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How low bone density affects our health?

What is low bone density?

Low Bone DensityLow bone density is a condition that can be termed as a prodromal symptom of osteoporosis. It is an initial stage of the disease and is better known as Osteopenia.

In people with low bone density, there are early signs of bone loss that can turn into osteoporosis. In such cases, the body loses bone tissues at a faster rate which is not matched by the rate at which it is replenished by the body.

What Causes Osteopenia?

Maximum bone density is present in the human body at the age of 30 years. After this the bone minerals are resorbed into the blood as a natural process of ageing.

This causes osteopenia which, if not treated, leads to osteoporosis.

Who is at risk for developing osteopenia?

  • Females are at a greater risk
  • Low calcium diet
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol intake
  • Family history
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Menopause
  • Thin and small body frames

Diagnosis of osteopenia

There are many diagnostic techniques that can measure the severity of bone mineral loss according to which, the line of treatment can be formulated.

Daily requirement of calcium by the body

Calcium is an important mineral which is also known as a micronutrient important for body's growth and maintenance.

Calcium is required for the maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and nervous system. It is also required for the proper functioning of the heart as well.

Calcium in combination with Phosphorus becomes an important mineral combination that keeps the bones healthy.

For an average adult the amount of Calcium required per day is approximately 2500 mg per day. This amount is variable for different age groups.

It should be ideally supplemented by following the right diet and taking natural supplements that do not have any side effects.

Role of calcium in maintaining bone health

Calcium and vitamin D work as a team to maintain healthy bone structure. While calcium helps to build and regularly maintain bone structure, Vitamin D helps to effectively absorb this calcium from the blood.

Therefore, people with a low vitamin D level have a deficiency of calcium in the body over time as any dietary calcium will not be effectively absorbed by the body.

Why is Osteopenia more common in women?

In women, estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones that regulate major reproductive functions and body features. It is a cause of concern for women of all ages as they are naturally predisposed for developing osteopenia.

Estrogen is mainly responsible for maintaining a healthy bone density. This is why menopausal females are at an increased risk of developing osteopenia.

Other factors as mentioned above also play a crucial role, which is why, any women who may not be menopausal can develop osteopenia.

Osteopenia causes body weakness and an increased susceptibility to get fractured bones. It is a disorder that can be easily modified by being a little health conscious and following the right diet and lifestyle.

How to naturally avoid osteopenia?

A diet rich in the right nutrients is quintessential for a healthy body and bones.

A check on the smoking and alcohol intake is another requisite.

Consume food products rich in calcium and vitamin D. Try and go for natural sources of these nutrients rather than using artificial calcium supplements. They are not effective at all and lead to problems like abdominal bloating and calcium stones.

For females, who have had an early menopause, hormone replacement can be considered as an option to avoid the development of osteoporosis.


Ayurveda has a rich diversity of herbs and their amazing uses that can help people live a healthy and long life by staying close to nature and its millions of treasures hidden in the various herbs.


There are many natural supplements available in the market which help to support bone health and density at a healthy level.

Care should be taken while choosing the right kind of supplement that will help in supporting natural bone health.

Planet Ayurveda's Coral Calcium Complex is a good dietary supplement that can help to manage healthy bones.

It is made up of many coral calcium compounds, natural minerals and herbs.


The contents of coral calcium complex include:-

Praval pishti (coral), Akik pishti (Agate), kamdudha ras, Pishti (Jawar mohra) and Giloy satva (Tinospora cordifolia).

The contents of the product are packed in 100 % vegetarian capsule shells that are free from gelatin.

It serves as a consistent neutraceutical preparation to support a healthy bone density for people of all ages, males and females.

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