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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Jalandhar, Punjab | Case Study #17

A very young and handsome boy in his teens is the son of a successful businessman from Jalandhar, the sports town of Punjab and is also famous for having the first Doordarshan Station ever established in Punjab. He was doing a computer course when bleeding happened in his stools and he thought probably because of heat in the environment or something similar to that and didn't pay any heed. As he used to visit a gym and do intensive exercises to enhance his biceps, a common thing among the youth in the present times, especially for health fitness. Everybody wants to look muscular.

He even bought a powder from a local chemist that guaranteed help in building muscles if he exercises regularly. Even he fell for that as he was an eager beaver and bought it to enhance his biceps in a hurry. And anything done in a hurry has to face the music and so did he. The bleeding coming with his stools enhanced in quantity, making cold sweat run down his cheeks. He was absolutely caught in a chicken and egg situation. He didn't know which turn to take, but luckily he told his parents about it and a cold shiver ran down his father's spine. He just took his son to a local doctor who practiced down town and tried to find a cause for all these miss-happenings.

The doctor did various tests and sent his red color stool to be examined and did CBC, Colonoscopy, biopsy and LFT done to ascertain the causes, and as feared he had Ulcerative Colitis. His dad anxious to know the reason asked the doctor, "Is everything fine doc or anything serious? Don't worry about the money, he is my only son and I have to find a best cure for him." "If not treated on time can cause further troubles, but we got to wait for a day as his stool report will be available by tomorrow and we will know how severe this disease is and do the treatment accordingly," came the reply from the doctor's mouth. "Come on let's go son, see you tomorrow at 11:00 am," and waved at the doctor.

While both were returning by car to their home Arshadbegh asked his dad, "Why? What's wrong with my body? I go to the gym regularly, do the regular exercises and doesn't smoke or drink alcohol and take no drugs, why me dad?" "There are many factors responsible for that, your generation is habitual to eating junk food, drink soft colas, eat the heavy stuff like goat meat and environment changes are also responsible for all that," replied his dad.

The next day both came to the clinic right on the dot of 11:00 am and after taking him to the examination room the doctor began his treatment. He also injected some steroids into his body to heal at a fast pace, but all failed miserably. The stools never receded; neither the bleeding stopped nor the mucus was reduced. Both kept following the doctor's footsteps for 3, 4 months and felt humiliated, embarrassed and very sad when the doctor said that Arshadbegh has to eat certain medicines for the rest of his life. His dad got frustrated and shouted, "Do my son has AIDS that he can't be cured, all other diseases have the treatments and can be treated." "Look sir, once you are infected by diabetes, you have to take a certain amount of insulin, you have to eat a certain diet to control it, but no medicine is available that can eradicate it completely. It's the same way sir, in order to keep a control over it and not slip away from your hands, he needs a certain kind of medication throughout his life," the doctor assured him. But his son was losing appetite and was losing weight and becoming skinny.

But this man believed in,

"One has the key for every problem,

A light for every shadow,

A relief for every sorrow,

A plan for every tomorrow."

He had plans to get his son out from this cobweb. He searched for a remedy on the net. He kept scanning various channels like Google, homeopathic field and finally came to Ayurvedic field and was impressed by a Planet Ayurveda. In April 2017 after those 4 horrible months, some suggested many other names but he was impressed by the best Ayurvedic clinic of North India. Some nears or dears of them had also found a solution there. I'll fix the appointment right now," he said in a sober voice but he had a gut feeling that he has attained his goal and dialed the Planet Ayurveda number and a lady in a very pleasant and sweet voice said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He narrated the whole story of his son and asked when can he come with his son and meet the doctors? The lady asked him to bring all the lab reports and medicine slips recommended by all the clinics and labs that they have ever visited and the whole history of their family and come to Mohali, the day after to-morrow. She also told them that the clinic opens at 9:30 am. "Sure ma'am, we will definitely come" he replied. Both of them took out their car and reached Mohali, the HQ of Planet Ayurveda.

Planet Ayurveda proved to be a wonderland and it makes age old remedies, in a modern style. It is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, reputed, experience holder and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. It had a solid reputation because all the remedies which are produced to rectify any kind of diseases by Planet Ayurveda are at first tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity, are they organic, if yes they are used otherwise they are left all alone, without hearing any kind of excuses under the watchful eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing by leaps and bounds globally.

Both landed on the appointed day and were impressed by a huge rush of patients and both were asked to wait for their turn as the doctor deal everybody on first come first serve basis. Their turn came at 1:30 pm and both greeted the doctor sitting behind the table and showed him the reports and also narrated the whole story. He listened very keenly and said, "Fine I'll prescribe you a UC Care Pack and some dietary changes also, remember you need to follow them strictly, otherwise you might deteriorate the whole condition, OK?" "Fine doctor, I am ready to do anything, just remove this demented issues as all these are affecting my studies and well being, I am ready to eat anything and give up anything" he replied assuring him. He made him note down the diet recommended and asked him to contact him every month and let him know the effects of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack. "If you still face any sort of problem, just put it on my what's app number and you will get the solution at the earliest" the doctor said and continued," Don't leave your allopathic medicines instantly but keep reducing them gradually and keep enhancing the Ayurvedic ones, OK."

After seeing the doctor both came out and bought the pack from the pharmacy located on the premises and left for Jalandhar the same day. His dad felt that this time both have reached a nice place and got the right medicine and certainly it was that way. His bleeding stopped completely within 4, 5 days and the motions that had made his life terrible reduced to twice a day in the 3rd week and he finished taking allopathic medicines by a month and a half.

A week after 4 months had passed both the son father duo came and were smiling from ear to ear. "Sir you have given my son a second life, look how he has regained the health, Thanks a lot sir, I.., I..., I.. Don't have the words to express my feelings. I am feeling on top of the whole world, thanks a lot sir," he finished and shook the doctor's hand vigorously. He distributed sweets to the whole staff working at the Planet.

'Planet Ayurveda doesn't promise anything,

But delivers everything.

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