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Agastyasootraaj Ras

Agastyasootraaj Ras Reference – Bhaishajya Ratnavali Grehni Roga Adhikara 514-516 Introduction Agastyasootraaj ras is a Classical Ayurvedic formulation that consists of a mixture of herbs and minerals. This is known to consist of ingredients which are known for their properties like digestive, analgesic, appetizer, anti-diarrheal etc. Ingredients Main Ingredients: Shudh Parad (Purified mercury) – 10 grams: This is pure form of mercury means purified mercury is used as medicine. Parada is silver coloured liquid metal also called Quicksilver. Parada is

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Agnisameekarana Yoga

Agnisameekarana Yoga Reference – Bhaisjaya Ratnavali Agnimandya Rogadhikaar 10/13 This yoga is very much beneficial in treating the Mandagni (reduced digestive power) & vishamagni (irregular digestion). It can be taken as a home remedy for digestion related disorders. Ingredients Chawal ka mand (Liquid based dish made with rice): It is the lite diet that could be advised to any patient for improving digestion. This will restore the digestive power of the person and also providing adequate fluid, electrolyte & nourishment

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Agnisandeepan Rasa

Agnisandeepan Rasa Reference – Bhaishajya Ratnavali Agnimandya rogadhikaar 10/ 132-139 Introduction Agnisandeepan rasa is a Classical Ayurvedic preparation that consists of a mixture of herbs and minerals. This is known to consist of many ingredients. The herbs present in this formulation are having great role in treating various digestion related disorders including low digestive power, indigestion, GERD, heartburn, pain in abdomen and various inflammations in abdominal region etc. Ingredients Maricha Churna (Powder of Piper nigrum): It improves the function of

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Agnimukh Loh

Agnimukh Loh Reference – Bhaishajya Ratnavali Arsh Roga Adhikara 213-221 Introduction Agnimukh Loha is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation which is considered as the best remedy for Arsh (Hemorrhoids), anti-anemic, anti-inflammatory, and good for skin disorders and acts as good appetizer. Ingredients Triphala Powder: This is prepared by mixing equal parts of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellrica). It pacifies all three doshas. This rasayan is effective in all disorders. Chitrak Mool (Root extract of Plumbago zeylanica) –

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Agnimukh Mandoor

Agnimukh Mandoor Reference – Bhaishajya Ratnavali Shoth rogadhikaar 109-111 Introduction Agnimukh Mandoor is a Classical Ayurvedic prepration that consists of a mixture of herbs and minerals. This is known to consist of many ingredients. The herbs present in this formulation is known for their properties like anti-inflammatory, analgesic, appetizer and anti-anemic etc. Ingredients Sudh Mandoor (Purified calcined iron formulation) – 12 Parts: It is also known as Iron slag. This is helpful in tridoshaj shools (pain due to Vata, pitta

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Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Body excretes harmful, waste and toxic materials by producing sweat, urine and stools. Sweating and urination are used to eliminate waste fluids which help in regulating normal body temperature. Sweating is an essential mechanism and sweat is produced by glands present in the dermis, which is a deep layer of the skin. Sweat glands are present in the whole body but present in more quantity in the areas of armpits, forehead,

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Healthy Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy In every woman’s life, there is a time that they want to get pregnant and have a baby. Being able to conceive is a blessing for a woman. It is an exciting and precious time for the couple and especially for the mother who is carrying the baby in her womb. It is totally a new phase of her life where they are surrounded by the ocean of emotions. Pregnancy brings lots of changes

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15 Natural Tips to Get Relief from Menstrual Cramps and Weakness

15 Natural Tips to Get Relief from Menstrual Cramps and Weakness Menstrual cramps are also known as dysmenorrhea or period pain. Dysmenorrhea is a medical term used for menstrual cramps, which are caused by uterine contractions during menstruation. These are throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen during menstruation. Menstrual cramps are one of the most common and annoying parts of your period. In some women, these cramps start right before or during the menstrual period. The pain varies

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15 Everyday Life Choices to Maintain Healthy Lungs

15 Everyday Life Choices to Maintain Healthy Lungs Have you ever noticed? How do we breathe and sustain life? The reason behind living is getting oxygen from the environment. But how does oxygen get inside our body? There are two lungs present in the chest. One lung is present on the left while the other is present on the right side of the chest. This pair of lungs work together to make us breathes. So, it is mandatory to take

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Diabetes (Diet and Lifestyle)

Diet & Lifestyle for Diabetes Patients Due to the increase in sedentary lifestyle and bad dietary habits, nowadays the trend of lifestyle disorders is becoming common these days. One of the major Lifestyle disorders is Diabetes. The correlation of Diabetes in Ayurveda is made with Prameha, particularly Madhumeha. Acharya had mentioned the various Nidana i.e. causative factors or risk factors responsible for the disease which fits perfectly in modern scenario. In above quoted shloka describe both of the bad dietary

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