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Asthma Herbal Remedies

Asthma has grown many folds in recent years, especially in children. In this stubborn disease of lungs, the problem worsens during the winter time and especially when there are clouds. Ayurveda - the ancient healthcare system of India has described many herbs useful in asthma. These asthma herbal remedies are unique in nature as they are very effective even in acute condition of asthma. Herbs like Adhatoda vasica break the mucus plugs and dissolves them and makes it easy to cough them out of the lungs without much effort. Herbs like Shirish (albezzia lebbock) are excellent to remove toxins from within as well as fight allergic chemicals, pollen grains or chemicals causing allergy or irritation to the lungs.

The herb kantkara or solanum xanthocarpum is a small shrub and the yellow berries are excellent anti-histaminics. The powder of these berries is a very effective natural remedy for asthma and helps to ease out an attack of asthma or may even prevent it.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergy and Asthma



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Praan-Rakshak Churna - 1 bottle -200 gm anti-asthma herbs


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Tulsi Capsules - 2 Bottles

Aller- G Care- 2 Bottles ( 120 Vegi Caps- 2 Bottles )

Tulsi Vegi Capsules - 2 Bottles
Praan Rakshak churna
Aller- G Care Vegi Caps

Tulsi, holy basil, Herbal Remedy, asthma, treatment asthma, asthma remedies

Tulsi Vegi Caps -

2 bottles - 31.00 $

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Tulsi is worshipped all over india for its healing properties. It is an age old herbal remedy for cough, sore throat, allergies. People chew leaves of this herb to combat infection and cough. It's very effective in viral flu, influenza and other acute respiratory tract infections. Tulsi has been found to be very effective herbal remedy for asthma as well. 2 Vegi Caps twice daily are good for asthma and act best when used with other herbs like Praan Rakshak and Aller- G Capsules.


asthma, treatment asthma, asthma remedies, allergies, allergy,  Chronic, Rhinitis

Praan Rakshak Churna -

PRICE US $ 23.95 (1Bottle )

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a classical combination of Asthma and allergy care herbs. It contains special herbs used by ancient ayurveda scholars to combat pollen allergies, break mucus plugs and helps fighting infections



allergies, allergy,  Chronic, Rhinitis, Asthma, allergy asthma, rashes, skin allergy

Aller- G Care Capsules

Natural Anti - Asthma and Anti- Allergic herbal Remedy

Useful in all types of allergies. The herbs are very effective in asthma acute attacks. 2 Capsules three times a day are recommended in case of acute attacks with other herbal remedies for asthma like praanrakshak and Tulsi capsules.



2 Bottles (120 vegi caps)
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Natural Asthma Cure, Natural Allergy Cure


Product Dosage
Aller- G Vegi Capsules
2 Capsules twice daily with plain water
Praan Rakshak Churna
1 Tablespoon twice daily with plain water
Tulsi - Vegi Caps
2 Caps twice daily with plain water



ayurvedic medicine, asthma, treatment asthma, asthma remedies, allergies, allergy,  Chronic, Rhinitis

Herbs for Asthma & Allergy

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Praan Rakshak Herbal Powder - Praanrakshak Churna is a useful combination of anti-allergy herbs used in Ayurveda since 5000 B.C. for asthma and allergy. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in chronic allergies, respiratory tract infections, chronic bronchitis and asthma. The herbs Bharangi, Kantkari and Shirish act as powerful antihistaminics and are effective in treating acute and chronic Asthmatic attacks. The herbs Vaasa and Madhuyashti break the mucous plugs and are useful even in common cough, bleeding while coughing and also heals the inflamed respiratory tract. Typlophora asthmatica as the name indicates is another useful herb in curing asthma.

Herbs in Praan Rakshak Churna: Praanrakshak Churna is purely a herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.

Serving Size- 1 teaspoonful (3-5 gms)
Servings Per Container - 60
Each 200 gm Bottle Contains – Best Quality Herbs for asthma & Allergy

Dosage-1-2 teaspoonful thrice, with plain water after meals

Side Effects- No Side effects, Can be used with other herbal Supplements, Vitamins or other herbal remedies or natural products.

Ingredients of Praan Rakshak Churna - Unique hebal remedy for Asthma

S. No. Herb Used English Name Latin Name Quantity
1. Shirish Mimosa Tree Albezzia lebbock 60 gm
2 Kantkari Yellow Berry Solanum xanthocarpum 30 gm
3. Vaasa Malabar Nut Adhatoda vasica 30 gm
4. Anantmool Sarasprilla Tylphora asthmatica 30 gm
5. Tejpatra Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanica 20 gm
6. Bharangi Clerodandrum Clerodandrum serratum 20 gm
7. Madhuyashti Licorice Glycerrhiza glabra 10 gm


Uses of Praan Rakshak Powder- An effective mixture of herbs for Asthma and Allergy

  • Best herbal product for Asthma and Allergy
  • Most effective herbal remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, Breathlessness and other respiratory tract problems.
  • Chronic Allergies
  • Chronic Rhinitis
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Breathlessness

    Tulsi Vegi Caps - Another excellent herbal remedy for Asthma and AllergyTulsi, holy basil, Herbal Remedy, allergies, allergy, Asthma, allergy asthma

Tulsi Capsules or Holy Basil Capsules-

Tulsi is another excellent herb growing in almost every household in India. Tulsi has remarkable properties to fight against infections, prevent asthma attacks and helps to decongest lungs by breaking mucus plugs. This also makes it an effective herbal remedy for asthma. Tulsi capsule along with Praan Rakshak Churna and Aller- G Capsules are very effective herbal remedies for asthma.


Tulsi - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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2 Bottles
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3 Bottles


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5 Bottles


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10 Bottles
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Serving Size- 2 Vegi Caps
Servings Per Container - 60
Each 500 mg Capsule Contains – Best Quality Herbal Extracts 10:1

Dosage - 2 capsules twice daily, with plain water after meals

Side Effects-No Side effects, Can be used with other herbal Supplements Vitamins or other herbal remedies or natural products.

This is an ancient herb having excellent healing properties in many ailments. It is an effective herbal remedy for allergy and asthma. It is also known as Holy basil. This herb is considered miralculous in India and is worshiped. The herb is not only effective for asthama or allergy but also for sore throat, chronic cough, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and other respiratory tract diseases. Other than this, Tulsi is very useful herbal remedy for diabetes and deadly diseases like Cancer. In cancer, this is used with other herbs like Kachnaar Guggul and others.

Note By Dr. Vikram; MD (Ayurveda) - According to Ayurveda, Asthma is of various types and I have observed in my life that anti-allergic herbs like Shirish - Albezzia lebbok play a great role in curing asthma and allergies of all types. Tulsi , Aller- G Care and Praanrakshak are excellent combination to be used. I would also suggest that Asthma is aggravated by accumulated toxins within the body, the constipation is sometimes the cause.. so constipation should be avoided, as constipation leads many diseases including asthma. Ayurvedic herbal remdies for asthma give excellent result in Asthma and allergies quickly within first week of its use.


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