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Guggul, Commiphora, planet ayurveda, weight loss

Capsule Guggul for Weight Loss

Guggul, Commiphora, planet ayurveda, cancer treatmentsGuggul is a gum resin obtained from guggul tree. It grows in arid climate. It is generally found in Central Asia and North Africa. In India, it is found in the northern regions of the country. Its scientific name is Commiphora wightii. This herb has found it's important in the Ayurvedic science. This is because of its huge therapeutic characteristics. It is recently classified as endangered species. Guggul is obtained from the standardized extract of the bark of the tree. The extract is also known as guglipid, guggulipid or gugulipid. The guggul contains the plant steroid, which is known as the guggulsterone.

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(Each bottle contains 60 Vegetarian capsules of Standardized Guggul extract - no preservatives or chemicals)

Planet Ayurveda uses this herb and make herbal medicines, which are safe to consume and are purely natural. These capsules are used to treat several problems.

Guggul is widely used to reduce the LDL cholesterol level in the body. The steroid, guggulsterone has lipid lowering characteristics. It also prevents the production of cholesterol in the body. It also increases the speed of degrading and excreting out the bad cholesterol. This is done as the phytochemical present in guggul hinders the receptor, farnesoid X. This is a receptor of the bile acid. This is used to control the level of the various types of cholesterol in the blood. Guggul slows down the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. The guggulsterone is antioxidating in nature and also prevents the process of lipid oxidation in the blood. Rather, it increases the binding of the receptors with LDL in the liver, which helps to break down the LDL into simple forms and safe compounds. These are then easily excreted out from the body along with the excretion of the feces. Thus, the body gets rid of the bad cholesterol with the help of the guggul capsules. Capsule guggul also decreases the quantity of very low density lipids (VLDL) and triglycerides in the blood and increases the quantity of the high density lipids (HDL) in the body. It minimizes the absorbption of cholesterol and fats from the body. Also, the oxidation of the fat generates many oxygen compounds, which are highly reactive. These compounds cause damage to the cells and the tissues. To initiate this antioxidating protection mechanism, the activity of xanthine oxidase, lipid peroxidase and other enzymes, which are essential for the oxidation of the lipids are reduced by the application of the guggul capsules. Guggul capsules produced by Planet Ayurveda also enhance the action of the superoxide dismutase. This enzyme helps to mop up the oxygen compounds, which are highly reactive. The body weight is also reduced by the guggul capsules due to its effect on the thyroid hormones. It enhances the synthesis of T4 or thyroxine hormone and T3 or triiodothyronine. These, being the thermogenic materials help to increase the rate of metabolism in the body. This burns out some of the stored fats of the body. Also, these hormones enhance the rate of metabolism of the carbohydrates and synthesis of the proteins. All together, these help to decrease the body weight. The guggul supplements also increase the rate of metabolism of the low density lipid cholesterol in the body and excrete them out of the body. Thus, the body gets free from the harmful and unwanted fats by consuming the guggul capsules.


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Guggul, Commiphora, planet ayurveda, cancer treatments

Guggul Capsules

Guggul Bottle contains - 60 Vegitarian capsules

Price 24.95 $ for 1

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Minimum 2 for 42.95 $


There are several people around the world who benefitted from this


Try this once and you will feel the difference. The products are 100 % herbal, purely Ayurvedic, 100 % natural without any chemicals or preservatives and do not cause any side effects.

GUGGUL CAPSULES -Can be used as an effective joint pain remedy as well

Guggul Capsules : 60 Vegetarian Capsules in a beautiful HDP Packing (Free Shipping)



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Dose of Capsule guggul

25 miligrams of guggul shall be consumed thrice daily. This dose is sufficient to reduce the level of triglyceride and cholesterol in the blood. But, people should consult doctors and specialists before consuming the guggul capsules. Guggul capsules have some side effects. These are nausea, skin infections, headache, diarrhea, aneroxia and irregularity in menstruation.
Who should avoid the guggul capsules?
Women, who are pregnant and who are facing disturbances in the hormonal balance shall be strictly advised not to consume the guggul capsules at all.  Also, all those, who are facing ulcerative colitis, croh’s disease, and diarrhea and liver problems shall also restrict the consumption of the guggul capsules. Also, consumption of the guggul capsules along with the thyroid supplements is strictly prohibited since guggul has certain reactions with the thyroid hormones. Also, those, who are consuming drugs like Lipitor, which are useful for cholesterol lowering shall consult their doctors before consuming these capsules. Also, capsules of guggul and blood thinning shall not be taken together since guggul decreases the rate of blood clotting.
Thus, the Guggul capsules produced by Planet Ayurveda have so many health benefits. They help to reduce the body weight by carrying out all the mentioned reactions and processes. Follow all the mentioned instructions to get rid of the unwanted fats and to lower the body weight.


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