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Navratri Special

NAVRATRI FAST SPECIAL: DIET CHART & RECIPES MORNING TO EVENING DIET PLAN EARLY MORNING Milk/ Fruit/ Soaked Nuts BREAKFAST Almond-apple milkshake / Kuttu Paneer chilla / Amaranth Dosa with coriander and mint chutney / banana mashed with yoghourt / Sabudana khichdi / Makhana Khichdi MID MORNING Coconut water / Fruit lemonade / roasted makhana / fruits / Chamomile tea / freshly churned chaas LUNCH Rajgira roti and bottle guard vegetable / baked sabudana tikki with yoghurt and cucumber salad /

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Muchkund / Bayur Tree / Pterospermum Acerifolium

Muchkund / Bayur Tree (Pterospermum Acerifolium)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description The knowledge of Ayurveda was passed by sages orally In India to their students in different places in the form of conferences or seminars. They have discussed every herb, every disease, and every milestone of the human. According to Ayurveda, every person is influenced by certain elements that are present on the earth in the form of Panchamahabhutas and tridoshas. Panchamahabhutas are space, air, fire, water,

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Medasaka / Common Tallow Laurifolia / Litsea Glutinosa

Medasaka / Common Tallow Laurifolia (Litsea Glutinosa)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurvedic medicines are the ancient system of medicines that is natural and is prepared with total purity and with 100% natural ingredients. These are not made with chemicals, so don’t show any kind of side-effects if used under the guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda science gives longevity to life with proper health and disease-free life. Allopathic medicines only follow the symptoms of this

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Plandu / Onion / Allium Cepa

Plandu / Onion (Allium Cepa)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description The ancient Indian Science named Ayurveda. Ayurveda provides the best natural approach to diseases and its cure. All the symptoms and investigation technique is different in each individual like we investigate the patient by Trividh Pareeksha that is darshan, sparsha, prashan, investigation of disease can be done by knowing the Nidan panchak that is nidana, poorva roopa, roopa, upshaya, samprapti and the patient’s sate can be understood

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Tagar / Indian Valerian / Valeriana Wallichii

Tagar / Indian Valerian (Valeriana Wallichii)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurveda has originated and spread worldwide through India, it has its most natural way of managing health problems very naturally. It is a true life science that rejuvenates our body and revitalises the body and mind. Ayurveda provides herbal medicines or various other health supplements that fulfil the body’s basic needs to maintain its strength and promote overall immunity. Nowadays people all over the world are

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Goraksh / Dalbergia Lanceolaria

Goraksh (Dalbergia Lanceolaria)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurvedic medicines tend to manage various types of diseases and are a holistic type of system. Its main goal is to maintain the longevity of life, with the help of natural methods. Ayurveda provides the knowledge of how to get rid of diseases, or how to eradicate the diseases from their roots. Ayurveda categorises the different constitutions (five elements like Space, air, fire, water, and earth) into three different

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Kshavak / Sneezewort / Centipeda Minima

Kshavak / Sneezewort (Centipeda Minima)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurveda is an old system of medicine that helps us to maintain our bodies disease-free and enhance the longevity of life, Ayurvedic medicine’s effect depends upon the management of the balance of tridoshas that are vata, pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda has vast knowledge that helps us to prevent the disease and eliminate the root cause of the problem. Our Ayurvedic medicinal knowledge has been passed by old

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Katak / Clearing Nut / Strychnos Potatorum

Katak / Clearing Nut (Strychnos Potatorum)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurveda is the oldest science in the world that helps the human body to regain its strength and to promote longevity with proper maintenance. This path has been developed many years ago by the rishi-munis in various treatises and manuscripts in which various modes and means are included such as various herbal medicines, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda says unique facts that should be

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Chakshushaya / Jasmeejaz / Cassia Absus

Chakshushaya / Jasmeejaz (Cassia Absus)- Ayurvedic Properties, Effects On Doshas & Dosage Description Ayurveda is the study of holistic science on the board, which improvise our way of living, by improving the diet and our living standards that are positive or negative in many ways, that affect our way of living and prompt a blissful or miserable life. As per Ayurveda well-being is the equilibrium of three energies that is named as potential, kinetic, and thermal energies. Their irregularity is

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Treating Fungal Infections With Ayurveda

Treating Fungal Infections With Ayurveda Abstract The conditions related to skin are becoming more and more common in our society. Every third person is suffering from a skin condition and ignores it to a point until that thing does not give any difficulties. It is true that skin is the mirror of the body and if anything unusual is going on with the skin that simply means that something is not going right inside your body. We need to have

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