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Ayurvedic view – Diabetes

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balancing three doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha along with natural diet, proper life style and some dietary supplements.

In Ayurveda Diabetes is known as Madhumeha. There are many references you get in ancient Ayurveda books – diabetes as Madhumeh but some authors has mentioned this diseases as Kshodrameha too. Kshodra is a synonym for honey so named so.

According to Ayurveda, the existence of this disease is due to the imbalance of three doshas - Kapha, Pitta and Vata. These three body energies should be balanced to maintain the healthy body. In the initial state of diabetes, there is Kapha imbalance and with the excessive accumulation of "earth", it disseminates throughout the tissues, which blocks the urinary channels and results in the Vata dysfunction. Then it causes various urinary infections and leads into the excess of pitta.

Diabetes results the increase in blood sugar levels, either due to inadequate production of insulin or inability of body cells to respond for insulin, but in some cases both the factors together are present. There are various problems associated with the high sugar level in the blood, like it can damage nerves and blood vessels.

In Yogratnakar, causative factors are described so clearly like:-

  • Asyasukhama – Comfort of living, luxurious life
  • Swapnasukham – Comfort of sleeping
  • Dadheeni – Consumption of excessive curd and its preparations
  • Gramya-aodaka-anupa mamsa – Consumption of flesh and meat soups of animals of marshy places
  • Payamsi – Consumption of milk and its preparations
  • Navannpanam – new grains consumption in the form of dishes
  • Guda vikriti – Jaggery and its preparations
  • Kaphakrit cha sarvam – All dietary and life style habits that leads to kapha vitiation.

What are the symptoms of Madhumeha according to Ayurveda?

  • Atimutrata – excessive urination
  • Avilamutrata – turbid urine
  • Madhutulyata – urine like that of honey
  • Panduta – skin and body looks white
  • Rukshta – dryness of the skin
  • Daurbalya – weakness/ fatigue
  • Ratisu anashakti – no sexual urge
  • Dourgandhya – bad smell from the body
  • Dhatukshya - emaciation

What are the Complications of Madhumeha according to Ayurveda?

  • Hridroga – cardiac problems
  • Laulya – urge for food/excessive hunger
  • Anidra – no sleep
  • Satambha – stiffness of the body
  • Kampa – shaking of body
  • Shola - body aches
  • Baddha Pureesha - constipation
  • Udvarta - regurgitation
  • Sosha - emaciation
  • Kasa - cough
  • Shwasa – dyspnea

Curability of Madhumeha

Madhumeha cannot be treated as it is considered as an asadhya disease and only can be manages well with the help of some herbs and home remedies along with balanced diet and life style. Ayurveda explained some herbal remedies for diabetes which can be taken on daily basis. So many brand name you get in the market, ask your expert for the authentic one so that you get right direction.

What are dietary supplements by PLANET AYURVEDA for healthy glucose?

Planet Ayurveda has put together couple of wonderful ingredients to formulate Diabetes Care Pack.


  1. Fenugreek Capsules - 2 Capsules, twice daily after meals.
  2. Karela Capsules - 2 Capsules, twice daily after meals.
  3. Diabeta Plus - 2 Capsules twice daily after meals.
  4. Madhumehantak Churna - 1 – 2 teaspoon full twice daily with plain water, after meals.

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