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Natural Tips for the Children studying Online and spending time on Screens

Pandemic, Lockdown, Quarantine, Online Studies, and Work from Home, some words that always existed somewhere, but were rarely known to people. Now, these are an inseparable part of life. People can never forget these words in their whole lifetime. Above that, we can never forget its teachings and its remarks on our lives. A virus appeared from somewhere causing death, the health organizations named it as Pandemic. The Pandemic became so severe that it resulted in Lockdown. Then, the lockdown

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Diet Chart for Allergy Allergies are the most common in daily life. These are the active immune response of body towards any foreign body and are not so harmful. These foreign particles like pollens, certain food products, dust etc. are known as allergens. In this, we can consider both skin and respiratory allergies. These allergies and their associated symptoms can be managed very well by following a proper diet along with some lifestyle changes. EARLY-MORNING Herbal tea / Lukewarm water

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Case Study No: 153 | Nephrotic Syndrome – Shaurya

Case Study No: 153 | Nephrotic Syndrome – Shaurya How 2 year’s old Patient recovered from Nephrotic Syndrome within 2 months? Hello Everyone, Here’s a story of a 2 years old patient who was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome, from last 1 year. We cannot even think how much problem he could have due to this disease in such a small age. But, he fought with it, saw improvements within 2 months and now recovering at a good pace by eliminating

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Let us maintain the Honor and Vitality of the Evergreen Sector – Health & Wellness

Let us maintain the Honor and Vitality of the Evergreen Sector – Health & Wellness As it is always said that whenever the evil increases on earth and starts to dominate the positive energies, God appears as human to restore the good and eliminate the bad. Likewise, in Ayurveda, there is a chapter named “Janpadodhwans” in which it is mentioned that when the environment becomes Tampradhan, whenever Taamsik environment increases in the nature, then this uproar of the nation happens.

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Everyday Tips for a Healthy Stomach

Everyday Tips for a Healthy Stomach It is always said that our stomach is the root of our health as well as our diseases. Stomach is like the base of our health, unhealthy stomach means unhealthy body. And, the good thing is maintaining a healthy stomach never wants any extra effort but only the balance of all the general and most common things that are our Diet and our Lifestyle. In Ayurveda, three factors are considered as the pillars of

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Do not Eat Less or More, Eat Healthy

Do not Eat Less or More, Eat Healthy Abstract Regardless of state of health, a well-balanced diet meets your body’s needs and gives you energy to perform normal activities. Many important nutrients also support our immune system, protect us from infections and diseases and stimulate cell production that helps us recover from damage. Above all, healthy food is a source of enjoyment that gives more flavor to life! A healthy diet is essential for maintaining good health. Sometimes, however, our

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8 Wonderful Benefits of Limestone

8 Wonderful Benefits of Limestone Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), which is used in betel leaves should be kept in one box always in your home, no, not for the purpose of chewing betel leaves but to have its most potent and effective results in the treatment and management of health problems. It is usually observed and studied that the people, especially the Indians who are habitual of chewing the betel leaves are really good at retaining ability and intelligence. Even, it

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7 Things To Do While Suffering From UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

7 Things To Do While Suffering From UTI It’s burning, scalding, trips to bathroom have increased and smelling like anything. Yes its UTI! Urinary tract infections are the second most frequently and commonly caused bacterial infections. Please don’t panic, we have got your back! This article will be all about the things that when done during UTI can help in relieving the infection and preventing its further spread. Urinary tract infections are the one in which your urinary system, i.e.

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What Makes Smoothie Diet So Different?

What Makes Smoothie Diet So Different? Abstract Be it morning breakfast, mid meals hunger pangs or after workout fuel, Smoothie is a big Yes for all them. Along with filling your tummy it also refreshes the mind. Some people take smoothie in their daily life religiously as along with being tasty, it is very easy and quick to prepare and healthy as well. You can just whip one glass of smoothie with your favorite fruits quickly while leaving your house

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4 Pillars of Treatment & Most Important is Physician: Ayurvedic View

4 Pillars of Treatment & Most Important is Physician: Ayurvedic View The words Treatment and Physician / Doctor always go together. Also, their actions and effects are inter-dependent, inter-linked and inseparable. The same concept suits to the Human and Nature. We are well known about the prevailing health of the living beings as well as the Mother Nature. Both are at risk and trying to overcome and heal. But, in between all these, there is a serious concern about which

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