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How to reduce creatinine levels and Avoid Dialysis

There is a great increase in no. of patients suffering from kidney failure and looking for alternative ways to reduce creatinine levels and avoid dialysis.

There are 2 packages we have designed

  1. The revive kidneys package (when creatinine level is below 4 )
  2. Kidney Support package for Advanced stages ( If creat. Level is above 4)

Also read the FAQ’s section for further information about taking these remedies at the end of this article

Along with these Ayurvedic medicines for renal health, we want my patients to learn some breathing techniques as demonstrated by Dr.Vikram Chauhan in his video here. Over the period of time, we have found that these have been very helpful if practiced regularly over a period of time.
The breathing exercises – Role of oxygen in healing.
Oxygen is given when as person reaches hospital in any emergency situation. The role of oxygen in reviving the dead cells is absolute.
The breathing exercises described in yoga  like “Pranayama”  have been found to be quiet effective in keeping things under control and may care many health conditions and even reverse many pathological degenerative states of cells.

You can order our book – Ayurveda- God’s manual for healing to know more about these techniques or practice these techniques after reading from internet or you tube.

The bhastrika pranayam, The kapal bhati pranayam and the anulom vilom pranayam all done for 1 hour in fresh air daily give great results.

Diet – There is no specific renal failure diet but still I would like to share my views and guide patients about renal failure.

Proteins - Since kidney failure leads to accumulation of urea and creatinine in the body which are the byproducts of protein metabolism, so you may have to restrict protein intake. Little protein intake ( about 50 gm to 100 gram ) is recommended if the protein albumin is below the normal levels in the blood, otherwise try to avoid it. Be in touch with the diet specialist / nutritionist for specific diet for you.  

Water – Water intake also needs to be restricted if there is no urine outflow or decreased urine formation. If the urine is coming naturally without a problem, then the fluid intake especially coconut water can be increased. Coconut water helps in healing ailing kidneys by removing excess toxins from the body.

Salt- Salt causes water retention. If there is already water accumulating in the body, please restrict salt intake. It should also be restricted in cases of high blood pressure.

High Uric acid – The imbalance in protein metabolism is triggered mainly due to increased  consumption of alcohol, red meat and  too much protein diet without much consumption of liver detoxification at regular levels. Navkarshik churna ( Ayurvedic blood cleanser)  should be added for people having high uric acid levels. It is sometimes secondary to renal failure. The pain can be lowered or controlled by using Joint aid plus capsules or tablet kishore Guggul described in our herbal tablets section.

Low Haemoglobin levels in renal failure – Usually patients with renal failure are accompanied by low hemoglobin levels because a protein molecule to promote red blood cells formation called erythropoietin comes from healthy kidneys. The kidneys are not making this glycoprotein anymore because they are failing. Thereby this is given by injections like Epogen, Procrit or Eprex in case of low hemoglobin levels due to renal failure. They can be continued but along with all these supportive measures we have observed that doing regular breathing exercises like bhastrika, kapal bhati, anulom vilom, the hemoglobin levels increase quickly within a span of 20-25 days ( if done  1 hour regularly)
Oxygen needs hemoglobin to bind itself in the body and travel to various cells. Body starts making hemoglobin in order to saturate the high oxygen levels taken by the patient ( not using oxygen cylinder but by natural deep breathing) A lot of technical data and research is needed in this field but we recommend that patients with low hemoglobin should do these breathing exercises along with other conventional or Ayurvedic medicines being taken.

1. Black chick peas should be consumed – if the protein levels are ok. Black chick peas are having good iron content. Since high protein is a source of urea and creatinine, so the quantity should be limited
2. Egg white – Again considering the fact that high protein diet is restricted in renal failure but still if the albumin levels in the blood are low, then it should be consumed.
3. Milk – is a rich source of proteins and water. So it has to be avoided in severe renal failure patients. 1 cup of skimmed milk can be recommended under guidance of dietician.
4. Salads and fruits – Most of the salads and fruits which are rich in potassium. If the potassium levels are high, these should be avoided. Coconut water, Aloe vera juice are rich in potassium levels, if the potassium level is high, then they can be avoided otherwise they can be given.
5. Corn silk – Being diuretic in nature, it can be used.
6. Chicory – Chicory leaves have been found to have great great importance in reducing creatinine levels. If can find them, consume the leaves 3-6 grams everyday. It is popularly known as “kaasni” in India and 90 % of the people are selling Chicory roots. Chicory leaves are recommended.

There are 2 packages

1 . The revive kidneys package (when creatinine level is below 4 )

2. Kidney Support package for Advanced stages ( If creat. Level is above 4 or 5 )


1. The Revive Kidneys Package – In this package we have included the following herbs which should be used in the following dosage –

  1. Rencure Formula – 2 capsules twice daily
  2. Mutrakrichantak Churna – 1 tablespoonful twice daily with warm water, or mix it in some water and consume or boil 1 tablespoonful of herbs from this mixture in about 400 ml of water, keep it boiling until it remains about 30-50 ml. Strain it and consume once to twice daily. Make fresh every time. You can add corn silk, chicory leaves if you have them. ( you can order them from us or anywhere else )
  1. Varunadi vati – 2 tablets twice daily
  2. Punarnava mandur – 2 tablets twice daily ( Good for water retention as well as low hemoglobin)

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This package is designed in the following way.

Special pack for acute on chronic renal failure patients.
US $ 350 for 1 month Supply

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Product Description
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1. Rencure Formula - 2 capsules twice daily.
2 bottles (120 Capsules)

2. Mutrakrichantak Churna make decoction by boiling 1 teaspoonful of this powder in 400 ml water and boil untill it remains 50 ml, consume once daily to twice daily.
1 Pack (200gms)

3. Punarnava Mandur - 2 tablets twice daily x  1 month
2 Bottles (240 Tablets)

4. Tablet Varunadi Vati - 2 tablets twice daily x 1 month
2 Bottles (120 Capsules)

5. Phyllanthus niruri capsule - 1 capsule twice daily after meals.
1 Bottle (60 Capsules)

6. Indian Echinacea Capsule - 1 capsule twice daily after meals.
1 Bottle (60 Capsules)

7. Revandchini [ Rheum emodi powder ] - 1 teaspoonful twice daily after meals.
2 Jars (100gms Each)

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US $ 350 for 1 month Supply

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All of these should be consumed about 1/2 an hour after meals. All can be consumed together.

All these are herbal remedies witout any contraindications and can be used along with ongoing dialysis or other allopathic drugs.

Is it possible to avoid dialysis?

FAQ's about How to Reduce creatinine levels and Avoid dialysis

Q.1. For how long do I have to consume these herbal remedies to reduce creatinine levels and avoid dialysis

Answer- These herbs start working the day you start consuming them. The results in general health are evident within few days 7-10 days of treatment. This does not mean that the treatment duration is just few days. The herbs should be consumed regularly for atleast 2 months to clinically evaluate the drop in the creatinine levels. We recommend doing breathing exercises like Pranayama ( bhastrika, kapal bhati, anulom vilom) for 1 hour daily in fresh air. Learn it from internet - youtube etc.or check video of Dr. Vikram Chauhan as explained in the link above.

Q.2 - I am a diabetic and suffering from renal failure due to diabetic neuropathy. Is this pack suitable for me.

Answer - Yes, this package is suitable for all the patients even if they are diabetic or suffering from blood pressure or having increased urea and creatinine levels due to any other reasons like drugs, tumors, cysts etc. This pack helps to detoxify the system and therefore useful in almost all health conditions.

Q .3 I am on dialysis about 2 times a week. Which pack will be suitable for me if at all ?

Answer- This means that the renal failure is severe. The Kidney support package for advanced stages will be useful and should be consumed regularly for atleast 3 months to notice the changes and see the results coming. We also recommend breathing exercises like Kapal bhati, bhastrika, anulom vilom for all kidney failure patients. You can buy our book - Ayurveda- God's manual for healing to know how to do these exercises. You can also search over internet about them.

Q 4. I have high urea and creatinine levels and doctors want to put me on dialysis. Can your package help me to avoid dialysis

Answer- Yes, you can use this advanced stage kidney support package for 7-10 days and check the levels again. Sometimes there is huge drop in levels so there is no need of dialysis. Dialysis is not dangerous actually. It is just a procedure to temporary reduce the load of toxins on your system. We do not recommend you to avoid dialysis just because you do not want it. You can go for dialysis for once or twice as the elevated levels of creatinine and urea need to be reduced immediately to avoid any complications on health. So you can go for dialysis and also take our herbs with it. Slowly you can see yourself the levels remain under control and you don't have to go for dialysis frequently or even not at all.

Q 5. I am in USA. How long it is going to take the medicines to reach me.

Answer - We ship the medicines by EMS and the packages can be tracked online 48 hrs. after shipping at or Usually it takes about 7-10 days for the packages to reach anywhere in the world with this service. You should keep the shipping delays in time while ordering the next package. It is always recommended to keep 1 month's supply with you in advance.

Q.6. What kind of Diet I should take if I have renal failure and to avoid dialysis ?

Answer- There is actually no specific diet for renal failure as renal failure is caused by some underlying disease which is usually diabetes, blood pressure, drugs or tumors. In case of high creatinine levels the protien intake should be restricted. Diabetic people should follow the diabetic diet. Salt intake should be reduced. Do not consume Alcohol or meat. Keep sugar levels under control if the kidney failure is due to diabetes. Keep blood pressure under control by any means. Avoid medicines which caused renal failure. In general, avoid nuts, avoid high protein diet like meat, cheese etc. If the potassium levels are high, then avoid bananas and multicolored fruits and vegetables. Though they are rich source of vitamins, you can boil the vegetables or strain them with warm water to reduce the content of potassium in them.

Q.7 Are these herbs are having interaction with the drugs I am already taking ?

Answer- No. these do not have any. These can be taken with any other drugs already being taken for various health conditions and also during dialysis.

Q 8. I have heard once I am on Dialysis, I will always have to go for dialysis. Is it true ?

Answer - No This is not the truth. Dialysis is a temporary measure to reduce the load of toxins in your system. Once it is clean, and it does not build up again, then you may never have to undergo dialysis again. Usually underlying disease, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure is the cause. Keep the underlying disease in control, then you may not have to undergo dialysis again. We recommend you doing breathing exercises regularly. These also reduce the toxins overload in the system.

Q. 9. After using your herbs for 4 months, my creatinine levels and urea levels have returend to normal and I dont have to take dialysis anymore. Do I have to continue the herbs for life ?

Answer - The herbs have brought the levels down to normal. If the underlying disease is there and you are not taking cautions in knowing about your disease and your body, yes, you will again back to the bad stage and you may have to take the herbs again. It is better that you understand the disease process, keep good care of the underlying cause, do regular breathing exercises and then you may not even need the herbs within a few more months. Your dedication and will power to fight the disease is needed and we are sure you can win this battle and after few more months, you can leave the herbs as well.

Q. 10. Are the herbs very bitter ?

Answer- The tastes are what we develop over time. Some people are comfortable with our herbs and some are not. It's just like many people like the bitter, pungent taste of bad spirits but still consume them, similarly we recommend you to consume these herbs because they are going to help the problem. We can not put them in capsules because they do not remain as effective they are in their original form, especially the product Mutrakrichantak Churna.

Q. 11. Why there are only 2 packs for all kidney failure patients ?

Answer - These herbs are meant to help by detoxifying the system. There won't be any loose stools or anything but slow detoxification helps to reduce the burden on kidneys and slowly the kidneys start functioning and the herbs also help to neutralize the creatinine / urea levels.

Q. 12 What is the success rate of the above mentioned packs ?

Answer - The success rate is about 70 % in severe kidney failure patients ( creatinine levels are about 7-8 ) and about 80 % is kidney failure patients where the creatinine level is below 6.

If someone is already on thrice or twice dialysis, then the success rate is about 50 %. There is definite improvement in overall health of the patient and the success rate is 95 %

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How to Avoid Dialysis

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