Obesity, Weight Loss

Obesity is the disorder in which there is an excessive amount of fat deposition under the skin and around the certain organs of the body. It also increases the risk of other disease also like heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure.

In Ayurveda Obesity is known as Sthaulya. Since Ayurveda considered Sthaulya as a disease. It has also been considered as a medo roga.

In the Charaka Samitha, Charaka said the obese person will have following signs:

  • Large hips
  • Pendulous breast.
  • Extra flesh on the checks.
  • Ayurveda has been very effective over this disease.

What are the causes of obesity?

Explanation of the causes:

  • Age: obesity can occur at any age, even in children but as age increases hormonal changes and less activity can leads to increased risk of obesity.
  • Diet: Intake of unhealthy diet cause obesity. A diet that is high in calories, full of junk food, sweets, beverages and oversized portion contributes to weight gain.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: If a person is having sedentary lifestyle, can easily gain, the more calories and less physical activity means not able to burn the calories which leads to obesity.
  • Genetics: Genetics plays important role in how effectively someone's body convert food into energy and how the body burns calories during exercise.
  • Other illness: Medical problem like Cushing syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Arthritis can lead to decrease in physical activity.
  • Certain Medications: Some medicines may increase the body weight. For example, anti-depressant, anti-seizures, anti-diabetic, anti-psychotic and beta-Blocker's.
  • Socioeconomic issues: If someone does not have knowledge about healthy food or not have enough money to buy healthy food then chances to have an unhealthy food increase, this will lead to increase the risk of obesity.
  • Lack of sleep: Due to excess of sleep or less sleep there is a change in hormones that increase the appetite. Someone may crave for food high in calories and carbohydrates, which lead to increase weight.

According the Ayurveda the causes are as follows:

In Ayurveda the basic tissue elements that governs the body are seven in number and are called dhaatus. Out of these seven one dhaatu is meda, which is fat. If there is an excess of medas dhatu then it leads to obesity. The fat deposition takes place over the adipose tissue in the form globules, then they get accumulated over the skin and around the organs hence it leads to obesity.

What are the symptoms of the obesity?

  • Weight gain or BMI more than 30(BMI is the excessive fat content in the body, calculated from the height and weight measurements).
  • Breathlessness.
  • Increased sweating.
  • Snoring
  • Feeling back and joint pains.
  • Get tired easily.
  • It may increase the risk of high bold pressure, coronary heart disease and stroke also.

What are the complications of Obesity?

  • Due to the deposition of the excessive fat in the body there will be constant pressure on the arteries and veins which leads to atherosclerosis, myocardial infection or heart attack.
  • Liver and kidney disorders may happen.
  • No proper blood circulation to the brain, then it will lead to stroke.
  • Infertility is one of the big complication of obesity.

Obesity, it also affects psychologically. Obese person might feel themselves socially unacceptable, have low self-esteem. This brings depression in the life. The adage "A person's waistline is the lifeline "is quite true.

Herbal Remedies for Obesity (Weight Loss)

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Thinner You Pack for natural treatment of obesity. These herbal remedies are very useful for weight loss. We provides only 100% pure and natural products which are safe to use. All the products are free from chemicals and side effects.


  1. Guggul Capsules – 1 capsule twice daily with plain water half an hour after meals.
  2. Stholyantak Churna – 1 tsf, twice daily with plain water after meals. Its decoction can also be prepared by mixing 1 tsf of the powder in a glass of water and boiling it to one-fourth the quantity.
  3. Trim Support – 1 capsule twice daily with plain water half an hour after meals.
  4. Garcinia Capsules – 2 capsules twice daily with plain water half an hour after meals.

Products Description

1. Guggul Capsules

It consists of Commiphora mukul (Guggul).

Benefits: It helps to increase Agni, because of the ushan virya potency of guggul, it comprises of a high capability to penetrate and its katu and tikhta rasa is very beneficial in obesity related problems.

2. Stholyantak Churna

Stholyanatak churna is a mixture of herbs Cyprus rotundus (Mustak), Haloptela, Intergrifolia (Chirbilva), Iris entata (Balbach), Acacia Arabica (Babool), Saraca Indica (Ashok), Mycrobalans (triphala), Terminalis Arjuna (Arjuna), Syzigium cumini (Jamun), Embelia ribes (Vidang), Plumbago zeyblica (Chitrak), Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh),Cinnamomum zeylanica (Dalchini), Zingiber Officinalis (Sonth).

Benefits: Cyprus rotundus (Mustak): It is a stimulant for appetite and digestion. Acacia Arabica (Babool): It acts as an appetite suppressant and hence reduce the obesity. Saraca Indica (Ashok): It reduces kapha dosha which is the cause for the obesity according to Ayurveda. Mycrobalans (Triphala): It is helpful in body metabolisms. Terminalis Arjuna: It acts an anti-oxidant as well as a diuretic which helps to remove the toxins from the body. Syzigum Cumini (Jamun): It helps to reduce hunger, hence helpful in obesity. Embelia ribes (Vidang): It reduces the deposition of fat in the body. Andrographus paniculata (Kalmegh): It acts as a blood purifier hence removes the toxins from the body. Plumbago zeyblica (Chitrak) Opens the channels that are blocked and helps in the proper circulation of blood. It also manages the digestive disorders. Cinnamomum Zeylanica (Dalchini): It can help in reliving appetite, colic and asthma. Zingiber Officinalis (Sonth): It helps to increase the Agni, thereby helpful in burning excessive calories.

3. Trim Support

Planet Ayurveda's Trim support capsule is a mixture of herbs Garcinia cambognia (Vriskhahmal), Myrobalans (triphala), Cyperus rotundus (mustak).

Benefits: Vriskhahmal: It helps to control the appetite and thus helps in preventing obesity. It helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. Mustak: It is very effective for digestive disorders. It also helps in reducing fat deposition. Triphala: It is a mixture of three herbs hartaki (Terminalis chebua), Baheda (Terminalis belerica) and Amla (Emblica Officanlis). It is helpful in digestion and helps in body metabolism.

4. Garcinia Capsules

It consists of Garcinia cambogia (Garcinia).

Benefits: It plays role in reducing weight loss without any side effects. It does not cause loosening of the skin and burn fat quickly. It accelerates the breakdown of fats and helps to evenly distribute it and remove it from the body by improving liver metabolism. It is purely a natural product, without affecting hormones.

Where to buy Thinner You Pack?

To buy Thinner You Pack, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/thinner-you-pack.html.

Dietary Recommendations

  • One should avoid foods which are rich in carbohydrate such as potatoes, rice etc.
  • One should avoid sweets and fatty food.
  • Choose whole grain foods such as brown rice, oat meal and white bread.
  • Avoid high fat red meat, hot dog and get protein from nuts, beans, and fish.
  • Avoid Junk food and beverages.
  • Low fat dairy products such as skim milk, cottage cheese and plain yoghurt.
  • Along with healthy diet. One should do exercise and physical activity also.

It's not only important to avoid unhealthy food to prevent obesity, on the other hand, it's also equally important eating the right amount of food.

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