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Top 5 ways to treat kidney failure naturally

Kidney Faliure

There are many reasons of renal or kidney failure which comes into the light when the kidney stops doing its work of filtration of body fluids. The problem of kidney failure leads to the inability of the kidneys to purify blood by removing wastes and toxins. The condition of kidney failure can be shifted to dialysis to pursue the filtration of blood artificially and to remove toxins/wastes from the body. But it is an expensive and painful treatment, so to avoid such condition, the prevention of the kidney failure can be done by use of Ayurvedic herbs. The kidney failure treatment by natural ways can be done by various herbs and changes in the lifestyle,

Some of the Natural ways are as follows:

1. Exercising and Yoga

The best way is to prevent kidney failure is to exercise regularly and perform yoga. The brisk walk, pranayama and stretching excises can be beneficial to reduce the stress on kidneys and maintain the healthy blood flow. The regular use of these techniques can control the cholesterol and sugar level of the body. Which is very important factor to prevent many disorders including the kidneys failure. It helps in maintain proper blood flow, which leads to the less effort to purify it from toxic wastes. Exercising controls the anxiety and stress from the routine life and also lower the blood pressure, hence can be a good therapy to treat kidney failure.

2. Changes in Diet

The presence of potassium, sodium and proteins should be less for the kidney patient. The use of citrus fruits should not be there in routine diet. The use of broccoli, mushroom, potato, bananas, coconuts, orange, beetroot, meat, eggs and fish should be limited. The use of apple, pear, papaya, olives, pineapples, carrot, pumpkins, onion and fenugreek can be used. These are very helpful for the proper kidney functioning. The direct sun exposure can be beneficial to maintain the strength of the bones, the rays of sun are rich in vitamin D.

3. Don't Smoke or Consume Alcohol

The use of alcohol and smoke can make things worse in the case of kidney failure. The use of alcohol can change the function of the kidneys, which can lead into the decrease in the ability to filter your blood. Alcohol leads to the dehydration of the body, which can cause drying of cells, and affects the kidneys functioning. Kidney disease is very common in smokers, as it contributes to kidney failure in the healthy people, who are not infected to any kidney disease.

4. Say No to Unnecessary Drugs

Kidney removes the wastes and toxins from the body. The regular or unnecessary use of drugs can put extra load on the organs of the body, which can increase the toxicity and can exhaust the organs. The use of aspirin, ibuprofen, antibiotics, contraceptive drugs, anti-psychotic drugs and anti-tuberculosis drugs can damage kidney and liver.

5. Medicinal Herbs

There are many herbs useful in the kidney failure treatment. Among these herbs the first name is Palaash or Butea monosperma used for the healing of kidney disorders. It is important in maintaining the functioning of kidney and boosts the functioning of the liver which can also leads to the kidney failure. Punarnava or Boerhavia diffusa contains the anti-inflammatory property which is very useful in the prevention of kidney failure and maintains the balance in fluids level in the cells and helps in healthy urine flow. Kaasni or Cichorium intybus is used to increase the hemoglobin count and used in treatment complications of kidney failure e.g., respiratory system disorders. Kaasni is also known for anti-inflammatory action, helpful to preventing the damage to the kidney. Varun or Crataeva nurvala contains lupeol, which deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidase, which is helpful in construction of oxalate and prevents the production of kidney stones. It also provides strength to urinary tract and prostate function. Useful in curing the related problems of kidney failure, such as intestinal bleeding, kidney stones, headache, migraine and renal calculi. These all herbs are known to treat kidney failure.

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