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Enlarged Prostate Gland Ayurvedic Treatment

Enlarged Prostate Gland

The prostate is a gland, which is situated beneath the bladder and wrapped entirely around the urethra. This gland plays a major role in urination and sex.

When an individual starts getting mature, the prostate gland undergoes two growth periods. In the first stage, the gland becomes almost double its original size. Again, at the age of 25 the gland starts growing. Thus, prostate enlargement can be said as a part of aging. It happens to every man with the growing age. It is also known as Benign Prostatic hypertrophy.

Major Causes of Prostate Enlargement

50 to 60 percent men are suffering from this disorder.

Some of the common causes, which lead to BPH are enlisted below:-

  • The prostate gland is positioned in such a way that is responsible for congestion as well as other disorders. When the body is in the erect position, lot of pressure falls on the area surrounding the pelvis. With the increasing age, the body becomes heavier and starts losing the flexibility. This leads to immense pressure on the region around the pelvis, further increasing the prostate gland's vulnerability.
  • Sitting at a place for a long time also leads to the risk of enlarged prostate.
  • Exposure to chill and cold may also result in acute prostatitis.
  • BPH may also occur due to continual irritation of the prostate gland, which results due to excess sexual condition.
  • Constipation is also considered as one of the major causes of BPH.

Common Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

  • Frequent urination during night
  • Dribbling even after urination
  • Pain in the anal area after ejaculation
  • Discomfort during urination
  • Reduction in flow of urination
  • Difficulty in the starting of urination
  • Frequent urge for urination
  • Urgency of passing the urine

Planet Ayurveda's Herbal Remedies

The problem of Enlarged Prostate Gland can be taken care of with the ayurvedic medicines of the Planet Ayurveda. Planet ayurveda offers an authentic Prostate Care Pack that includes herbal remedies which help to reduce the levels of PSA and ensure proper treatment.

1. Varunadi Vati

Tablets that are made from the bark of Varunadi or Crataeva nurvala are widely recommended for curing prostate enlargement.

Dose: 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.

2. Kachnaar Guggul

This is a widely preferred ayurvedic remedy used for treating the excessive growth of tissues like enlarged prostate disorder.

Dose: 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.

3. Tribulus Power

Tribulus is a popular herb that is used in order to maintain the flow of urine as well as to control the dribbling and urge for urination. 2 capsules per day are all that you need to intake for the treatment.

Dose: 2 capsules twice daily with warm water.

4. Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit is known for the anti-aging properties as well as the health benefits. This is used to heal the burning sensation in the genio-urinary system as well as disorders like enlarged prostate and kidney stone.

Dose: 1 capsule twice daily with warm water.

5. Prostate Support

Dose: 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.

The remedies by Planet Ayurveda can help to improve the condition of the prostate gland. They can also help in maintaining clear urinary tract through proper flushing of the system. At the same time, they can support steady urination flow and healthy immune system. These remedies can also maintain the pH level of the urinary tract and the bladder as well.

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Home Remedies

1. Vegetable Juices:

Juices are highly beneficial for victims of BPH. Spinach and carrot juices are highly recommended.

2. Foods Rich in Zinc:

Zinc is beneficial for patients with BPH. 30 milligrams of zinc should be included in the diet everyday during the treatment.

3. Pumpkin Seeds:

These seeds are known to be an effective home remedy for patients suffering from BPH. Patients suffering from this disorder should intake 90 grams of seeds per day.

4. Vitamin E:

Foods enriched in Vitamin E are widely preferred for patients suffering from this problem. It includes sprouted seeds, eggs, leafy vegetables etc.

5. Water Intake:

BPH patients should follow a special diet which includes only water. Lemon juice can be added to the water. A well balanced diet should also be emphasized upon.

6. Curcumin:

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and these capsules are prepared from the extracts of turmeric roots.

Precautionary Measures

  • Avoid excessive sexual excitement
  • Avoid any irregularities in drinking and eating
  • Do not sit for long hours at a stretch
  • Avoid doing vigorous exercises

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