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Garcinia capsules which are made up from the fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia extract are useful in all forms of obesity and excessive weight because of any reasons. The reason can be excess calorie intake, sedentary life style or any other disease. Garcinia cambogia helps in most of the cases by buring fats quickly leading to quick weight loss. There are no side effects reported. Our Garcinia Product is purely natural, comes in Vegetarian capsules and does not contain any chemicals or synthetic agents.

Garcinia cambogia is a tree that grows wild in South India. It is also popular as Malabar Tamarind.The fruit rind contains herbal ingredients which are responsible for fast weight loss and inch loss. Regular use of Garcinia capsules brings the excessive weight under control. Slight restriction or modification of diet is also required as it is required with any other medication, but still Garcinia helps a lot in loosing weight quickly, in a very natural way. 

Garcinia cambogia extract capsules can be used by anyone interested to loose weight fast and quick enough without any problems. 2 capsules twice daily can be used with plain water to see the results within 10 days of its use.

Regular use of Garcinia capsules brings the excessive weight under control. Slight restriction or modification of diet is also required as it is required with any other medication, but still Garcinia helps a lot in loosing weight, in a very natural way.


S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1. Garcinia Garcinia cambogia 500 mg


1-2 capsules twice daily, with plain water after meals.

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Garcinia is a fruit that has an enormous power to fight fats. Appetite suppressing synthetic drugs can be dangerous. But HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), being totally natural, contains a natural appetite suppressant. It is a tropical fruit, is working wonders in the weight loss game.

HCA comes from the rind of a small tropical fruit, Garcinia cambogia, one of the citrus family. The rind has been used for centuries to as a spice in Indian cooking. Ayurveda recommends using this herb as a natural weight loss remedy.

HCA is being hailed as a star performer on the weight loss front. There are a lot of studies being done on this herb, in modern times. One recent study shows that 22 people lost an average of 12 lb each by taking HCA in eight weeks. Consumption of Garcinia as a weight loss supplement does not cause any side effects as it is purely a nautral product.

HCA is not a stimulant or appetite curbing drug. Many drugs contain contain powerful chemicals that act directly on the brain and switch off appetite - but with risks of severe side effects.

Whereas HCA - found by researchers to be non-toxic, acts indirectly and helps loosing weight in a very natural way.  It both satifies the body's demands for energy and causes the liver to signal to the brain when enough food has been taken.

While decreasing appetite, HCA discourages the fat storage and encourages calorie burning. The result is more energy and less bulk, and while HCA accelerates the breakdown and dispersal of fat already laid down, it also reduces excess cholesterol. HCA works best combined with chromium, an essential mineral which helps the body to control its blood sugar effectively - cutting sweet cravings.


Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Thinner You Pack for natural treatment of obesity. These herbal remedies are very useful for weight loss. We provides only 100% pure and natural products which are safe to use. All the products are free from chemicals and side effects.


  1. Guggul Capsules: 1 capsule twice daily
  2. Stholyantak Churna: 1 tablespoonful twice daliy. Can be consumed by mixing in water
  3. Trim Support: 1 capsule twice daily with plain water
  4. Garcinia Capsules: 2 capsules twice daily

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