Brahmi, Bacopa Monnieri

Description of plant

Brahmi is non aromatic soft, perennial, creeping herb with succulent leaves. It has numerous branches that grow especially in wet and marshy places. This edible plant can grow up to 6 inches in height, branches creep horizontally to cover the ground. Green leaves with small marks are coin shaped and grow in the cluster of two or three alternately placed on hairy stem. Flowers are small, actinomorphic, white and purplish in color and appear most of months in a year. Flowers contain 4-5 petals. Due to its ability to grow in water it is also called water aquarium plant.

General information

One of the oldest and most powerful brain tonic used in ayurvedic system from ancient times is brahmi. Leaf of the brahmi resembles to structure of cerebellum and this herb is best used in brain related disorders and to promote intelligence. Brahmi is ayurvedic herb also used for gut infections. Its common names are hyssop, herb of grace and water hyssop. Various alkaloids brahmine, narcotine, herpestine, mannitol, hersaponin, bacaposide, cucurbutacin and triterpenoid saponins in this herb which is very effective for body.

Bacopa monnieri was described around 6th century AD in various old text books like charaka samhita, Athrava-veda and sushrut samhita under the medhaya rasayan. This class of herbs are used to sharpen intelligence and to fight against mental disorders. It is anti-oxidant and cell protective in nature.


It is native to the wetlands of Southern India. It is most abundantly distributed in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America. It is also available in marshy areas of Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan and Vietnam.


  • Kingdom – Plantae
  • Order – Lamiales
  • Family – Plantaginaceae


  • Latin name – Bacopa monneiri
  • English name – Thyme leaved gratiola, Water hyssop, Hyssop, Indian pennywort, Herb of grace
  • Hindi name – Brahmi
  • Bengali name – Birami
  • Telugu name – Sambarenu
  • Kannada name – Jala brahmi
  • Tamil name – Neera brahmi
  • Sinhala name – Lunuwila
  • Chinese name – Jia-ma-chi-xian

Ayurvedic Properties

Hindi / Sanskrit English
Rasa Kashay, Tikta Taste Astringent, Bitter
Guna Laghu Physical Property Light
Virya Sheeta Potency Cold
Vipaka Madhur Metabolic Property (After Digestion) Sweet

Effects on Doshas

It balances Vata and Kapha doshas.

Charak Samhita Sushrut Samhita
Prjasthapan - Herbs useful in stabilizing pregnancy. Medhya rasayan
Medhya Rasayan - Herbs which are good for brain.  
Balya – Herbs for improving strength and immunity.  

Ancient verse about Bacopa monneiri

Ancient verse about Bacopa monneiri

Brahmi, kapotvadka, somvalli and saraswati are various synonyms of brahmi. Madukparni, manduki, twashtri, divya and mahaaushdhi are various names of mandukparni. Brahmi has cold potency, astringent and has bitter taste. It is light in nature, brain tonic, rasayan and good for improving voice and memory. It is used for skin disorders, anemia, and hyperglycemia, bleeding disorders, cough, inflammation and fever. All the properties of mandukparni are similar to brahmi.

Practical uses of Bacopa monneiri

  • With the growing age brain degradation occurs and brahmi is best brain tonic. The active compounds bacosides works wonderfully on the brain health. Brahmi is used to influence brain cells by promoting the regeneration of cells of brain. It shows miraculous results against the rapid degeneration of brain cells due to Alzheimer's disease.
  • Brain is not the only organ for which brahmi is effective, it works wonderfully for liver health. Liver is main organ of detoxification of body and brahmi is very essential herb for encouraging liver functions. Every day we are taking numerous toxins in our diet and fromenvironment, it's a safe and natural compound that removes toxins and promotes proper liver functioning.
  • Brahmi is also used to maintain normal blood pressure in our body. It increases the utilization of nitric acid and normal vascular muscle functions.
  • This herb is anti-oxidant in nature and protects our body from the damage by free radicals. It helps body to fight against various infections and boost our immune system.
  • It rejuvenates mind, enhances memory, improves concentration and quality of consciousness. It is also useful in anxiety and attention deficit hyperactive disorders.
  • Brahmi oil and brahmi paste is applied externally for healthy skin, proper healing and for free movements of body joints. This herb has cold potency, it is very beneficial for skin.
  • It is also good for digestive system and to promote proper functioning of digestive system. It is also good for the healing of ulcers and prevents gastric ulceration.
  • Brahmi also has broncho dilatory effects and it is also used to cure asthma.
  • Brahmi oil is also useful for hair loss, its external use on scalp gives nourishment, strength and promotes hair growth. It also helps to cure alopecia, itching, dandruff, flakes and split ends.
  • Brahmi is also very effective in insomnia and it is a best stress buster. It helps to overcome sleep disorders which further become serious mental disorders.
  • Brahmi is a neurological tonic and it is used to cure epilepsy. Bacposide A and B are the chemical compounds of brahmi which improve neuro- transmission among brain cells. These help to improve neuron degeneration.
  • It is also good for voice hoarseness and backaches.
  • It pacifies vata and kapha dosha.

Part used

  • Whole plant


  • Fresh juice – 10-20ml
  • Brahmi powder – 1-3gm
  • Bacopa monneiri extract capsules – 250- 500mg

Ayurvedic Products from Bacopa monneiri by Planet Ayurveda


Brahmi Capsules are 100 % vegetarian and natural. They contain Bacopa monneiri in extract form and not in powder form. Many companies fill herb powder in hard gelatin capsules. We use herbal extract of Bacopa monneiri in vegetarian capsule shells. This makes our product a little costlier but very effective. So it's not a waste of money. It is true value for your precious money.


Brahmi Powder helps to maintain healthy brain performance. It helps in strengthening the mind and maintaining alertness and freshness. Brahmi Powder helps to maintain healthy learning and memory recall, as well as on blood circulation, the functions of the liver, lungs and kidneys. It is Kapha (water), Vata (air) Shamak (pacifier). It is often called 'the food for the brain. It may help to combat daily life regular and normal level of stress, improve reflexes and increase psychological and physical co-ordination.

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