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What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Common Rue (Ruta Graveolens)?

Common Rue, Ruta graveolens

What is Common Rue (Ruta Graveolens)?

Common rue is also known as Ruta graveolens. It is natively found in the Balkans Peninsula. Usually, it is grown in gardens and is enriched with medicinal qualities. In ancient times it was a famous plant and was used widely for various purposes but gradually due to its bitter taste and toxicity its usage decreased. This plant is grown worldwide and have a great tolerance towards dry and hot climatic conditions.

General Description of Common Rue

It is an evergreen herb which grows around 0.5 m in height. Common rue is called evergreen herb because it is in leaf throughout the year. This shrub flowers from the month of June to September and from August to October its seeds get ripen. This species of shrub has both male and female organs. This shrub can grow well in any soil conditions like well-drained soil or nutritionally poor soil. Semi-shade or no shade it grows well in all conditions. It can even tolerate drought.

Which are the Habitats of Common Rue?

Dappled shade, old walls and dry hills, woodland garden sunny edge, rocks, cultivated beds, and ground covers.

What are the Chemical Constituents of Common Rue?

It consists of an alkaloid extract like acridone and quinoline which shows spasmolytic action.

What is the Botanical name of Common Rue?

Ruta graveolens is the botanical name of this herb.

What are the Common Name used for Common Rue?

Commonly it is known as 'herb of grace'.

How can be Common Rue Scientifically Classified?

  • Kingdom - Plantae
  • Divison - Angiosperms
  • Class - Eudicots
  • Order - Sapindales
  • Family - Rutaceae
  • Genus - Ruta
  • Species - R.graveolens

What are the Medicinal Properties of Common Rue?

This herb is enriched with medicinal properties like anthelmintic, antiepileptic, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, rubefacient, abortifacient, antidote, haemostatic, antidiarrheal, ophthalmic, stomachic and anti-inflammatory.

What are the Medicinal Uses of Common Rue?

This herb is used widely for various purposes. Some of them are listed below:

  • It possesses antifungal properties which help to treat fungal infections of the skin like athlete's foot and dermatitis. As it can be toxic in large doses so it is rarely applied directly on the skin but in severe cases like athlete's foot it can be used directly. Common Rue's application can provide instant relief from itching on the skin.
  • This herb helps to clear the complexion of the skin and eliminates free radicals from the skin which is the cause of skin's premature aging. It keeps skin younger looking and healthy.
  • Oil of Common rue is used for therapeutic facial steams in spas.
  • It also acts as an insecticide so its oil or extract is usually used to get rid of lice in the hair. Using it regularly helps to keep lice away and relieves itching.
  • Damaged hair is treated in spas with Common Rue's oil which makes them healthy and shiny.
  • Epilepsy and hysteria can be treated with the help of this herb due to its sedative and antiepileptic property.
  • It consists of the neurotoxin which helps in relaxing and desensitizing nerves.
  • As it is filled with insecticide and pesticide property it drives away the insects and pests and helps to prevent diseases which are caused due to them. For this purpose, it can be used as a fumigant, vaporizer or insect sticks.
  • Antibacterial action of Common Rue helps in killing bacteria and can treat various bacterial infections like an infection of colon and intestine and urinary tract infection. Food poisoning by bacteria called Salmonella can be prevented and treated by its use.
  • Menstrual cramp, muscle pain, and anxiety can be effectively treated by this herb.
  • Inflammation and pain due to arthritis can be treated very well with this herb. It relieves pain in muscles and joints.
  • It effectively antidotes the position, specifically neurotoxin.
  • In Homoeopathic system of medicine Ruta Graveolens (Common Rue) in potentized form is used as a first aid remedy. Ruta treats sprain and strains, injuries to tissues overlying the bone, periosteum, tendons, and cartilage, efficiently. It is prolonged use can even cure ganglion.

What can be the Sde-Effects of Common Rue?

Side effects of Common Rue can range from mild to serious. Usually, Common Rue is dangerous and poisonous and should not be ingested directly. But if taken under the guidance of registered medical practitioner it can treat many health ailments.

Some Mild Side-Effects are:

  • Photosensitivity i.e. increased sensitivity to light of the sun.
  • Rashes on skin
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Stomach irritation
  • Spasms
  • Sleeplessness
  • Some major and serious side-effects can be:
  • This herb can cause adverse effects on kidneys and liver. So the person having any of these two problems should not use it.
  • It can worsen the condition of inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, ulcer or any other stomach or intestinal problem.
  • In pregnant women can lead to miscarriage due to its abortifacient action. So it should be avoided.

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