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Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol

Cholesterol is valuable for the body. But a surplus of it can block the arteries and also direct to different heart diseases. Cholesterol is available to us in two forms. High density cholesterol (HDL) and low density cholesterol (LDL). HDL is however known as good cholesterol as it helps in delivering LDL to the liver where it is disposed off from the body. LDL in excess on the other hand, causes the arteries to get blocked and is also known as bad cholesterol. It is significant to keep our cholesterol in control so that heart diseases can be prevented.

These problems though occur in the body but some changes in lifestyle, some extra precautions can help in the control of these problems which can turn to be fatal at times specially when not taken care of in proper ways. However, the world of Ayurveda has answers to most difficult of health issues, in the most natural yet scientific ways. Ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol is very much there if thoroughly understood and taken in correct form and measures. Cholestrol care is very much possible through Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol

In ayurveda soaring cholesterol is cured with the aid of dietary changes and also herbs that are found without restraint in nature.

Ayurveda suggests the following for Treatment of high Cholesterol problem:

  1. For quick results along with a little change in eating habits and lifestyle you should definitely try Heart Rejuvenation package mentioned at for ayurvedic cholesterol treatment.
  2. Ayurveda has always guided that people suffering with the trouble of high cholesterol should take care of what they eat. Fat and fatty foods should be completely cut off or should be consumed in minute quantities.
  3. All animal fat especially red meat should be excluded from the diet including heavy dairy products. Say no to chocolates, ice creams, red meats and all such foods that can increase the calorie count.
  4. Groundnut oil must be firmly forbidden. But fat sources such as cow's milk, cow's ghee and cow's butter are suggested. Buffalo dairy products are to be avoided.
  5. Foods that are rich sources of antioxidants and fibres should be included in the diet. You can eat citrus fruits, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, carrots, strawberries, apples, spinach and broccoli.
  6. Consume some almonds and walnuts on a daily basis.
  7. Consume more fresh vegetables and fruits. Green leafy vegetables are essential since they would provide fibre for the eradication of the waste materials.
  8. Having garlic is a good option for people fighting high levels of cholesterol. Eat a clove or two of grilled garlic on regular basis for quick results.
  9. Curry leaves and turmeric/curcumin are known to have characteristics that eradicate the blocking from the arteries. Use these in your regular cooking for quick results.
  10. Soy and soy products are very advantageous for the appropriate exploitation of cholesterol.
  11. Drink lots of water. Water will help to remove the toxic build up in the arteries.
  12. Smoking and alcoholism must be avoided as they hinder with the suitable exploitation of cholesterol in the body.


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ARJUN TEA Arjun tea is a natural remedy for blood pressure and cholesterol. It also nourishes the heart muscles. The herbs in this tea are very effective for coronary artery diseases and various heart problems. It contains natural flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, which improve the pumping capacity of the heart. The herb in this tea makes this tea very effective for congestive heart failure. Arjun tea is a caffeine free herbal tea and it is useful for almost every other health problem. Arjun Tea is an effective heart care remedy. It is Delicious in taste and exotic taste this makes it easy to consume. It has no side effects.

TOTAL HEART SUPPORT- It is an Ayurvedic remedy. It is very effective and plays an important role to give strength to heart muscles. The blockage of coronary arteries can be cleared with the help of this natural remedy. It keeps blood pressure and cholesterol under control. The herbs in this product act synergistically to control 'Vatta' and 'Pitta'. According to Ayurveda 'Vatta' and 'Pitta' are considered responsible for blood pressure, stress, anxiety and heart problems. Total Heart Support capsules are vegetarian and 100% pure capsules, free from chemicals.

ARJUNA CAPSULES - Arjuna is 100% pure and vegetarian capsules. It contains Arjuna without any chemicals added into it. It is a natural herbal product and useful for heart problems. It is very effective herbal heart care herb. It keeps high cholesterol, blood pressure and various heart problems under control. Arjun capsules contain extract of arjun tea bark. It is very effective for natural remedy for heart and circulatory problems.

Ayurvedic herbs for Cholesterol cure/ high cholesterol:

  1. Alfalfa (Medicago satina) Alfalfa is effectual in curing problems of the blocked arteries. It helps in clearing arteries packed full with cholesterol. Alfalfa is one of most used ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol
  2. Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) is a conventional Indian herb which has become very popular in the Ayurvedic treatment of cholesterol-related heart problems. It has guggulsterones which clears blocked arteries and also prevent further rise of cholesterol levels.
  3. Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) Holy basil has the competence to break up the accumulated cholesterol from the arteries into the bloodstream. From here they are excreted by the kidneys. In order to effectively dissolve the cholesterol deposits in the body, tulsi or holy basil is also used for consumption.
  4. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) has been consumed by ayurvedic proficients for ages now in order to cureheart related ailments. It is also used in order to clean, blocked arteries which further prevents the risk of any cholesterol related problems such as heart attacks, blood pressure and obesity related issues.
  5. Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Coriander is an excellent diuretic. It makes the kidneys execute their functions of excretion in a better way. And with its consumption the kidneys flush out the excess unneeded cholesterols from the body.
  6. Garlic (Allium cepa) Garlic is very beneficial to people with cholesterol problems that affect the heart. Garlic can disintegrate the blood cholesterol and thus clear the arteries.
  7. Other herbs and ayurvedic medications that are suggested in case of high cholesterol are hridayarnava rasa, prabhakara vati and mrigamdavasa. These medicines are prescribed to keep the rising cholesterol levels in control. Mrigamdavasa is consumed by those patients who have very high levels of LDL.
  8. All these herbs are combined in the best and purest forms to create a blend that is best suitable for your body without any side effects at planetayurveda. Instead of wandering for these herbs separately, try the perfect blend in the form of Heart Rejuvenation package mentioned at for ayurvedic cholesterol treatment.
  9. Yoga is also very advantageous in proper passage and eradication of the cholesterol buildup in the body. Some of the useful asanas are:- a) Ardhamatsyendrasana b) Shalabhasana c) Padmasana d) Vajrasana.


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