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What are the Health Benefits and Uses of Bhallataka (Semecarpus Anacardium)?

Bhallataka, Semecarpus Anacardium

Semecarpus anacardium is a herb of the Indian origin that is found in the outer Himalayas. In Hindi it is called Bhallatak. Cashew is co-related to this tree. This tree sheds its leaves every year. Just like cashew, its fruit forms in 2 parts, a reddish orange fruit and a black drupe that breaks out at the very end. The red fruit is edible and sweet when it is ripe, whereas the black one is toxic and gives an acute reaction, whether we eat it or it comes in contact with our skin. Its seed that is present inside is known as godambi, can become edible if prepared in a proper manner.

Health Benefits of Semecarpus Anacardium

Basically semecarpus anacardium has many healthy benefits. Usually it was used as a marker for clothes as it used to leave a permanent mark that couldn't be erased by anything, even after washing them. Recently it is used to prepare a remedy that enhances the sexual power of men. It improves the quantity & quality of the sperm count. It is also used to heal digestive system's troubles after balancing the Kapha dosha of the body. It is believed to erase Kapha dosha from the body. It is mostly used to erase skin blemishes and eradicate piles. The pulp of reddish orange fruit should be dried during the day by keeping it in the sunlight. When it semi-dries, it can be eaten. If it is eaten in immense numbers, it can create abortion in the females. But still it is considered good for female reproductive system.This tree benefits a lot in medicinal fields and helps in healing many diseases.

Semecarpus anacardium has earned a vital role in medicinal herbs that help in treating many diseases. A large number of herbal preparations are done by this tree. Its various parts are usually used to prepare different medicines in Ayurvedic premises, by and large is used to cure alimentary tract and some dermatological conditions. It has a great impact on the diseases related to blood pressure, heart, cancer, respiration and neurological disorders. Its impact is so strong that it is visible clearly.

The seeds that are present in it are called 'Godambi' in Hindi and is consumed as a dry fruit, with the shape of a heart, in India. Usually Godambi is eaten in winters only, as it makes you shiver less, because it has a hot nature and commonly was used as a birth control fruit by the ladies of India. Before you proceed using it, better get it purified from a professional.

Purification of Semecarpus Anacardium

For purification of Semecarpus anacardium can be done as follows :

Put its seeds in water, the seeds that sink in the water are taken and the ones that keep floating on the surface are discarded. Then cut the sunk seed into 2 equal pieces and put them under a heap of dry brick powder for some time. The dry brick powder soaks the strong pungent oil of Semecarpus anacardium, lowering its pungency, thus it is ready to be used as a medicinal functions.

All Kapha imbalance, constipation does not exist that can't be restored by Semecarpus anacardium once and for all. It also enhances intelligence of your mind and improves digestion that makes you physically attractive.

All the veins around the anus area are strengthened by Semecarpus anacardium.

In Atherosclerosis basically it is a medical condition that causes imbalance between pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidant therapy snubs such conditions from building up. It has certain strong properties that help in fighting off the superoxide and hydroxyl radicals. Lipid per-oxidation causes atherogenesis, semecarpus anacardium has the ability to tackle that too. It helps in absorbing the high level of cholesterol even from the intestines.

It tastes sweet when it ripens and provides many health benefits like it induces purgation, speeds up the healing of wounds that you have incurred yourself, useful in treatment of piles, eradicates fever, proves good for gaseous abdomen, relieves bloating and can be used to balance Kapha and Vata doshas.

But better be aware, in-spite of its medicinal benefits it does have something that is harmful for we humans, if it is not purified it can turn poisonous for human beings. The oil that is extracted from its seeds is so harsh that it can cause blisters and hurting wounds that ooze out pain.

With so many health benefits of Semecarpus anacardium that earns its value, but it will be better if you seek the advice of a doctor before you proceed to judge its benefits by practically consuming it. A doctor can advise you how to take it and in what dosage it has to be taken.

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