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Hyssop / Hyssopus officinalis

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)? Hyssopus officinalis is a well-known medicinal, aromatic and culinary herb. It is a native of South European countries. In India, it is found in the Western Himalayan region from Kashmir to Kumaun altitudes of 8,000-11,000 ft. The genus Hyssopus comprises of aromatic perennial herbs or sub-shrubs which are known for their medicinally and culinary properties. The leaves of this plant are commonly used as an aromatic condiment. Medicinally, it is used as an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-catarrhal and anti-spasmodic in different parts of the world. This plant has been […]

Case Study No: 152 | Liver Cirrhosis – Sohan

Case Study No: 152 | Liver Cirrhosis – Sohan Sohan, a 68 years old man with Liver Cirrhosis Mr. Sohan suffered from Liver Cirrhosis that was first of all detected in 2012 and he went to a renowned hospital in Chandigarh, the hospital boasts about finishing all kind of diseases. The doctors treated him for the first 5, 6 months but did not give any good results. In fact, the modern medical facilities can’t cope with a disease like Liver Cirrhosis. He kept coming to this renowned hospital in the hope that it will diminish his disease. The doctors over […]

Case Study No: 151 | Ulcerative Colitis – G. Kartik

Case Study No: 151 | Ulcerative Colitis – G. Kartik G. R. Ramya got his son treated for Ulcerative Colitis G. R. Ramya, who resides in Bhilai, in Chhattisgarh had travelled all over India to get treatment for his teenage son, G. Kartik had loose motions initially and like everybody else. He took a local pill and they subsided. After a few days they again became loose and this time the pill was not effective and he took his dad with him and both visited the doctor. The doctor sensing trouble, did his colonoscopy test and asked them to visit […]

Case Study No: 150 | Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Prav Prakash Sharma

Case Study No: 150 | Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Prav Prakash Sharma Prav Prakash Sharma suffered from IBS and got the cure from Planet Ayurveda Prav Prakash Sharma belongs to a city that is famous for having a great rose garden, Pinjore. Many tourists visit this garden for their entertainment. In 2003 he suffered from IBS problem and didn’t know where to go. One of his friends got him to Chandigarh where there is a very renowned hospital that boasts about diminishing all sort of health problems. They visited the concerned doctor and told him about his problem. That doctor […]

Case Study No: 149 | Ulcerative Colitis – Ms. Hansa

Case Study No: 149 | Ulcerative Colitis – Ms. Hansa Prashant’s wife Hansa couldn’t get relief from Ulcerative Colitis, till she reached Planet Ayurveda Prashant Mirchandani belongs to Rajasthan but for the last 12 years, he is doing job in Mumbai and living there with his whole family. His wife Hansa was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in March 2017. No member of his entire family had ever heard the name of this disease. None was aware that this disease can cause lots of troubles, which it did after some time. Allopathy is yet to find a treatment for UC […]

Kava / Piper methysticum

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Kava (Piper methysticum)? Piper methysticum is a plant native of South Sea Islands. It has been used ceremonial for thousands of years. It has been used as a traditional drink and to make this drink, people first grind its roots to make a paste. The common name of this herb is “kava kava”, which comes from the Polynesian word “awa” meaning bitter. The root of this plant is packed with specific nutrients and organic compounds such as minerals, starch, dietary fiber, water, proteins, kavalactones. The root of Piper methysticum is dried, grounded […]

Case Study No: 148 | Sheryl Sosa’s Husband had Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis

Case Study No: 148 | Sheryl Sosa’s Husband had Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis My name is Sheryl Sosa and this is my journey. I was born in Mississippi and moved to Texas in 1973 where I became a realtor and owned several businesses. My husband and I both have been featured in magazines for our work, one of which is the Houston Voyage magazine. We lived there 40 years when we decided to move back to Mississippi to be closer to our families. We continued our business in Houston and opened a satellite company of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My […]

Orthovita Oil

Orthovita Oil – Effective Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain Relief Buy NowMany of us or our family members and relatives want something that can cure the pain by just applying the oil or any cream for joint pain and stiffness. It is obvious why to take medicines if we can get rid by just applying something locally on the affected areas. Many of us always try to find Ayurvedic oil which makes the joint pain, stiffness and other related symptoms of ours / parents / grandparents go away. Ayurveda is the Indian origin science and its preparation has no side […]

Papita / Papaya / Carica papaya

What are the Health Benefits of Papita (Carica papaya)? What is Papita (Carica papaya)? Nowadays herbs are gaining importance as synthetic drugs are unsafe and not good for the environment. Herbs are safe and have medicinal, flavoring and aromatic properties. The medicinal values lie in some chemical substances that alter the physiological changes in the body. One of the plants is Carica papaya which has become well recognized for its exceptional nutritional properties. According to Ayurveda, this plant is indicated in various health conditions such as cough, cold, respiratory disorders, asthma, liver enlargement, enlarged spleen, oedema, inflammatory conditions, toxic conditions, […]

Coffee Senna / Cassia occidentalis

What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Coffee Senna (Cassia occidentalis)? What is Coffee Senna (Cassia occidentalis)? Herbs have been used in traditional systems of medicine and as pharmacopoeial drugs since ancient times. Herbs possess a variety of phytopharmaceuticals which play a vital role in agriculture, human health etc. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient knowledge about herbs not only because of their immense health benefits. Although in traditional medicine Cassia species are well known for its laxative properties and for the treatment of various skin diseases as well. It belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae. This plant usually […]

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