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Diagnosis of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that leads to stiff and inflamed joints. More than 80% of the patients have psoriasis in the nails and skin flare-ups tend to occur at the same time. Psoriatic arthritis is a unique disease and caused by the problem in immune system. The disease affects the entire body and in-depth diagnosis and treatment helps psoriatic patients. Diagnosis comprises of a microscopic examination of tissue which is taken from the affected skin patch. A definitive diagnosis of psoriasis is made, so as to distinguish it from other skin problems. In psoriasis, the examination may show a large number of dry skin cells and without many signs of inflammation or infection. However, specific changes in the nails are strong signs of psoriasis.

The disease severity ranges from one or two flaky inflamed patches to widespread pustular psoriasis. In rare cases, it can be life threatening. Doctors usually classify the disease as mild to severe and recommend proper treatment. Mild psoriasis has been reported to affect less than 3% of the body surface. Moderate psoriasis covers about 3 - 10% of the skin and if more than 10% of the body is affected, the disease is severe. The severity of psoriasis is also measured by its effect on a person. Many forms of psoriasis exist and the most common type is called 'plaque psoriasis'. Plaque psoriasis leads to skin patches which may start in small areas. The skin patches slowly grow larger and start developing thick plaque. This thick plaque, if scratched starts bleeding. Some patches may be ring shaped with scaly raised and wavy borders.

The diagnosis of psoriasis also takes into consideration the progress of the disease. Separate skin patches may join to form larger infected areas. In some patients, the psoriasis patches can become large and cover areas of the back or chest region. Psoriasis usually persists for a long period of time. It flares up periodically and is triggered by certain factors such as cold weather and infection. Patches may occur on the elbows, knees, lower back, bottom of the feet, thighs, palms of the hand and genitals. Scalp psoriasis affects about 50% of patients globally. It may cover the scalp with thick plaques, usually extending from the hairline to the forehead.

Psoriasis rarely affects the face in adult persons. In children, psoriasis may start in the scalp and then spread to other parts of the body. It can also occur on the face and ears. Only proper diagnosis of psoriasis can tell about the severity of the disease. Some types of psoriasis can become resistant to treatment and they may include psoriasis on the palms and soles, inverse psoriasis, scalp psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Herbal remedies for psoriasis

Dosage & Usage

  1. Neem Capsules - 1 cap twice daily with plain water after meal
  2. Kishore Guggul - 2 tab twice daily with plain water after meal
  3. Navkarshik Churna - 1 tsp. once daily with plain water after meal
  4. Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula - 2 cap twice daily with plain water after meal
  5. Radiant Skin Lotion - Apply regularly morning and evening
  6. Green Tea-Algae Aloe Vera Gel Scrub - Massage gently on the affected part while bathing

Products Description

1. Neem Capsules

Neem (Azardirachta indica) is extensively used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various skin problems. Regular intake of Neem Capsules could reduce the risk of psoriasis. The active compounds in this medicinal plant act directly on the skin tissues. It works at the root cause of the disease and helps to address the underlying health problems that are responsible for skin diseases. Neem is highly recommended by most Ayurvedic physicians for all types of skin treatment. Neem possesses antibacterial properties and it is effective in fighting most skin infections such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

2. Navkarshik Churna

Nature has provided us a number of herbal remedies for the treatment of arthritis and gout. Psoriatic arthritis needs little longer and regular treatment rather than quick symptomatic relief. Navkarshik Churna provides quick relief and it also works at the root level of the problem i.e. Psoriasis. It helps in correcting the purine metabolism, liver metabolism, cleansing the blood and breaking uric acid crystals. It is one of the best herbal treatments for psoriasis and it contains best herbs for psoriatic arthritis.

3. Kishore Guggul

Kishore Guggul is traditionally used in pitta type psoriatic arthritis which is characterized by redness, inflammation and acute pain in the joints. It is particularly helpful for the accumulation of pitta in the joints which is generally indicated by pain and inflammation. Chronic accumulation can lead to psoriatic arthritis and tendonitis. Kishore Guggul also works to prevent further accumulation of pitta by regulating metabolism. It assists in the proper elimination of toxins and gives relief from psoriasis in a natural way.

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