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Sanjeevani Vati is explained in Anceint Ayurvedic text in 1300 AD in "Sharangdhar Samhita" (M.Kh.-7)- Sannipaat Chikitsa.

To know mechanism of action of Sanjeevani Vati, the concept of "Aama" or endotoxins must be understood. "Aama" is the byprodut of faulty metabolism of fats, carbohydraats and proteins. It is accumulation of endotoxins within the body. The reason according to Ayurveda is low digestive fire... The fire that does not let any metabolite to accumulate is not able to consume them completely..that's why they remain in the system.

This "Aama" or accumulation of endotoxins leads to blockage in channels and many diseases like High Cholesterol, IBS, Blocked coronary arteries, Piles, Auto-immune disoreders like Sarcoidosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and many others. Sanjeevani Vati is an ancient formula to combat all these as it ignites the digestive fire and helps the liver to just get rid of all the mid-way metabolites from the system. Sanjeevani Vati thus helps in burning the accumulated metabolites.


Each Tablet is 500 mg

Major Ingredients are:

Sr. No. Latin Name Common Name
1 Embelia ribes Vidanga
2 Zingiber officinale Ginger Root
3 Piper longum Pippali
4 Terminalia chebula Haritaki
5 Emblica officinalis Amlaki
6 Acorus Calmus Vacha
7 Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi herb
8 Semecarpus anacardium (Purified) Shuddh Bhallataka
9 Aconitum ferox (Purified) Shuddh Vatsnabh

Ref. Ayurvedic Text - Sharangdhar/Chapter of Fevers

  1. Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) - Causes the removal of toxic wastes by the breaking up of blockages in the bile ducts, within the pancreas, and the release of physical and emotional strain from the heart.I visualize this herb specifically for these organs. I see it seemingly to soften fats allowing them to be burned for energy, or to be eliminated by the body.
  2. Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) - I see a powerful negative electric charge that breaks up stones, calcium deposits, and very toxic debris. It seems to have a gigantic purge effect through the liver and kidneys of accumulated toxins stone and otherwise.

These are the 2 herbs of most interest to me in this formula.

Comments by Dr. Vikram about these 2 herbs in Sanjeevani Vati

Sanjeevan literally means Life...and the one that gives life is Sanjeevani. According to hindu mythology, when brother of Lord Rama- Laxman was lying on death bed and there was nothing for resuce, the ancient vaidya asked to get the "Sanjeevani Herb" from the Himalayas.

1. Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy) - There is another story when Lord Rama won the war against kind of devils ' Raavana', his own army or Vaanar sena was all dead, All the Gods from the heaven came to congratulate Lord Rama about his victory and asked " We need to give you our blessings" ask what you want...Lord Rama said- I need you to give back the life to my dead army, my Vaanar Sena... The Gods sprinkled the holy water from above and the army was thriving with life again...Some of the drops of that life nectar fell down on earth as well, and from that holy water originated the herb - Tinospora cordifolia. This is a reference written in ancient Ayurveda texts about Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia. It can induce life in almost every cases.

2. Yes, Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) helps in removing toxins from the body. About Haritaki it is written in Ayurvedic texts that " Haritaki is beneficial to mankind more than a mother to a child. Even mother can sometimes get angry from her children, but Haritaki never hurts its users. It is also one of the ingredients of Triphala. It cleanses the channels, clears the system of the toxins. Helps in reducing cholesterol, cleans the gut, opens up the channels to improve the flow of bile, flow of intestinal juices.

Dosage - 2-4 Tablets twice daily, after meals, with plain water.


Auto-immune disorders, Indigestion, Rheumatoid arthritis, Faulty metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Basically Sanjeevani Vati is used as a powerful remedy for aama. (Endotoxins). Aama is the root cause of blockage in the channels, accumulation of cholesterol, coated tongue (reflecting coated intestines), blocked bile ducts, intestinal channels for absorbtion of nutrients. It balances Vata and Kapha ( Wind and Water energies) in the body and increases (Metabolic fire & Digestive Fire) Pitta to burn out fats, toxins, atheroms, "aama" and other waste materials in causing blockage in channels. The waste material lying in intestines starts fermenting with time due to lack of Bile juice from liver. Sanjeevani Vati helps in providing natural bile juice and helps in burning of waste material lying in intestines and causing blockages everywhere in the system.

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