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Ayurvedic Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is a major health concern which many men feel embarrased to talk about even to their doctors sometimes. Many men don't know what do to about this problem and don't even search for care of erectile dysfunction probelm. Yes, there is definitely a natural care to erectile dysfunction problem but first of all you have to understand the natural mechanism behind erection and how erection takes place ?

How Erection Takes Place ? What is the Physiology of Erection ?

The natural structure of penis consists of 2 msucular spongy tissues called Corpus cavernosa. These 2 chambers are tightly packed by the spongy tissue. These are highly vascular compartments full of blood supply when the penis is hard. There’s a smaller chamber underneath them known as the corpus spongiosum that surrounds the channel for urine and ejaculate called urethra.The erection occurs after a visual or physical sexual stimuli sends signal to brain then the local nerves relax the muscles of the corpora cavernosa and then the blood flows in and fill up the spaces causing the penis to enlarge and then it is likely for men to sustain an erection. The erection is maintained untill there is ejaculation.

What is the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction ?

As you know when Erectile dysfunction can be treated if we know the cause and physiology of erection. Any nerve damage around groin, mental agony, stress, neuropathy caused by diabetes etc. are main reasons. Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by many reasons which are to be addressed separately. Mostly it is caused by health conditions like Stress, Anxiety, Diabetes mellitus, blood pressure, nervous weakness.  Other known causes are smoking, overweight, certain medicines and psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, guilt, despair and fear of sexual failure. The erectile dysfunction care lies in known the cause. Usually the herbs which provide strength to the nerves, increase stamina and rich in natural anti-oxidants are good for erectile dysfunction. There are mnay herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction which can actuall care it permanently.

Herbal Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Tribulus Power Pack for ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction. We provides 100 percent pure and natural products. All of them are free from side effects and are safe to use. And they are formulated by MD Ayurveda doctors. All of the medicines from the house are made without the addition of chemicals or additives or preservatives in it.


  1. Atirasadi Churna: 1 teaspoonful twice daily with plain water or milk, 1/2 hr. after meals
  2. Tribulus Power: 2 capsules twice daily with plain water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  3. Chandraprabha Vati: 2 tablets twice daily, with plain water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  4. Shilajit Capsules: 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  5. Tri-bull Oil: As per instructions on the packaging. Once every alternate day.

The combo pack contains effective herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, preamture ejaculation, low sperm count. The pack contains Tribulus Vegi caps and herbal blend called Atirasadi Churna, which is a mixture of rare and effective herbs for sexual weakness. The combination also helps in infertility and fatigue, general weakness along with the sexual wekaness.

Why use chemical products when there are safe, all natural and effective herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction are available ? These herbal remedies contain time tested herbs like Tribulus terrestris, Indian Ginseng - Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musli, Black Musli, Asparagus, Akarkara, Vidarikand, Varahi Kand, Safed Behmen, Jaiphal, Javitri, taalmakhana, Kesar.

  • Herbal Treatment for Erectile dysfunction
  • Raises Sexual Energy Levels
  • Helps acheive full and harder erection for longer duration
  • Promotes Stamina, Strength, Vigor and Vitality
  • Improves Sperm Count , Semen Color and Quality
  • Promotes Health
  • Works as best natural Anti-Ageing for men
  • Increases Sex Drive and helps in Loss of libido
  • Effective natural remedy for impotence, fatigue, sex desire

Useful In

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Sex Desire
  • Low Stamina, Low Energy, Fatigue
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Low Sperm Volume
  • Short Lasting Erections

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Unable to achieve or maintain an erection adequate enough for normal sexual intercourse is called impotence. Impotence can be very damaging in relationships. It deases confidence and morale of the person and also affects life not only in sexual matters but also in many ways. Inability to perform in bed can give birth to a lot of complexes in one's mind. Tribulus Power helps acheive full and harder erection for longer duration of time. Relieves stress and anxiety. It is nature's best remedy to treat impotence naturally.

Natural Penis Enlargement

"The bigger- the better" is not at all a false statement. More and more research has shown that a larger penis does give more pleasure to a woman especially the girth of the penis. A man with a large penis has the confidence that he can satisfy any woman and after all making love for the man is all about confidence. Tribulus Power helps to improve circulation to the penis and increases the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. The theory behind this is that if the erectile tissue can be encouraged to hold a greater volume of blood than it could otherwise naturally accommodate, then this will in turn result in a larger penis size both when erect and flaccid. The massage oil and the massage cream also help in increasing the size of penis.

Loss Of Seminal Fluid

The involuntary loss of the seminal fluid is extremely debilitating in some cases; in others they may be more alarming than injurious, and detrimental chiefly through their mental effect upon the victim. Loss of seminal fluid is so common among young men. The primary cause of too many seminal loss is mainly the stimulating influence of our artificial civilized life and excessive access to porn material. The mind is indulged in such acts and the most common cause in nine cases out of ten is undoubtedly masturbation.

According to Ayurveda- Masturbation is an unnatural act and should not be done. 'Shukra- the semen must be kept preserved at any cost. As this is the elixir male strength. Ayurveda explains that male looses it's strength, if he looses his semen.Through this habit of masturbation the secretions become a continuous process, thus affecting the overall health of a person. The habit of self abuse ( Masturbation) causes the weakness of male organs involved in sexual activity. Excessive masturbation forces the body to make the semen immediately as the accumulated semen is being wasted through masturbation. The body utilizes its whole energy again to make precious semen and this rapidly accumulating secretion naturally finds and outlet through these emissions, at various intervals due to weakness of genital organs.


Low sperm count is a reason for Male infertilitymany times. A large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities. Ashwagandha and Shiljajit present in Tribulus Power improve the sperm count as well as quality of the sperms including their movement as well as shape.

More About Tribulus Power for Male Sex Health

Therefore, it is very important for you to find a solution that will act as Natural Male Enchancement Products and increases sexual performance. The products in this pack are not like those chemical treatments that produce potentially dangerous side effects, This package is safe and all natural. It is a natural sexual enhancement product that contain all natural herbs for sex in a synergized comprehensive formula.A lot of research shows that the products containing Indian Ginseng have an edge over others.

It is specially formulated for men and contain all natural herbs, vitamins and other nutrients to stimulate sexual activity, care erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation as well as promote overall health and well-being.

We do not want you to consume potentially dangerous chemicals which are going to harm your body, which could have dangerous short term as well as long term side effects. This pack is your all natural alternative to those chemical pills that is guaranteed to put the spark back in your sex life safely without causing any side effects. There is no doubt in calling it a natural alternative to viagra or herbal viagra.

We regularly get repeat orders from our customers, who are consuming our Male Enchancement Products. This pack is very effective with a very high success rate. It is not only popular among young, but also among aged people who suffer from infertility, erectile dysfunction due to diabetes or anyother reason, premature ejaculation, fear, anxiety, stress, fatigue, inability to perform and lack of confidence. These herbal remedies do not cause any blood pressure or any untoward side effects.

To buy Tribulus Power Pack, please visit

Our customers are very much satisfied with the results. In fact, it has been sold to thousands of customers in virtually every country around the world!!

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