to promoting Ayurveda as a holistic lifestyle choice has earned it accolades and certifications, further reinforcing its credibility and trustworthiness in the field of natural healthcare.

Planet Ayurveda has made significant strides in establishing its presence in Europe and the USA, expanding its reach and offering Ayurvedic wellness solutions to a diverse clientele in these regions.

Growing Popularity in Europe

In Europe, there has been a surge in interest in alternative and holistic healthcare approaches. Planet Ayurveda's emphasis on natural remedies, herbal supplements, and personalized wellness solutions has resonated well with individuals seeking holistic healing modalities. The brand's commitment to quality, authenticity, and traditional Ayurvedic principles has contributed to its growing popularity among health-conscious consumers in countries like the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Slovakia, Portugal and others. Planet Ayurveda established an Ayurveda academy and NGO in Slovakia in the name of PEACE and another academy in the name of PAAAAWS in India to spread Ayurveda awareness all over world.

Establishing a Foothold in the USA

Similarly, in the USA, where there's a rising awareness and acceptance of Ayurveda as a complementary healthcare system, Planet Ayurveda has gained recognition. The brand's range of herbal supplements, formulated using ancient Ayurvedic recipes and adhering to high-quality standards, has appealed to individuals looking for natural alternatives to support their health and well-being. With a focus on authenticity and efficacy, Planet Ayurveda has gradually carved a niche for itself in the American market.

Online Presence and Accessibility

One of the key factors contributing to Planet Ayurveda's success in these regions is its strong online presence. Through e-commerce platforms, informative websites, and digital marketing efforts, the brand has made its products and services easily accessible to customers across Europe and the USA. This accessibility has enabled individuals to explore, purchase, and benefit from Ayurvedic remedies regardless of their geographical location.

Education and Awareness Initiatives

Planet Ayurveda has also actively engaged in educational initiatives, workshops, seminars, and collaborations with healthcare practitioners in Europe and the USA. These efforts aim to raise awareness about the principles of Ayurveda, its holistic approach to health, and the benefits of incorporating Ayurvedic practices into daily life. By fostering a deeper understanding of Ayurveda, the brand has contributed to its wider acceptance and adoption in these regions.

Tailored Services for Global Consumers

Recognizing the diversity of its clientele, Planet Ayurveda offers tailored services, consultations, and products suited to the specific needs and preferences of customers in Europe and the USA. The brand's commitment to personalized wellness solutions has strengthened its connection with a broad spectrum of individuals seeking holistic health approaches.

The journey of Planet Ayurveda in Europe and the USA reflects the increasing global interest in natural, holistic healthcare solutions rooted in ancient traditions. Through its dedication to authenticity, quality products, education, and personalized services, Planet Ayurveda continues to expand its footprint, positively impacting the health and well-being of individuals across borders, fostering a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Our Vision

In a world increasingly turning to natural and holistic alternatives for health and wellness, Planet Ayurveda stands as a beacon of authenticity and reliability in the realm of Ayurvedic medicine. Through its commitment to traditional wisdom, quality products, expert guidance, and ethical practices, Planet Ayurveda continues to inspire individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being, fostering a harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit. Planet Ayurveda yearns to make herbal wellness a part of every home in the world. That's why we explored 5000 years ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and blended it with modern scientific research to develop effective herbal supplements, which actually give results. We want to be the most trusted company in scientific herbal healthcare and admired for our ethics, values and commitments to sustainability. We want to spread awareness about how to live healthier lives, not only from our medications but also by sharing knowledge of Ayurveda.

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