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Acidity may lead to complications

An article by Dr Madan Gulati (Deputy Director, Ayurveda, Chandigarh-India)

Having heartburn? Experiencing regurgitation? Feeling nauseatic? Feel like vomiting? Feeling tired without working much? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you are most likely suffering from hyperacidity.

If this ailment is not cured in time it might lead to more complicated health problems like peptic and duodenal ulcers and, in some extreme cases, even gastric cancer. The number of people suffering from these symptoms is rapidly increasing. The faster science and technology are advancing, the faster we are distancing ourselves from nature.

Our eating habits, our way of life, our thoughts and even our daily routine are rapidly getting corrupted in the fast pace of modern life. Consequently, we are increasingly becoming susceptible to ailments like hyperacidity. Causes: The basic causes of hyperacidity are our thoughtless eating habits and our stressful way of life. But let us put it more specifically: Excessive consumption of sour, salty, heat-producing, sweet and sour, spicy, fried foods.

Consumption of tea, coffee, alcoholic and aerated drinks and smoking cigarettes in an indiscriminate manner. Eating food products made of refined flour or white flour (maida) etc. Consuming leftover or stale food, junk food or fast food like burgers, patties, hot- dogs and fries too often.

Overeating: Eating food products with contrary properties like drinking milk after eating fish or drinking milk after consuming sour juices like orange juice or mixing coke with ice-cream. Deliberately attempting to control and curb the natural urges of thirst and hunger by not drinking water when one is thirsty or skipping a meal when one should be eating. Stress, worries and the fast pace of life. Besides the above-mentioned causes, the amount of heat in the body naturally increases in the rainy season. If one does not follow the routine and the diet prescribed for these seasonal conditions, one increases one’s susceptibility to hyperacidity.

Another cause of hyperacidity might be excessive sexual intercourse or indulging in sexual activities quickly after a meal, i.e. indulging in sex with undigested food in the stomach. From the modern perspective a major cause of this disease is the presence of a bacterium called H. Pylori in the stomach. This bacterium weakens the lining of the stomach and makes the stomach walls vulnerable to acidic corrosion from hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach. However, a large number of people have this bacterium present in their stomachs but not all of them suffer from hyperacidity. This means that the above- mentioned causes catalyse the development of this ailment and it is important to take care of one’s lifestyle and eating habits if one wants to permanently keep away from this ailment.

care: The care of this problem lies in preventing or keeping away from all the causes of this ailment. Regular consumption of foods like amla or Indian gooseberry, mulatthi, raw coconut, pumpkin and papaya are excellent for curing this disease. Fruits and vegetables like papaya, coconut, green gourd (gheeya or louki), pumpkin (paitha), bitter gourd (karela), teenda, parval, toree, water-melon, ground melon (kharbooza) or honey-dew, kakree, cucumber, etc, are beneficial for this problem. However, one must not use lemon, tomatoes, rice, oranges, keenu, yogurt or curd, brinjal, kulthee, pickles, maida bread, biscuits, fried food, noodles, de-husked lentils (dhulee dal), alcoholic and aerated beverages, coffee and tea and keep away from smoking.

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