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Planet Ayurveda in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Planet Ayurveda in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The seven Arab states of the Persian Gulf comprises the states which border's the Persian Gulf, namely Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab States (UAE). They are called Gulf countries because they are situated on the Persian Gulf.

The UAE has close relations with India in the field of business, culture, and knowledge since time immemorial.

Due to huge emigrant population in Gulf countries, there is an increase in both population and health care needs of the people in the Gulf countries. The region is faced with many diseases that include both communicable and non-communicable diseases, mental health issues and accidental injuries.

The aim of Planet Ayurveda is to spread awareness and health benefits of the beautiful science of Ayurveda as India has a rich heritage of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, the treatment is done with the help of herbs as well as herbal medicines.

Despite of all the comforts that modern technology has given us over the years, our lives have become more competitive and complex. Due to this, diseases are now frequenting at an early age due to stress and lifestyle changes.

Diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, liver disorders etc. lead to the loss of innumerable lives and have become a cause of concern all over the world.

Ayurveda is known as "science of life" which stresses the importance of diet, herbs, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes.

Planet Ayurveda has successfully treated a number of people suffering from acute and chronic disorders which ultimately has increased the awareness and importance of Ayurveda worldwide. People from all over the world have benefitted by taking the treatment from Planet Ayurveda and want to be the part of Planet Ayurveda to join the mission and dream of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD of Planet Ayurveda) to spread Ayurveda throughout the world.

People in Gulf countries as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh, can contact Mr. Varun Chauhan who is in UAE for the purchase of Planet Ayurveda's products. He understands the needs of patients and helps them by providing pure herbal medicines of Planet Ayurveda. He is working as an authentic distributor of Planet Ayurveda.

  • Dr. Vikram Chauhan, MD (Ayurveda) is the founder and CEO of Planet Ayurveda who is promoting and sharing the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda.
  • With the growing rise in the demand for natural supplements, it is becoming difficult for people throughout the world to choose the right herbal supplements for them.
  • Planet Ayurveda is a trusted name in the field of Ayurveda which maintains the quality of all the herbal supplements which are 100% natural, chemical free, effective and do not cause any side effects.
  • These herbal supplements are packed with high hygienic standards and contain the standardized extracts of the herbs.
  • Therefore, Planet Ayurveda's products are absolutely safe and effective for the people of all age groups.

The goal of Ayurveda is to enhance mental and physical health. This powerful system of medicine can undoubtedly bring more life to our lives.

To get the products of Planet Ayurveda in Gulf countries as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh, patients can contact Mr. Varun Chauhan through the below given details.


SM Office 4208 A, 42nd Floor,

Ajman Free Zone, Amberjam Tower (E1 Building),

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road,

Opposite Dubai Islamic Bank,

Ajman - 3787,

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Contact Details

Mr. Varun Chauhan

PHONE NO.: (+971) 547668966

E-MAIL ID : planetayurveda.uae@gmail.com

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