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DHL Express

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Shipping through India Speed Post

We value your time but small orders can only be shipped through Speed post Air - mail service of Govt. of India within 1 working day. We provided you the tracking no. (EMS) within 24 hrs. of shipping. The packages can be tracked at online. You can always contact our customer care for tracking information at - ( Mr. Ashwani thakur )

The tracking can be done by putting in the tracking no. EPxxxxIN in the EMS/ POST column at the website
Or within USA, the packages can be tracked at

The tracking however works only after 72 hrs. of shipping the products.

india postThe products sent through India Post will reach you within 7 to 14 working days from the date of dispatch. It may get delayed depending upon the regulations of clearing agencies or customs at local and destination country, but generally it does not happen as we send all the required documents with our shipments including copy of our US-FDA registration certificate and prescription by a doctor.

In rare cases (about 5 %) the delivery may take up to 4 weeks, especially in Islands or far off places (South America and some small African countries) which are not well connected.

DHL Express


In some cases the customers need quick delivery. We can send the packages via DHL or FedEx in this case but the DHL/ FedEx shipping charges are way higher than the normal EMS. We can send via DHL/ FedEx only if the total purchase volume is more than 1000 US $. The packages can be tracked online at website of DHL (WWW.DHL.COM) and are delivered within 3-4 days.

Custom Duties/ Return Policy

International Customers: Please check with your country for restrictions, duties, and taxes collected from your country. In some countries, 3-4 % taxes are charged on delivery, which is rare but possible.


i) There will be no Refund, if the products are returned due to rejection by customs or because of a failed delivery attempt.
ii) There will be no refund, if the customer refuses to accept the delivery.
iii) Please do not send us used or unused bottles asking for a refund.
iv) We are not able to refund, because we have not kept huge margins / profits in our prices.
v) We are not able to refund because we are shipping from India, which takes a lot of time, efforts, money and hard work to send best quality products to serve people from all over the world.
vi) So rather than spending your money and time on returning, you can write to us – and we can guide you how to best utilize the products.

Shipping Policy For South Africa, Norway, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Germany


We usually send our products via Post or EMS all over world. EMS takes about 7-10 days to deliver at maximum locations except South Africa ( For South Africa it takes around 4 weeks). For Norway, Italy, Saudi Arabia packages are not delivered via EMS in general. So for these countries we prefer to send through DHL, which takes around 4-5 working days only.

As shipping charges of DHL are very high Each package is charged about 100 $ extra than current prices of our products mentioned at our website.

If you are in these countries, then you have to send extra shipping payment (i.e. US $ 100). We will send via DHL.

These are the problems only with South Africa, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Norway and Italy due to strict custom rules of these countries or may be due to high incidence of drug trafficking or drug abuse.

You can pay us the extra shipping cost clicking on PAY NOW button and paying 100 $ extra shipping.


india post

We really regret the inconvenience caused to our customers from these countries, but we have a lot of regular customers who love our products and buy regularly from us.


Customers from USA are amongst our most privileged clients, as most of our sale comes from USA and we really wish to provide them quality services.

We send all our shipments through EMS. All the packages are delivered well in time and all our customers are provided tracking no. The delivery takes 10-12 working days.

If you want quicker delivery, please read above - SHIPPPING VIA DHL.

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