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  • 100 percent vegetarian
  • Helps maintain healthy memory.
  • Pure and natural.
  • Support healthy sleep.
  • Free from additives and chemicals.
  • No side effects.

Pack size

1 bottle contains 60 capsules.


1-2 capsules two times a day.

Ingredients in Memory support capsules

  1. Brahmi (Bacoppa monnieri): The Bacopa monnieri commonly grows in marshy areas. It can even grow in brackish conditions. The leaves of this plant are 4-6 mm thick. They are arranged oppositely on the stem. The flowers are small and white in color.
  2. Vacha (Acorus calamus): Acorus calamus contains many constituents in it such as alkaloids, flavonoids, gums, lectins, mucilage, saponins, tannins and steroids etc.
  3. Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis): The Convolovulus pluricaulis is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows as a vine or creeper. The flowers of this plant are deep blue in color with light yellow markings. The fruits are 5 to 7 cm long and they are edible when tender.
  4. Licorice (Glycerrhiza glabra): Licorice is the root of the plant Glycerrhiza glabra. It is an herbaceous plant that grows up to 1 m height. The leaves are about 7-15 cm long with around 15 leaflets. The flowers are of purple or pale whitish blue color.

Where to buy Memory Support?

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What are the symptoms of weak memory?

Forgetfulness, poor concentration, confusion, behavioral changes and slow thinking are some common symptoms of poor or weak memory.

What are the causes of weak memory?

Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, age, depression and boredom are some of the common causes of the weak memory. Memory can be affected by some serious factors such as a high fever, an attack of epilepsy, surgery and even severe alcoholic intoxication etc.

What are the different types of memory problems?

There are 5 common memory problems which are explained below:

  1. Transience - It is a condition in which person forget facts or events over time. In this type of memory problem, person is most likely to forget information soon after he or she learn it.
  2. Absentmindedness - It is a type of forgetting which occurs when we don't pay close attention. Example- Sometimes you forget where you just put your pen because you were thinking of something else.
  3. Blocking - Blocking is the temporary inability to retrieve a memory. Example- sometimes, someone asks us a question, and we know that we know it but we just can't think of it. It becomes more common with age.
  4. Misattribution - It occurs when we remember something accurately in part but by mistake misattribute some details like the time, place or person involved.
  5. Persistence - The persistence of memories of horrifying events and negative feelings is another form of memory problem.

What is the effect of exercise on memory?

Regular exercise helps stimulate the release of growth factors in the brain that helps maintain healthy brain. Indirectly, exercise reduce stress, anxiety and improves mood and sleep.

What is the effect of diet on the memory?

Healthy diet is an important factor in maintaining overall health of the body. Healthy memory need healthy functioning of brain. The brain needs energy to work in a healthy way. This energy comes from the nutrition provided by our diet. In this way, memory is directly affected by our diet. Hence healthy and the balanced diet helps maintain healthy brain.

Is natural supplement good for healthy memory?

The natural supplement provides dietary support to the body and helps maintain healthy body. Planet Ayurveda provides "Memory support capsules" as a food supplement that helps maintain healthy brain and it is safe to use as it is free from any side effects and is free from any chemicals.

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