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What is Psoriasis - Is there any Care for Psoriasis ?

Yes, Psoriasis is curable as per Ayurveda - The ancient healthcare system of medicine in India. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that produces red, dry plaques of thickened skin. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the rapid proliferation of skin cells that is triggered by abnormal lymphocytes from the blood. Psoriasis commonly affects the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp. There are five types of psoriasis: Plaque, guttate, pustular, inverse, and erythrodermic. About 80% of people living with psoriasis have plaque (plak) psoriasis, also called "psoriasis vulgaris." Plaque psoriasis causes patches of thick, scaly skin that may be white, silvery, or red. Called plaques (plax)

What is Psoriasis according to Ayurveda?

The disease Psoriasis has been described in Ayurveda in the chapter of "Kushta Rog" i.e. Complicated and chronic diseases of the skin. All the skin disorders are caused by consumption of incompatible foods, excessive imbalance of Pitta i.e. fire energy, exercise after food intake, consumption of a special variety of fish with milk or milk products, holding the urge to vomit, constant state of anger or hatred. The major skin disease Leprosy has been considered incurable in Ayurveda and that is why it is called Major skin disease. Today with modern drugs, Leprosy is curable. Psoriasis is called "Ek- Kushta" in Ayurveda and is kept in the category of curable skin diseases or minor skin ailments. According to Charaka Samhita ( 1500 BC) there are 7 types of Chronic and complicated Skin disorders and 11 types of minor skin ailments.

According to Ayurveda, Psoriasis is compared to Ek-Kushta which is in the list of curable skin diseases. Ek-Kushta was described in Ayurvedic text - Charak Samhita ( about 1500 BC) can be compared with Psoriasis on the basis of Gross observation and underlying pathology as well as symptoms.

The symptoms of Ek Kushta are similar to Psoriasis. Ek-Kushta is curable as per Ayurvedic medicines. There many Ayurvedic medicines which have been found to be very very useful in treatment of Psoriasis. In almost all skin diseases Ayurveda has recommended detoxification, purgation or laxation as well as blood purification.

Types of 7 Major types of Skin Ailments

According to ancient Text- Charak Samhita -1500 BC

Sr. No. Name of Skin disorder Dosha Imbalance Nearer Modern Name
1. Kapal Kushtha Vata Non-Lepromatous Leprosy
2. Odumbar Pita Non-Lepromatous Leprosy
3. Mandal Kushtha Kapha Lepromatous Leprosy
4. Rishijihya Vata-Pitta Non-Lepromatous Leprosy
5. Pundrika Pitta-Kapha Non-Lepromatous Leprosy
6. Sidhma Kapha-Vata Pityriasis versicolor
7. Kakanak Tridoshic Lepromatous leprosy

There is another skin disease called Leucoderma or Vitiligo. According to Ayurveda newly developed vitiligo or leucoderma is curable. Chronic Vitiligo or Leucoderma is incurable as per Ayurveda.

Types of 11 Minor Skin Ailments - which are Curable as per Ayurveda

Sr. No. Name of Skin disorder Nearer Modern Name
1. Ek-Kushta Psoriasis
2. Chrm-kushta Xeroderma
3. Kitibh Lichen Planus
4. Vipadika Rhagades
5. Alsak Itchy,Reddish Pustules
6. Dadrumandal Righworm
7. Charmdal Impetigo
8. Pama Scabies
9. Visphot Exenthymeta
10. Shataru Erythema induratum
11. Vicharchika Eczema (Dry of Wet)


There are many herbs which are blood purifier in nature. Neem is one of them. There are some more like Navkarshik Churna which is a combination of 9 Blood purifying herbs. Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula is also very effective natural treatment for psoriasis. These 3 supplements are used to treat psoriasis naturally without any side effects.

PSORA Care Pack is a combination of ayurvedic herbs which have been proven to show excellent results in Psoriasis patients. The combination of these herbal supplements for psoriasis offered here give relief from itching and helps in clearning the psoriasis scales within few months of using them. The herbs are nature’s gift to mankind and provide good luster to the skin. The skin becomes smoother and the shine and normal texture is restored within few months (3-4 months) of using these natural remedies for psoriasis.

The PSORA Care Pack is devised by expert Ayurveda physician and is recommended for use in all psoriasis patients as per the dosage advised. There are many people who have benefited from using these supplements together in this combination and got excellent results.

The herb Neem is best Blood Purifier. It is very useful among various Herbs for Psoriasis. Regular use of neem is an effective natural Psoriasis treatment. Although there are various herbs for skin problems but neem is one of the very few and unique which is top among them. Various herbal Products of Neem are available today but raw herb powder of neem is a very effective natural solution to various skin problems. We are using Neem extract in our purely vegetarian capsules and it works wonderful.

Neem is most effective herb among various Herbal Remedies for Psoriasis. It is being used as Psoriasis Herbal Treatment since ages. So whenever you are searching for Psoriasis herbal treatments, your search and treatment is not complete without Neem. The product is 100 % natural without any side effects.

Neem capsules with other herbs for psoriasis - Neem can be used with other herbs for psoriasis. Psoriasis is a pitta- kapha disease according to ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is a traditional healthcare system of India and according to Ayurveda all bitters are useful in pitta-kapha diseases especially of skin.

Dosage & Usage

  1. Radiant Skin Hair Nail Formula - 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meal
  2. Mahamanjisthadi Ghanvati – 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meal
  3. Neem Capsules - 1 capsules twice daily with plain water after meal
  4. Navkarshik Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily with plain water after meal
  5. Pitta Balance - 1 capsules twice daily with plain water after meal
  6. Lippu Oil - Apply Locally on the lesions, after bath, expose to Sun light for 3 minutes.
  7. Psorolin Ointment - Apply locally on the lesions at night

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