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Ayurvedic Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis

About Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a skin rash and is also referred as eczema. This is generally a chronic disorder which involves rough itching skin that may be dry. The condition in this disease will changes from mild to severe and also depends on the climate in different seasons. This disease mainly appears in infants but can affect adults as well. It is more common in people who also suffer other inflammatory conditions such as seasonal allergies. In this disease person gets red rashes when he scratches it.

This disease is of different types based on their causes and symptoms. One of them is atopic dermatitis which is very common type of this disease and is caused by allergic reactions.

In Ayurveda eczema is also termed as Vicharchika. It is caused by the vitiation of the three doshas- pitta, vata and kapha. Vitiation of the skin occurs through imbalance between the pitta and the blood. It is most commonly observable on the skin. There are some guidelines which should be followed by the person having this condition.

In Ayurveda, vitiation of all three doshas can cause dermatitis.

  • Kapha dosha: Imbalance of kapha is more distinct on the skin. The skin appears thick with itching and oozing.
  • Pitta dosha: It may cause bleeding from affected area along with burning sensation and fever.
  • Vata dosha: It causes the dermatitis due to dryness of skin. It is leads to severe itching and pain.

Causes of Atopic dermatitis

  • Genetics
  • Exposure to environmental allergens
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Contact with irritants and chemicals
  • Poor nutrition
  • Perfumes or dyes added to skin lotions or soaps
  • Contact with irritants and chemicals
  • Allergens
  • Perfumes, household chemicals, harsh soaps, alcohol containing skin- products, tight clothing, and wool are the main skin irritants
  • Excess heat and low or high humidity triggers eczema. The dry skin conditions during winter also triggers the flare-up
  • Hot baths and hard water
  • Cold
  • Stress

Symptoms Atopic dermatitis

  • Blisters with oozing and crusting
  • Itching
  • Dry skin all over the areas of bumpy skin on the back of the arms and front of the thighs
  • Skin redness and inflammation
  • Lichenification.
  • Blister on skin

Atopic Dermatitis in Children

This type of skin complication is also known as Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis. Almost 18.7 percent of infants are affected with this skin disorder. It has become highly common these days with the rising levels of pollution, dust and dirt in the atmosphere. This dermatitis usually gets cured with age. But, if the situation persists, it may lead to certain chronic complications with the advancement of age. Children and infants tend to have a very sensitive skin. Their skin becomes more and more prone to dust, sweat, dirt, clothes, soaps, chemicals, pollution and skin care products. Rashes, redness and irritations develop on their skins quite easily and they quite often get affected with the skin disorder, atopic dermatitis. So, it needs to be treated with utmost care to avoid future complications.

Herbal Remedies for Atopic Dermatitis by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Atopic Dermatitis Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of atopic dermatitis. We provides 100 percent pure and natural products. All of them are free from side effects and are safe to use. And they are formulated by MD Ayurveda doctors. All of the medicines from the house are made without the addition of chemicals or additives or preservatives in it.


  1. Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula - One capsules two times in a day with warm water after meals.
  2. Gandhak Rasayan - 2 tablets twice in a day with warm water after meals.
  3. Navkarshik Churna - One teaspoonful to 1 tablespoonful twice daily.
  4. Kustha Rakshas Tel - It has to be applied externally twice or thrice a day. Before application kindly wash the affected area.
  5. Royal Honey Shower Gel - Squeeze a small amount onto a wet body sponge or pouf. Work into a rich creamy lather and then rinse clean.

Products Description

1. Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula

Ayurvedic treatment for Atopic Dermatitis by Planet Ayurveda has the Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula. This herbal product is free from any side effects. Herbs used in the formulation of this herbal product are given below.


  1. Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) - This herb is packed with blood purification properties and eliminates all the impurities from blood.
  2. Pitta papda (Fumaria officinalis) - The herb helps in relieving the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. It helps to provide relief in itching, redness, burning sensation and inflammation of the skin.
  3. Chirata (Swertia chiretta) - All parts of this herb possess the medicinal properties. Use of this herb is quite effective in the skin infections.
  4. Ghrit kumari (Aloe barbadensis) - This herb is commonly called as Aloe vera and known to be quite good to resolve the skin diseases.

2. Gandhak Rasayan

Gandhak Rasayan has wide range of therapeutic properties and prophylactic activity. It is a Rasayana (rejuvenator), which promotes positive health and vigor. These tablets stop ageing and increases longevity in individuals by increasing immunity. Thus, makes the body to resist against various infections. It possesses antibacterial activity and stop the growth of bacteria. This is also a best remedy to treat atopic dermatitis.

3. Navkarshik churna

Navkarshik churna contain various herbs like Amla (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Bahera (Terminalia bellerica), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) etc. that removes waste and toxins, This churna acts as blood purifier, corrects metabolism of Pitta, work as immuno-modulator and shows anti-inflammatory properties. It removes toxins and effectively rejuvenate skin by working on atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, burns and scales.

4. Kustha Rakshas Tel

This is a classical herbo-mineral formulation manufactured by Planet Ayurveda consisting of Saptaparna (Alstonia scholaris), Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica), etc. These all herbs help to alleviate the itching, redness, and swelling over the skin and help to reduce the burning sensation in the affected areas. This product is very effective in improving the symptom of atopic dermatitis just by applying because it balances pitta dosha.

5. Royal Honey Shower Gel

This is a patent articulation of Planet Ayurveda consisting of Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis), honey, Tea Tree Extract (Melaleuca alternifolia) etc. this product helps to replenish the skin cells and acts as a good moisturizing agent. It gives a cooling effect on the skin and provides relief from the burning sensation and itching as well as rejuvenates the skin tissue.

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Some Guidelines

  • Use very mild soap on the skin or it is better not to use any kind of soap. Use olive oil in water to have bath so that your skin does not get dry much. After bath just bloat the skin, do not rub. Later apply some ghee or olive oil for better results. Use warm water in cold and cold water in summers.
  • Opt for moderated temperature, mild, sunlight and light wind.
  • Opt for balanced diet. Stay away from allergic foods like curd, sour things, pickles, dry fruits etc.
  • Say totally no to all packed, junk and fried food items.
  • Keep yourself free from stress and tension as symptoms may get worsen more. Listen to music, practice yoga and meditation.
  • Keep yourself away from woolen and other warm clothes like blanket.
  • Avoid harsh exercises and excessive sweating of the skin.
  • Better to avoid things like – peeling garlic, onion, cutting ladyfinger, same with cosmetic products also. Take care while using so that these should not aggravate the symptoms further.
  • Extreme emotions like shock and anger should be avoided.
  • Medicines do not give a specific cause for atopic dermatitis but just give relief for some time. So for the best treatment one should go for the root cause of the problem and not just opting western medicines.

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