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Natural Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

An infection of the urinary tract that carries the urine from the kidneys to the external orifice is called as a urinary tract infection. It is mostly accompanied by a few characteristic symptoms with which it can be diagnosed clinically.

It is one of the most common type of infection affecting the general population.

It is not a deadly disease and symptoms may at times subside by themselves. At other times, medical treatment may be required. Urinary tract infections can recur if ignored and may rarely become a serious health concern.

Symptoms of Urinary tract infection

Common symptoms of Urinary tract infection include:-

  • Pain or burning upon urination
  • Fever with or without chills
  • Increased frequency or urgency to pass urine
  • Urine may be blood stained and pink in color.
  • Pain and cramping may also occur in the lower abdomen.
  • Foul smelling urine or cloudy urine

Urinary tract infection in men

Urinary tract infection does not commonly afflict males. It is more commonly found in females.

In hospitalized patients, urinary catheter placement accounts for more than 70 % of the urinary tract infections in males.

Catheterized urinary tract becomes more prone to catch bacterial infections and it may even rise up, to affect the bladder.

Urinary tract infection in women

Urinary tract affects women more commonly than men as the female urethra is a lot shorter than the male urethra.

Sexual intercourse can also lead to urinary tract infections. Use of intra uterine devices, condoms and other contraceptives can alter the pH of the urethra and the vagina making it more prone to develop urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infection in pregnancy

Due to minor physiological and anatomical changes in the female reproductive system, Urinary tract infections are of common occurrence in pregnancy. They are most common in the first and last trimester of the pregnancy.

Though common, Urinary tract infection in pregnancy should not be ignored as it may cause serious health issues in the fetus or the new born.

Who is at risk of developing Urinary tract infection?

  • Diabetic patients
  • Old age
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Renal stones
  • Pregnancy
  • Multiple partners for sexual intercourse
  • History of Urinary tract infections
  • Any anatomical abnormality in the urethra
  • Enlarged prostrate
  • Retention of urine
  • Consuming heavy and spicy food

How to prevent a urinary tract infection?

  • Keep your perineum (area around the anus and urethra) region clean and hygienic.
  • For females, sanitary pads are a better option than tampons, for use during the days of menses.
  • Avoid applying too much of any alkaline soap in and around the anus and urethra.
  • Maintain sexual hygiene
  • Drink several glasses of water every day.
  • Cranberry juice and Coconut water also are some of the better options.

What are the chances of recurrence of Urinary tract infection?

There are approximately 20 % chances of recurrence of urinary tract infection in females who have had a previous episode of Urinary tract infection.

With every episode, the chances of recurrence increase all the more.

Cause of recurrent Urinary tract infection?

Recurrent Urinary tract infection may at times occur due to an underlying, deep seated pathology like renal calculi or Diabetes.

It is always better to get a thorough check up done along with the necessary investigations to rule out any pathology that may be coexisting with this condition.

Probable Complications of Urinary tract infections

  • Kidney disease (Chronic kidney disease)
  • Hydronephrosis – fluid retention in the kidneys.
  • Septicemia – Spread of infection in blood.
  • Premature delivery in case of pregnant females.

Herbal Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides best combination of effective herbal remedies such as UTI Care Pack for natural treatment of urinary tract infections. These herbal remedies are manufactured from 100% pure and natural herbs; without the use of any chemicals, binders, fillers, colors, yeast, starch, preservatives or additives. These remedies are prepared under the supervision of renowned Ayurveda experts.


  1. Punarnava Capsules - 2 capsules two times daily with plain water after meal.
  2. Mutrakrichantak Churna - 1 Teaspoonful twice daily with water and for best result Boil 1 Teaspoonful in 400ml water until it remains 50-60ml. Filter the preparation with a regular tea strainer and drink. You should use this once in morning 45min. after breakfast and similarly in evening 45min. after dinner. Prepare fresh every time as per this.
  3. Varunadi Vati - 2 tablets two times daily with plain water after meal.

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