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24th Edition of CII Chandigarh Fair 2019

24th Edition of CII Chandigarh Fair 2019

Chandigarh, the first Indian planned city, also known as the city beautiful with an excellent atmosphere due to its green cover, is a hub of the service industry, IT Technology, has the 2nd best hospital of India named "Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh" and information technology and educational center. The per capita income of residents of Chandigarh is among the highest in India. These things make it a developing city as all kind of Industry is flourishing in the capital of both, Punjab & Haryana. From the past 2 decades, it holds a CII Trade Fair every year to display its production. All the new & old entrepreneurs set up their stalls, giving everything on discounts. It is a lucrative opportunity for them and their customers, who keep waiting for this trade fair to happen and make them purchase heavily, due to discounts. People from all of North India throng to this trade fare, as it promise many profitable opportunities.

This year, from October 18th to 21st, it was the 24th trade fair, it all began in 1995 and CII has a theme in making Chandigarh as an aspirational destination for further development. CII is responsible for creating competition in all the industry so that all produce goods that are better for the customer. It keeps holding seminars, conferences, trade fairs and training camps, etc. CII is committed to raising the issue of Public Health and is catalyzing the private sector's response to the public. It advocates its agenda on every corporate boardroom. It continues to promote all health treatment plans that anybody puts in front of them.

The same is the catalogue of Planet Ayurveda that participated in this trade fair. It also wants to promote awareness about Ayurveda, on how it can heal many diseases that are yet to find a cure in the latest medical sciences. All the products manufactured are 100% extract of standardized herbal vegetation. All the production is watched keenly by a highly qualified couple of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Their products are known for the esteemed quality, they never publicize their goods. The sale is still rising all over the globe, due to the quality of medicines that are made at Planet Ayurveda.

The banner of Arjun Tea, a very effective formulation of planet Ayurveda for maintaining heart health was flashed at CII Trade Fair and people, both domestic and International, couldn't stay away to know about this effective tea and also very curious to know more about Planet Ayurveda. This was handled by a professional staff of Planet Ayurveda. There were 3 of them who attended their customers, with full enthusiasm and in a chirpy mood. Most of the people seemed interested when they were told about the ingredients put in these medicines and beauty products. They looked impressed after learning the technicalities that are used to manufacture all the goods. Some Ethiopians did seem interested in its goods and also wanted to become its legal & authorized distributors in Ethiopia.

Even Planet Ayurveda did a brisk business at the trade fair. Many of Planet Ayurveda's products were sold at the CII Trade Fair and young girls seemed interested in buying the beauty products that are manufactured after extraction of naturally grown vegetation and have no side effects. The Majority of them were curious to make the texture of their skin fairer and Planet Ayurveda does have a remedy for that, called Skin Care Pack. "All is well that ends well," said by Shakespeare and the trade fair ended with aplomb.


18th October to 21st October, 2019


Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017


10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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24th Edition of CII Chandigarh Fair 2019

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