Reference: Rasa Yoga Ratnakara


Rasarat is a classical preparation in Ayurveda that is very useful in children.


  • Purified Parada
  • Purified Hingula
  • Rasa Sindoor
  • Gandhaka
  • Loha Bhasma
  • Rasa Karpura

Method of Preparation

First of all kajjali is made then other ingredients are added.


Consume 10 grams of this medicine in 40 doses 2 times daily along with Honey & beetle leaf juice. Honey is recommended for infants.

Therapeutic Uses

  • Useful Ayurvedic medicine for phlegm diseases.
  • Good to use in infants also.

Contraindications / Side Effects

  • This Ayurvedic medicine must be consumed under strict directions only.
  • Its self-medication might be unsafe.
  • It is better to avoid in children and pregnant ladies.
  • It's over dose might results in side effects like tremors, dizziness etc.
  • Have this medicine under recommended dose and specified period of time.
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