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Diet Chart For ITP Patients

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

I have made one video of ITP in which I discussed what the reasons of ITP occurrence are and how can we treat it in Ayurveda and I have found very good results through Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic herbs. So you will watch that video too that how can get rid of ITP. But here I want to tell you what diet regime you should follow in ITP. In Ayurveda, it is told that we should not take diet which increase pitta and also produce and increase heat in the body. For example, don't take alcohol, spicy food items or red chilies, green chilies. These increase pitta in the body, don't eat packed food items, don't eat outside. Eat simple food and use all natural items and food products. Avoid aml rasa (sour food) like lemon, orange, Mosambi. These fruits cause fermentation in stomach, which increases pitta in the body. The vipaka of amla rasa is katu (pungent) as it increases pitta in the body and vitiates Rakta and cause Rakta pitta diseases which are called ITP. Take less salt, pungent food items.

Here I have made some chart through which I want to tell that take steamed vegetables as part of your diet. In it you can take potato, pumpkin, bottle gourd, Indian gourd, turnip, okra, radish, carrot. Take all these vegetables by steaming them. Take one plate (Plate A) and take all these mentioned vegetables in it. Another thing you can take leaves. Take one plate and add some leaves in it like coriander leaves, spinach leaves, and broccoli, and fenugreek leaves, beet grass leaves, Spirulina. Then take fruits like apple, pear, papaya, pomegranate, wood apple or bael fruit. All these reduce pitta. I don't recommend dates and grapes that much. But one can have grapes in small quantity. Banana is also good. In salad, carrot, beetroot are good some people say carrots are not good but my experience says that carrots have very good benefits along with beetroot. Also cucumber is very good. Coconut water is another very beneficial thing you can add. It is a god made mineral water and has one cup coconut water daily in morning and evening. Here I have categorized the juice in two categories 1. Green juice 2. Red juice.

1. Green juice: coriander leaves 10-12, mint leaves (pudina) leaves 4-5, spinach, tulsi (basil), wheat grass, and drubha and seesam leaves. Take these leaves and make green juice. If you are not able to find 2-3 items still make it, it will work. Other than this, Spirulina, Moringa (shigru), green essential capsules are also there which you can add to this green juice by emptying the capsules. Take this green juice not more than 20 ml daily once.

2. Red juice: In it, beet root, apple, pomegranate because they are red in color. So I made it simple to remember by differentiating in red and green juices. Take green juice in the morning and red in the evening. You can add Indian gooseberry to it also. Although it is sour, but it has vipak madhur (sweet) i.e. end result is sweet. So it pacifies pitta and you can take its juice in small quantity too. Also add marigold leaves, rose leaves and also lotus flower can be taken as it has a very good coolant effect and also known as arvind by another name. You can have arvind asav too.

Other than these, take herbal tea if anyone wants to have. Also make decoction of coriander leaves, Saunf and pomegranate leaves which is also beneficial as herbal tea. Sprouts have good effect and green lentils, bengal grams and moong daal can be taken as sprouts. Pumpkin juice is also very beneficial in ITP. It acts as a coolant. Milk is not recommended in it, some people say goat milk is good in ITP but still I will not recommend it. Don't take milk of any type, also avoid butter, cheese, and butter milk too. Kichadi made of rice is good, cow ghee can be taken in ITP. Chapatti, daal, and vegetables are good. Avoid those pulses which are heavy to digest. Moong daal is very good in ITP.

Now here I have mentioned plate C-it includes all things which damage our body and its functions. All products like noodles, pasta, packed foods, fried foods, burgers, pizza like KFC, Mc donalds. Avoid all these as they destroy our body's internal system. Avoid biscuit too, as it is dead food item and all other food items which we find in the market over shelves. Avoid spicy food too. Avoid these types of food items. It'll help in ITP as Pitta will remain balanced and with Ayurvedic medicines like pitta balance, Spirulina, giloy (Guduchi), drubha swarasa, ashwagandha, Gandhak rasayana, Amalakirasayana, papaya leaves swarasa, G plat capsules. So I recommend all these medicines which will surely increase platelet counts in ITP.

Thank you very much.

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