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Best Natural Treatment for Gout

Gout refers to a certain form of inflammation of the joints and swellings of a recurrent type. Although chronic in character, it occurs in acute attacks. It is a disease of the wealthy and chiefly affects middle-aged men. Women, after menopause, are also sometimes affected by this disease.

The uric acid is high and the pain is usually in teh big toe. The uric acid crystalizes and gets stuck in various joints especially big toe joint and causes pain and inflammation.

Causes and Symptoms of Gout

An attack of gout is usually accompanied by acute pain in the big toe, which becomes tender, hot, and swollen in a few hours. It may also similarly affect other joints such as the knees and wrists, and sometimes more than one joint may be affected at a time. The attack usually occurs at midnight or in the early hours of the morning when the patient is suddenly awakened. The acute attack generally lasts for a week or so. During this period, the patient may run a slight fever, and feel disinclined to eat. A serious complication of gout is the presence of kidney stones containing uric acid. In some cases the kidneys become damaged and do not function properly.

The chief cause of gout is the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints, skin, and kidneys. Uric acid is an end product of the body's chemical processes. Those affected by gout have a higher level of uric acid in the blood than the normal, due either to formation of increased amounts or reduced amounts of acid being passed out by the kidneys in the urine. This uric acid usually remains dissolved in the blood. But when the blood becomes too full of it, the uric acid forms needle-shaped crystals in the joints which bring about attacks of gout Other causes of this disease are heredity, alcoholic drinks, regular eating of foods rich in protein and carbohydrate, lack of proper exercise, and stress. The best treatment for gout is avoiding the cause and using the herbal supplements for a few days to correct the uric acid metabolism.

Herbal Remedy for Gout

Ayurveda has described this illness in ancient texts as well. The disease is called "Vat rakta" in ancient Sanskrit language. Usually Vat-rakta means imbalance of Air element and accumulation of toxins in the "Rakta" (Blood).

The toxins here can be understood as uric acid. The best treatment of Gout therefore consists of restoring the balance of Vata(Air element) and detoxifying the blood. High protein diet should be avoided in cases of increased uric acid.

Navkarshik Churna - Best Treatment for Gout

Navkarshik Churna is a classical Ayurvedic formulation dating back to 1100 AD. A famous formulation from “Chakradatt Samhita” particularly recommended in Gouty arthritis. Especially when the uric acid is very high and the toe joint is very much involved. It is also effective in other type of arthritis as it relieves “Vata” and removes the toxins from within the body. These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in swollen, painful joints. It contains Triphala which removes toxins from the body and useful in every other disease. Neem, Katuki, Manjistha purifies the blood and corrects the metabolism of “Pitta” and heat regulation in our body. Giloy is immunomodulator and improves immunity whereas Daruhaldi acts as an anti inflammatory herb.

Herbs in Navkarshik Churna

Navkarshik Churna is purely a herbal formulation without any chemicals added into it. The ingredients are frequently used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 5,000 B.C. without any side effects.

Ingredients in Navkarshik Churna

S. No. Herb Used English Name Latin Name Quantity
1. Amla Indian Gooseberry Emblica officinalis 22.22 gm
2 Haritaki Chebulic Myrobalan Terminalia chebula 22.22 gm
3. Bahera Belleric Myrobalan Terminalia bellerica 22.22 gm
4. Vacha Sweet Flag Acorus calamus 22.22 gm
5. Neem Margosa Tree Azadirachta indica 22.22 gm
6. Manjistha Indian Madder Rubia cordifolia 22.22 gm
7. Katuki Picrorrhiza Picrorrhiza kurrao 22.22 gm
8. Giloy Tinospora Tinospora cordifolia 22.22 gm
9. Daruhaldi Barberry Berberis aristata 22.22 gm

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Herbal Remedies for Gout

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Gout Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of gout (high uric acid). These herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. Our products are 100 % natural, purely herbal, without any chemicals or synthetic preservatives. The natural treatment for gout gives results within 5-7 days and helps a lot in Gout.


  1. Giloy Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily, after meals, with warm water.
  2. Kaishore Guggul - 2 tablets twice daily, after meals, with warm water.
  3. Navkarshik Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with warm water.
  4. Punarnava Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily, after meals, with warm water.

Home Remedies for Gout

1. Cherries - Effective Home Remedy for Gout

The cherry, sweet or sour, is considered an effective home remedy for gout. Himself a gout sufferer, Our doctors found the use of cherries to be miraculously effective in his own case, and he published his own experience in a medical journal. Subsequently many people with gout used this simple therapy with great success. To start with, the patient should consume about fifteen to twenty five cherries a day. Thereafter, about ten cherries a day will keep the ailment under control. While fresh cherries are best., canned cherries can also be used with success.

2. Vegetable Juices - Excellent Home Remedy for Gout

Raw vegetable juices are protective against gout Carrot juice, in combination with the juices of beet and cucumber, is especially valuable. Beet juice - 100 ml and cucumber juice - 100 ml should be mixed with 300 ml of carrot juice to make 500 ml of combined juice and taken daily.

3. French Beans - Best Natural Remedy for Gout

The juice of French or string beans has also proved effective in the treatment of gout About 150 ml of this juice should be taken daily by the patient suffering from this disease.

4. Apple - Excellent Natural Medicine for Gout

Apples are regarded as an excellent medicine for gout The malic acid contained in them is believed to neutralise the uric acid and afford relief to the sufferers. The patient is advised to take one apple after each meal.

5. Banana - Effective in Gout

Bananas have been found beneficial in the treatment of gout A diet of bananas only for three ot four days is advised. A patient can take eight or nine bananas daily during this period and nothing else.

6. Lime - Good Home Remedy for Gout

Lime is also used as a remedy in gout vitamin C is known to prevent and care sore joints by strengthening the connective tissues of the body. The citric acid found in lime is a solvent of the uric acid which is the primary cause of this disease. The juice of half a lime, squeezed into a glass of water, should be taken twice daily.

Diet in Gout and High Uric Acid

For an acute attack, there is no better remedy than a fast of orange juice and water. In severe cases, it is advisable to undertake a series of short fasts for three days or so rather than one long fast. After the acute symptoms subside, the patient may adopt an all fruit diet for another three or four days. Thereafter, he may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of natural foods, with emphasis on fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and sprouts. The patient should avoid all purine and uric acid-producing foods such as all meats, eggs, and fish; tea, coffee, sugar, white flour and its products; and all canned, processed, and fried foods. The herbs like Navkarshik Churna, Kishore guggul, Punarnava Capsules should be taken to get quick relief from joint pains, inflammation and high uric acid.

Other Measures to Treat Gout

A warm-water enema should be used daily during the period of fasting to cleanse the bowels. Epsom salts foot baths are advised twice daily. About 250 gm – 500 gm of these salts may be added to tolerably hot water for this purpose. Full Epsom salts baths should also be taken three times a week. The baths may be reduced to two per week later. Cold packs, applied to the affected joints at night, will be beneficial. Fresh air and outdoor exercise are also essential. The patient should eliminate as much stress from his life as possible.

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