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liver disease, fatty liver, liver, diet for liver, liver detox, herbal remedy

Fatty Liver Herbal Remedies- Hepatitis and other liver problems -

AROGYAVARDHNI VATI   - Natural Liver Detox - Fatty Liver Remedy

liver disease, fatty liver, liver, diet for liver, liver detox, herbal remedy

100% Natural – Herbal Tablets- Alternative medicine for fatty liver

Arogyavardhni Vati is an ancient herbal formulation for removing the toxins from the liver or fatty liver. It has been specially found useful in clearing the accumulated bile which is the leading cause of jaundice.

Arogyavardhni vati is an effective herbal remedy for diseases like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, Jaundice due to any reason, fatty liver (liver enlargement due to any reason), acid – peptic disorders.

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This herbal remedy is also effective to emulsify the bile and clearing the colon, making it one of the best natural colon cleansing formulation.

For Removal of toxins from liver is quite powerful, including the removal of fats from the liver.

  • Liver----100%
  • Spleen-100%
  • Kidney----100%
  • Bladder-----100%
  • Colon-------88%
  • Pancreas------70%
  • Lungs----60%

As the organs of elimination are cleaned so is the outside of the body, then the eyes twinkle, the skin shines, there is luster to the hair, and the body opens up to a gladness of spirit.

The body alkalizes. Weight is lost. Breathing improves. A essence of life enters the body providing a definitive feeling of well being.  The imbalances of the organs disappears as general organ systems begins to go back to their young ways. The cells themselves begin to eliminate their toxins. With the right dosage at the right time, ascention to a higher realm is possible.

In one's sleep one would be able to travel anywhere without emcoumberances an experience what one wishes to experience. This is the highest experience of all the formulas. This is an effective alternative medicine for hepatitis and effective for other liver diseases also. It does not cause sleep or any side effects but the improves the overall sleep patter and as it eliminates the toxins and the body itself wants to take a break and after 4-5 days of slow cleansing of the liver, the fatty liver goes away, the lightness in the body prevails and the body cells talk to each other about their newly found happiness.

This is an ancient miracle formula for fatty liver and other liver disorders like hepatitis. In Hepatitis of any type ( A, B,C and others) it can be used along with the Yakrit plihantak Churna. It is one of the most effective of the fatty liver herbal remedies and even alone is sufficient in treatment of fatty liver.

Dosage of Arogyavardhni Vati - 2 Tablets twice daily

Arogyavardhini vati is one of the very rare herbal remedies for fatty liver and ther liver detox remedies. It’s a very important medicine which are mentioned by ancient ayurveda scholers.

 It has its use in  many liver ailments, hepatitis and jaundice, anemia, Constipation, Fever, Heart diseases, Skin diseases , Infestations of worms in our body.

It is also act as an very good appetizer , Increases the immune system of our body. It also increases the complection of the skin. It is a very good natural cleanser of the colon.


  As we all know that jaundice occurs due to the deposition of excessive bile in the liver.  The bile pigments go out to spread through blood to entire body, giving it a yellowish tinge.
The herb katuki which is a major ingredint of these tablets i.e. 22 parts , act as Emulsifying and cutting agent, which clears the bile deposition from our body and with the heating properties of minerals like copper and others it dissolves the accumulated bile comes out of our body.

It is best useful remedy for Anaemia Which can occur due to loss of blood or any other reason. It also improves the blood circulation , therefore it is also useful for skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and others.

         As katuki helps in natural cleansing,  It is a useful medicine for Constipation and it contains other herbs like  Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amalaki which also have mild  laxative properties. Thats why it is also useful in skin and stomach problems.

         As Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amalaki and Shilajit  act as a rasaayan ie Rejuvinating herbs, this also improves immmune system of our body, so it is good for infections and fevers etc.

         As it improves the blood circulation of our body. So, it is an best as a cardiac tonic other than fatty liver. So, its an useful medicine of ayurveda which has its great action and properties.

If there is mild to moderate fatty liver, then Arogyavardhni Vati alone is sufficient. If there is severe fatty liver or hepatitis or any other complciated liver diseases, then Arogyavardhni vati can be consumed along with Yakrit Plihantak Churna, Punarnava mandur tablets and other formulations containing liver detox herbs. Read more about the Fatty Liver Herbal Remedies at this page

Herbal Supplements for Fatty Liver and Liver Failure

Yakrit- Plihantak Churna- A poly herbal blend for Liver Detoxification and herbal remedy for Fatty Liver

liver, bladder, kidney, liver disease, fatty liver, Herbal Remedy, kidney disease

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