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cancer, ayurveda

Cancer is one of the most appalling diseases affecting human lives and is the leading cause of death and morbidity in human population.

It is characterized by an uncontrolled and abnormal growth of body cells.

This may affect any individual at any point of time in their lifetime. The causes of cancer and the factors that puts any person at a higher risk of developing cancer are very diverse.

We all know our body is made up of cells which constitute each and every part of our body. Cancer can affect any part of the body as an abnormal growth which kicks off first in a single cell.

The disorder sets in when a cell starts to grow abnormally and uncontrollably, dividing into further similar abnormal cells leading to the formation of a tumor.

This tumorous mass may be restricted to its own organ or site when it is called benign tumor. But when this tumor turns malignant, it develops the capability to invade nearby organs, lymph nodes and the whole body may eventually get affected progressively.

The ferocious nature of cancer can be simply understood by the statistics that suggest that 1 out of every two men and 1 out of every three women have the possibility to be diagnosed with cancer at some point of time in their lifetime.

There are numerous types of cancers depending upon the site of its origin and the types of cell affected.

Ayurveda considers the vitiation of the vata, pitta and kapha type of body energies to be responsible for the growth and development of cancer in the body out of which kapha is the major dosha that affects cancer growth. The vitiated vata or the air body humor is responsible for the abnormal and rapid growth of cancer cells and the kapha element is what causes the tumor to increase in size and density. It is because of the excessive kapha element involved that the cancers do not supparate.

The vitiated doshas then go on to involve other seven dhatus or body tissues mainly Rakta (blood tissue) and Mamsa (muscle tissue).

Cancers have been described in detail in Sushruta samhita, a popular ayurvedic text.

A healthy and nutritious diet coupled with appropriate exercises can be very effective for every cancer patient to ensure better health.

Fresh green vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices, less of red meat and a low fat diet. Broccoli, Carrots, Beetroot, corns, Cow ghee, papaya, kiwi, coconut water, carrots and citrus fruits are a few good options to choose from. Proper sleep, and a healthy lifestyle are also equally important.


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