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Uses of Gold Bhasma in Ayurveda

The true Bhasma is made by using pure gold but when it is tested for metal analysis, there is no gold detected on metal form. This is called pure gold Bhasma.

As you are aware there are some facts that metals are toxic to humans but after it is passed from bhasmikaran process all of the toxicity is gone and we got compound which is very very helpful to human body. What happens to metals during bhasmikaran is still a puzzle for rest of the world, but some recent advancement in science is given a solid direction to understand the facts behind power of bhasmas.

As per ras shastra - the ancient alchemy of india- there are certain tests through which a bhasma must pass for completion of bhasmikaran process which is as follows.

Rekhapuran: It is a test for the fineness of the metal in the bhasma. The test in done on the finger lines. A well-prepared bhasma should be so fine that it should settle in between the finger lines and should be just barely visible. This shows that the particles of metals are so fine that they are embedded in between finger lines like talcum powder.

Nischandrikaran: This is a test to check the loss of the metallic property of shine. An ideally prepared bhasma should totally lose its shine.

Apunarbhava: The bhasma should be prepared in such a way that it is irreversible in the sense that one cannot derive the metal back from it again.

Varitar: The fourth and the most important test is that a bhasma should float on water. Imagine heavy metal like mercury floating on water but a truly made Bhasma will float on water.

As you refer Apunarbhava property of bhasma which is key of power behind bhasmas, it says that in the process of bhasmikaran original element is lost it's metalic property and turns to some other form other then metal and you cannot recover the original element back in its metallic form. Since element is lost it's metallic form it's lose its toxicity also and turns to any other form which is helpful to human body.

Now a day's science have found the form of element which is present in bhasmas which gives original therapeutic effect and it's called ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements).

Scientific community is accepted this state of matter and inventor is awarded patents for it.

Nishandrikaran test is also shows that conversion of element from metallic form to some non metallic form which don't have any shine.

What we done during a bhasmikaran process is take gold in metallic form and turn it in to non metallic form which is called G-ORME.

If we carefully complete the full bhasmikaran process all of the gold is turn to G-ORME state and you will not able to detect it in its metallic form by conventional analytical process because conventional analytical processes detect elements only in there metallic form, so you cannot detect the level of ORME present in the sample, hence finally in fully prepared bhasma you will not able to detect any gold. If you analyze the bhasma to elemental stage means it contains how much carbon %, nitrogen %, sulfur % etc. you will find that after computing all the elements you will not reached at 100%. Means there is something which is there but not in the form which can be detect by conventional analytical chemistry, and that's ORME.

But it is not possible to complete the bhasmikaran process as per the guideline and hence some of the gold is still remained as metallic form, and most of the manufacturers deliberately not competing the process to show some gold content in their final analytical report. By this way they are benefited in both ways that they have to process less and save money and their product shows more gold content and their customer are happy to buy bhasma with higher gold content, but they don't know they are taking gold in its metallic form which is toxic to their body and not in the ORME state which is having original power to care.

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