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Fenugreek Capsules by Planet Ayurveda

Fenugreek Capsules - Buy Planet Ayurveda

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Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is an aromatic herb in the family Fabaceae and is cultivated in India, Africa, Egypt, Morocco and England as a semi arid crop. It is used to treat a variety of health problems. The parts mainly used are the brownish seeds and sometimes fresh leaves are also used by Indians as a spice for flavoring in cooking. In ancient times it was used for the treatment of wounds, arthritis, body pains, diabetes, weight loss, digestive problems, kidney problems and bronchitis.

The seeds are rich in phosphates, lecithin, trimethylamine, trigonelline, choline and iron in an organic form. Fenugreek capsules are most frequently used by diabetics to control blood sugar and even to increase milk supply by lactating mothers. Most doctors prescribed these capsules to nursing mothers as no side effect has been reported.

Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory effects which are useful for treating various skin infections, ulcers, eczema and burns. Fenugreek is also being studied for its cardiovascular benefits.

Main Uses of Fenugreek Capsules and long term benefits

Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin and have been used for several years as a form of natural hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women as it helps to increase libido lessening the effects of hot flashes and hormone-induced mood wavering. Fenugreek is also used to promote weight gain and stimulate breast growth in women. It is used as an active ingredient in natural breast enlargement supplements and with effective results in most cases.

Fenugreek seeds possess a high percentage of mucilage and thus used in diarrhoea.Choline present in the seeds helps for memory loss and also slow down the aging process.

Most frequently, Fenugreek has been used to promote hair growth both in men and women. It is also used for loss of appetite and anorexia since it can improve digestion and remove minor stomach pains.

Planet Ayurveda - Fenugreek Capsules Benefits and Uses

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Fenugreek Capsules

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$ 28.95

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NAARI KALYAN, Fenugreek Capsules, Fenugreek

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Fenugreek Capsules are made from Pure Organic Herbs and Standardized Herbal Extracts without using any Chemicals, Preservatives, Fillers, Starch or Additives.

Ingredients Packaging & Quantity

60 Vegetarian Capsules in Food Grade HDP Bottle   Containing 100 % Pure Standardized 500 mg Extract of Fenugreek Seeds.

Other Ingredients

Silica gel Pouch (Dessicant  To absorb moisture)
No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, starch or Chemicals

Dosage & how to Take

1-2 capsules twice daily – About ½ hr. to 1 Hour after meals with plain or lukewarm water



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