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Though there are many natural remedies and herbs for gout available online but we have experienced that that gout needs really little longer and regular treatment rather than quick symptomatic relief which is provided by many supplemements. The anti-gout pack also provides quick relief but it also works at the root levels of the problem, correcting the purine metabolism, correcting the liver metabolism, cleansing the blood, breaking uric acid crystals and clearing them away. Navkarshik Churna is one of the best herbal treatment for gout containing best herbs for gout. This works best with herbs like Kishore Guggul, Punarnava mandur and Gorakhmundi churna ( Scroll down to see anti-gout pack) 1 or 2 packs are sufficient to make drastic changes in gout symptoms and overall disease handling the root causes. We also advise you to make changes in your diet, eat cherries, vitamin C and consume 2-3 liters of water everyday and avoid yeast bread, soft drinks, high purine foods, meat, non-veg diet, lentils, alcohol.

Navkarshik Churna, Navkarshik, planet ayurvedaNavkarshik Churna - Herbs for Gout
Classical Ayurvedic formula for Gout, inflamed joints & Skin Problems

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Navkarshik Churna is a classical Ayurvedic formulation dating back to 1100 AD. A famous formulation from “Chakradatt Samhita” particularly recommended in Gouty arthritis. Especially when the uric acid is very high and the toe joint is very much involved. It is also effective in other type of arthritis as it relieves “Vata” and removes the toxins from within the body. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in swollen, painful joints. It contains Triphala which removes toxins from the body and useful in every other disease. Neem, Katuki, Manjistha purifies the blood and corrects the metabolism of “Pitta” and heat regulation in our body. Giloy is immunomodulator and improves immunity whereas Daruhaldi acts as an anti inflammatory herb.

Scroll Down to Check - Anti - Gout Pack - Natural Herbs for Gout, Gouty Arthritis, High Uric Acid and Joint Pain due to Gout.

Herbs in Navkarshik Churna: Navkarshik Churna is purely a herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.


S. No. Herb Used English Name Latin Name Quantity
1. Amla Indian Gooseberry Emblica officinalis 22.22 gm
2 Haritaki Chebulic Myrobalan Terminalia chebula 22.22 gm
3. Bahera Belleric Myrobalan Terminalia bellerica 22.22 gm
4. Vacha Sweet Flag Acorus calamus 22.22 gm
5. Neem Margosa Tree Azadirachta indica 22.22 gm
6. Manjistha Indian Madder Rubia cordifolia 22.22 gm
7. Katuki Picrorrhiza Picrorrhiza kurrao 22.22 gm
8. Giloy Tinospora Tinospora cordifolia 22.22 gm
9. Daruhaldi Barberry Berberis aristata 22.22 gm
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Navkarshik Churna 1 Pack (200 Grams)
Punarnava Mandur - 2 Bottles
Gorakhmundi Powder - 200 gm Powder

Our products are 100 % natural, purely herbal, without any chemicals or synthetic preservatives. The natural treatment for gout gives results within 5-7 days and helps a lot in Gout.


Gorakhmundi Powder- 3-6 grams ( 1 teaspoonful ) per day, after meals, with water

Punarnava Mandur - 2 tablets twice daily

Kishore Guggul - 2 tablets twice daily

Navkarshik Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with plain water.

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BEST TREATMENT FOR GOUT Article on Gout - By Dr. Vikram




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