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What is Clozapine? What Are The Best Alternatives in Ayurveda To Replace Clozapine?

What Is Clozapine? What Are The Best Alternatives In Ayurveda To Replace Clozapine?Have you ever been acquainted with people who are incapable of distinguishing between real and unreal experiences? Have you ever come across incidences of people hearing voices or seeing things that do not exist? Have you met people with distorted perceptions and exaggerated behaviors? Have you come across people who face troubles with logical thinking? Well, chances are that you are encountering a schizophrenic person who demands intense

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What Is A Carbon Facial? How Ayurveda Helps To Get Wrinkle-Free Skin?

What Is A Carbon Facial? How Ayurveda Helps To Get Wrinkle-Free Skin? Are you concerned about the appearance of acne, wrinkles and loose skin on your face? Is your skin getting deprived of its natural robustness and elasticity? Well, natural aging of skin is something that cannot be undone. In due course, we all encounter fine lines on our skin. It’s quite natural for our skin to lose some of its liveliness and charm. Introduction Still and all, we can

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How Ayurveda Can Help You Sleep Better?

How Ayurveda Can Help You Sleep Better? Do you suffer from irregular sleep? Or do you sit up all late at night and then feel impossible to sleep?? Sleep is a biological process indispensable for life and for optimal health. It is also the best natural meditation to calm our mind. All of us might have faced sleeplessness, or irregular sleep at some point of time. Or to meet your daily workloads and tight schedules most of us might tend

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Sishu Abhyanga – Neonatal Oil Massage

Sishu Abhyanga – Neonatal Oil Massage Regular oil massage is one simple gift you can offer your tiny tot Oil massage is traditionally carried out for new born kids in many parts of Asia and Africa, especially India. Neonatal period is one critical phase in a child’s life, it’s the time when the baby starts to adjust from the comforts of the womb to meet the needs of the world outside. The child should be mended with intense care to

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Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Sarcoidosis

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For SarcoidosisSarcoidosis is a multi-system diseased condition that involves abnormal collections of granulomata (inflammatory cells that form lump). The primary targets of this disease in the initial stages are lungs, lymph nodes or skin, whereas less commonly eyes, heart, brain, liver or any other organ can be affected. In this article we are going to discuss the clinical features and causes of disease along with the best Ayurvedic herbs for management and prevention of sarcoidosis. Sign And

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Why You Should Make The Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

Why You Should Make The Switch To A Plant-Based Diet There are many kinds of diets popular across countries and cultures. In many countries, more and more people are now inspiring each other to decrease, or even banish the use of animal products from their diets. The vegetarian diets i.e. those which include plants, milk and honey, have been practiced in many places especially in the eastern cultures. The vegan diets, which eat only plants and plant products, are comparatively

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The Need To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

The Need To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet There will be a morsel of meat again in your mind that you so badly want to grab and have ataste of. Or you might be someone in the category to choose the raw vegan diet over the meatballs on your table. It depends on people. How they want to slip into a vegan diet or if they wantto go for a flexitarian diet routine. It depends upon the goals you set

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How Indian Domestic Works Maintain Women’s Health Better

How The Traditional Ways of Indian Domestic Works Maintain Women’s Health BetterThe Indian households have been functioning in such a way that the men and women have been fit even though they have not been going to the gyms or the parks. But, the national institute of nutrition (NIN) has marked that the average BMI and weight of Indian men and women have increased over the last ten years. In this article we will see what it is about the

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Online Working & How To Reduce Strain On Your Eyes

Online Working & How To Reduce Strain On Your EyesThe quarantine and lockdown times seem to have benefitted the internet and technology companies predominantly. This may be credited to the increase in online toiling cooped up in homes. Even hardworking students and employees seem to have revamped into couch potatoes leisurely working through their tasks. Sure enough, online gadgets like laptops, computers, and even mobile phones have made work from home far easier, although it brings with it a fair

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss : Mechanism, Diagnosis & Restoration With Yoga & AyurvedaHearing loss significantly affects one’s quality of life and their social and emotional growth. Although hearing loss is common and occurs gradually as one gets older, it could also be due to structural and functional abnormalities of the ear and the nervous connections behind the ear responsible for the complete mechanism of hearing and sound processing. Abnormal hearing could be present at birth which can be difficult to recognize in

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