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Fatty Liver Herbal Remedies, Herbs, Alternative Treatment

Fatty liver is a very common problem now a days. God has given enough regenrating power to our liver cells but that does not mean that we should keep drinking alcohol and keep ignoring our diet and keep hurting our liver.

Fatty Liver is also called Non-Alcoholic Steatorrhoeic Hepatosis or Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease. This means that your liver is being stuffed with extra fat ! Overweight people are usually much prone to fatty liver. People who drink alcohol and consume a heavy, greasy, non-veg diet are the ones who usually suffer from fatty liver.

In fatty liver, normal healthy liver tissue is replaced by fat cells, thereby decreasing the efficacy of cleansing action of liver. Liver is the seat of all metabolism. Liver is responsible for metabolism of hormones, hunger, digestion, removal of toxins and many more important functions. It is quiet possible to detect fatty liver by ultrasound scan.

The fatty liver is also palpable in some cases. Sometimes the liver enzymes are also raised in case of fatty liver. Liver is reddish pink in color but the fatty liver become much yellower. The functions are all slowed down because of the clogging of the small channels by excess fat in and around liver cells. Poor liver function also affects levels of sugar and other hormones. Alertness, memory concentration are all affected if the liver is enlarged and full of toxins.

Fatty liver because of Alcohol - Alcoholic liver disease

Mostly alcohol consumption is the cause of fatty liver. The liver takes alcohol as a toxins and is not able to process is faster if the inflow is regular and in larger quantities. Try to quit alcohol altogether if you come to know that you have fatty liver. If you can't then decrease the dosage drastically.

Do not consume artificial foods, packaged foods. Also avoid sweeteners like:

  • Aspartame
  • Neotame
  • Acesulfame-K (Sunette, Sweet Safe, Sweet One)
  • Cyclamates
  • Saccharin

Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates from sugar and bread, pastry, pasta, noodles, cakes, biscuits and desserts. Try to eat natural sweet fruits if you want to take something sweet. Melons, Grapes, Apples, Pears, Papaya, Sugarcane are all good for liver.

  • Avoid deep fried, fatty, and processed foods
  • Avoid dairy foods including milk, processed cheese, cream and butter.  Also try to avoid yogurt, cheese such as ricotta, parmesan or cottage. Soy products should also be taken in a limited quantity.
  • Avoid sugary processed foods and drinks
  • Avoid chicken and turkey as this alsocontains artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids that increase the liver's workload.
  • Drink 2 liters of water each day, if there is severe liver failure or cirrhosis of liver then the fluid intake must be under supervision of a medical practitioner.

How to diagnose a fatty liver?

Fatty liver can be diagnosed by getting a physical examination done by a medical specialist. Slightly bigger fat deposits leads to fatty liver which can be palpated superficially by the doctor. If there are initial stages, the fatty liver can be seen in an ultrasound scan.

Alternative Treatment for Fatty Liver or Ayurvedic Treatment for Fatty Liver

According to Ayurveda, fatty liver can be corrected by using various herbs. These herbs have been found to be amazingly effective to treat fatty liver quickly. The herbs for fatty liver are:

Phyllanthus niriri, Picrorrhiza kurrao, Boerrhavia diffusa, Andrographis paniculatus, Solanum indicum and others.Aloe vera juice is also good for fatty liver.

Yakrit- Plihantak Churna

Yakrit Plihantak Churna(Yakrit means liver and Pliha means Spleen) is a herbal mixture of rare herbs to improve liver function. It helps the liver in clearing away the toxins. It regenerates the liver cells and prevents liver failure. It is useful in liver cirrhosis, jaundice, liver damage due to alcohol, toxins and infection. The herb Katuki increases the bile production and excretion, whereas Makoye, Bhringraj and Kalmegh improve liver function. Punarnava and Bhumi amla regenerate liver cells and are useful in liver enlargement and inflammation. Giloy is immunomodulator and corrects liver metabolism. The combination of herbs is a wonderful remedy for all liver problems. It is an excellent alternative treatment for fatty liver also.

Herbs in Yakrit-Plihantak Churna:

Yakritplihantak Churna is purely a herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.

Ayurvedic Energetics of this Product

Vata + , Pitta - , Kapha -


Useful in Alcoholic liver disease, Enlarged Fatty liver, High Cholesterol, Diabetes (Type I II), Gall bladder Stones, Hormonal imbalances, Pitta (Excessive heat) disorders, Constipation.


S. No. Herb Used English Name Latin Name Quantity
1. Bhumi Amla Feather Foll Phyllanthus niruri 40 gm
2 Katuki Picrorhiza Picrorhiza kurrao 20 gm
3. Makoy Black Night Shade Solanum indicum 20 gm
4. Punarnava Hogweed Boerrhavia diffusa 20 gm
5. Kalmegh King of Bitters Andrographis paniculata 20 gm
6. Kaasni Chicory Cichorium intybus 20 gm
7. Sharpunkha Purple Tephrosia Tephrosia purpurea 20 gm
8. Bhringraj Eclipta Eclipta alba 20 gm

Yakrit pllihantak has one of the rarest combination of Ayurveda herbs, which are very useful herbs for liver detoxification. This is an ancient and effective herbal formula for liver detox. It removes excessive fat from the liver and helps in regeneration of the damaged liver cells. It helps in so many metabolic and hormonal imbalances as liver is the seat of metabolism in the body. It is useful in disturbed hormones. That is why it is not only effective in liver disorders but also very effective in diabetes, with Madhumehantak Churna or Diabetes Support capsules.

The ingredients in Yakrit Plihantak Churna are unique in thier action and truly called 'Divine' herbs. The ingredients are:

1. Bhumi Amla - Bhumiamla or Phyllanthus niruri is an extensively researched herb, found to be very effective natural treatment for Hepatitis B and other forms of Hepatitis. Phyllanthus niruri is grows in rainy areas, where humidity level is high. It is widely growing in tropical countries. Many age old herbal healers use Bhumi amla as a remedy for liver and kidney failure. It clears away the toxins from the body, detox the liver and brings down the SGOT and SGPT levels drastically within 3-4 days of regular use. The jaundice disappears within 4-5 days and the bilirubin levels in the blood also come down remarkably. It regenerates liver cells and cures liver failure.So In my opinion, Yakrit Plihantak Churna must be used in almost every liver problem, for preventive as well as therapeutic use. It is also present in Kidney Support and Mutrakrichantak Churna for Kidney problems.

2. Katuki - It is known as Picrorrhiza kurro and is the most effective of all herbs to correct metabolism going on within the liver. It clears away the excessive fat deposited in liver, it increases the production and excretion of bile and is effective gall bladder cleanser. If regularly used, this can also clear away gall bladder stones. It aids in digestion, helps in fat metabolism. A very famous traditional medicine Arogyavardhni Vati also contains Kutki in it as its major ingredient. It is also present in Stholyantak Churna, which is highly effective natural solution to loose weight.

3. Makoy - Popular as Solanum indicum is a plant of Solanaceae family. It is a small growing weed like herb. It has amazing liver healing properties. It helps in bringing down alkaline phosphatase, useful in alcoholic liver damage, fatty liver, and hepatitis of all types. It also aids in regeneration of liver cells quickly.

4. Punarnava - Punarnava (Boerrhavia diffusa) is a natural diuretic herb. It removes excess of fat, water from within the body. It rejuvenates kidneys and liver, that's why the name is punarnava (Puna- means again, nava means new). It makes the body new again. Punarnava removes excessive fluid from the body, which is a feature of ascites due to liver or kidney failure. It also helps in regeneration of liver cells and natural remedy to balance albumin/globulin ration in the blood. It is also effective in urinary tract infections, nephrotic syndrome, nephrosis, kidney failure. It is also persent in Mutrakrichantak Churna which is useful in kidney and urinary problems.

5. Kalmegh - Andrographis paniculata is another herbal remedy for liver problems, fatty liver, hepatitis and alcoholc liver disease. People in India, use decoction of this herb as an effective natural solution for liver disesaes. It removes accumulated toxins from within the liver and contains alkaloids which help in immediate regeneration of damaged liver cells. It can be taken in routine without any side effects. A lot of farmers are now growing Kalmegh instead of wheat in India, as there is increased demand of this herb worldwide. No liver formula is consider complete without Kalmegh as its ingredient.

6. Kaasni - Cichorium intybus or Chicory bears unique divine healing power to care the worst liver and kidney failure as well. It can prevent going through dialysis and purifies the blood. Chicory is popular worldwide for its healing effect on kidney and liver. Kidney support or Mutrakrichantak Churna can be combined with Yakritplihantak Churna just to increase the dosage of Chicory. This combination is not only useful in kidney failure but also liver failure.

7. Sharpunkha - It is most effective herbal remedy for enlarged liver and spleen due to any reason. It is a natural alkaliser, decreases acidity and gas due to liver problem. It regenerates the capacity of the spleen to hold blood. It helps in regenration of liver cells.

8. Bhringraj - Eclipta alba is generally used for hair problems as an ancient ayurvedic remedy for hair loss. Bhringraj Oil is very famous for local application on hair to prevent hair loss. It has also been recommended in Ayurveda to use powder of the herb for liver diseases in many ancient texts. Latest research on Bhringraj indicats that it has amazing power to regenerate liver cells. It is helpful in alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, liver damage due to any other reason or excessive toxins.

Dosage and Methods of Administraton

1/2 to 1 teaspoonful twice daily, with plain water or fruit juice, after meals.

Where to buy Yakrit-Plihantak Churna?

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Real Testimonial

Dear Dr. Chauhan,

I am a diabetic with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and, until a few weeks ago, liver enlargement. Because of this I had lost my appetite, I had nausea, a heavy sensation in my abdomen, skin rashes and multiple allergies. Because of my liver problems my blood sugar levels went higher and my diabetes was more difficult to control.

When I started taking Madhumehantak Churna for diabetes and Yakrit Plihantak Churna for liver ailments I noticed an immediate relief. After one month I had reduced my insulin requirements a great deal. My liver was no longer sligthly enlarged. My appetite was back and my nausea gone. My skin rashes cleared up completely and I have had no allergies since. My liver is not as fatty anymore. I do not dare to be without these products. They may have saved my life even.

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