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  • What is Back Acne?

    Back acne is a skin condition that affects the back of the individual. This skin condition affects the pores which have hair follicles and sebaceous glands or oil glands. This oil is called sebum and flows up to the skin surface. So these pores are formed when the oil, dead skin cells, and debris trapped in the pore, and also this clogged pore can also trap bacteria and causes inflammation.

  • What Causes of Back Acne?

    These are caused by excess sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells that is build up in the pores and causing redness, inflammation, and pain.

  • Should We Squeeze Back Acne and What Happens if We Squeeze Back Acne?

    No, we don’t have to squeeze back acne. This is because when we squeeze these back acne we are putting ourselves at risk of scar (left with a black scar) and infection. Also when we do this we are interfering with the normal skin healing mechanism. Moreover squeezing acne won’t give rid of the problem.

  • How Should Readers Shop For Back Acne Products?

    When you search something for back acne products, just make sure that you have to read the reviews of the product and also what kind of brand is offering that product. If the review rating is good then you have to go for it.

  • What Are The Best Ingredients for Treating Back Acne?

    Neem (Azadirachta indica)

    Gandhak (Purified Sulphur)

    Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia)

    Ghrit Kumari (Aloe barbadensis)

    Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

  • What Are The Best Ingredients for Treating Back Acne?

    These ingredients have blood purification properties. All skin diseases are caused due to vitiated blood. These ingredients are also maintaining the moisturized skin and remove dead skin cells. Also above mentioned ingredients are effective against infections as they clear off the infectious lesions present on the skin.

  • Tell Us About Your Favorite Acne Body Washes And Products?

    I would like to suggest some safe and herbal products for back acne. Please have a look at it:

    1. Neem Capsules

    2. Gleaming Skin Hair Nails Formula

    3. Gandhak Rasayan

    4. Manjishtha Capsules

    5. Nirgundi Oil

    6. Tea Tree-Aloe vera premium handmade bathing bar

    7. Aloe vera scrub oil control

    These above-mentioned products of Planet Ayurveda are safe and very effective against Acne. I personally used these products and got very good results.

  • How to Prevent Back Acne From Happening Again in The Future?

    Use the following tips for prevention:

    1. Showering after sweating

    2. Use gentle cleansers applied with the fingertips

    3. Avoid unbranded products that irritate your skin

    4. Never squeeze the acne

    5. Avoid overexposure to the sun

    6. Moisturize your skin

    7. Stay hydrated

    8. Avoid eating junk food and highly oily foodstuffs

    9. Live stress-free as much as you can

  • The Myths and Misconceptions on Back Acne!

    Some myths are:

    1. Some thought that excess heat in the body causes acne

    2. Toothpaste can get rid of acne

    3. Acne will clear if you wash your skin again and again in a single day

    4. Clothing can interfere with acne

    5. Some people think that Acne occurs only in puberty

  • How Yoga Exercises & Movement Can Help Control Mood Swings?

    Hatha Yoga is based on the principle that the position or configuration of your physical body has a profound impact on your mind. That is why so many yogis make use of mudras almost all the time. It gives them control of their mind.

    You can also use some hatha yoga poses that can instantly lighten up your mood and kick off not only a bad mood but lethargy and low energy.

    1. Crocodile Pose: lie on your stomach and lift the upper torso, supporting your face with both hands. Bend the legs at the knees. Yes! This is actually a yoga pose, and according to experts, it stimulates the energy flow in the central chakra of the body which upon receiving due blood circulation, instantly boosts your enthusiasm.

    2. Playful Fish Pose: lie on your stomach and bend one knee, bringing it close to the chest. Tilt the body towards the bent knee and support the head with both hands. This pose too awakens the central energy chakra and not only lifts your mood but also promotes cerebral balance.

  • Best Healthiest Fruits And Vegetables in Season in Fall?

    Yellow Summer Squash is harvested in late August and is an essential source of micro and macro essential nutrients.The vegetable is high in vitamins A, B6, and C, folate, Fibre, magnesium and manganese too. It is the rich source of manganese which is really very important for the human body. Summer squash helps in boosting bone strength and also prevents muscle fatigue. It basically has a strengthening effect on the body.

    Corn is rich in vitamin A, b and E. It is a rich source of fibres and is really good for digestive problems. It prevents constipation by adding a good amount of fibre in the digestive tract. It tastes delicious and can be used on a regular basis.

    Green apples are the best fruits generally available in the fall season as they are rich in fibre, avoid constipation, have a good impact on the heart, have a good impact on lungs, aids digestion and works really well for enhancing immunity.

    It is very important to store freshly harvested apples at room temperature rather than storing them in refrigerators.

    Make sure they are juicy and have a light green appearance while you are purchasing them.

  • Why Eating Food In-Season is The Ideal For Your Health And Taste of Food?

    Food available during a season, it can be  a vegetable or a fruit which are having much more nutrition during their harvest season rather than having them untimely. During harvest season the food articles are rich in taste as well as in nutrition.

  • What Skincare Products Do You Recommend Men Use in Their Teens & 20's? How About 30's & 40's?

    Anyone can use following herbal products for skincare in their 20's and also in 30's to 40's:

    1. Aloe vera scrub oil control face wash

    2. Anti-aging face serum

    3. Angel eye vitale

    4. Cleopatra anti-aging body butter

    5. Cucumber toner

  • How Often Planet Ayurveda Products Should Be Used?

    These products can be used on a daily basis.

  • The Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

    CBD or Cannabidiol is an oil extract Obtained from Cannabis sativa.

    Use of this oil can not be significantly done to treat or manage hypertension. 

    Though many studies show that it is effective and can be used in hypertensive patients and their blood pressure decreases while at rest, still  there is no exact proof because initially it does raise the blood pressure for a short while according to its characteristic feature then reduces it.

  • How To Sleep With Pain?

    Sleep and chronic pain are for sure  connected.

    Reason being, pain stimulates nerve end receptors which provide us with the sensation of  being in a discomforting situation. Human nature works parallel with this, the cycle starts with pain, resulting in stress, insomnia and finally aggravation of symptoms.

    Psychological strategies for inducing sleep are meditation, stress busting techniques like listening to your favorite music etc. so as to calm your mind and mood. It also helps in distracting your mind  from a particular subject "Pain"

    Physical  strategies  include Pranayama  and life style modifications basically start with dietary changes. For example in patients of arthritis they can introduce dietary changes like avoid having yogurt, pickle, raw radish and other sour things as they usually cause aggravation of pain.

  • What Are Blood Thinners?

    Blood thinners are medicines that help blood flow smoothly in the arteries and veins. These blood clots are also helpful in keeping blood clots from forming or getting bigger. These are also known as anticoagulants.

  • Do I Need A Prescription For Blood Thinners?

    It’s better to take blood thinners with the advice of a doctor. So basically it is necessary to use blood thinners after a doctor prescription.

  • How Do Blood Thinners Work?

    They act indirectly by interfering with the synthesis of Vit K-dependent clotting factors in the liver. Vit K is used as a coagulant. So these anti-coagulants inhibit the action of Vit K. They reduce the plasma levels of functional clotting factors in a dose-dependent manner.

  • What Conditions Are Treated With Blood Thinners?

    1. Myocardial infarction

    2. Deep vein thrombosis

    3. Pulmonary embolism

    4. Cerebrovascular disease

    5. Angina

    6. Blood clots

  • What Are Some Popular Blood Thinners?







  • Any Other General Info For Blood Thinners?

    One must use these blood thinners under the advice of a doctor. If someone uses these blood thinner in an inappropriate manner then he/she will suffer from excessive bleeding from external pores of the body such as ecchymosis, epistaxis, hematuria, bleeding in the gut, etc. Thrombocytopenia is another common problem from blood thinners. So it’s better to use these drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

  • How To Successfully Do A Sugar Detox ?

    1. Detoxification from sugar is very easy.You can cut the intake of sugary drinks, juices, energy drinks etc. and can replace them with water intake.

    2. Drink water as much as possible as dehydration might result in cravings. Try having whole fruit instead of fruit juices. Use of artificial sweeteners must be restricted. Avoid stress and trigger factors. Have a proper meal.

    3. The withdrawal of sugar from diet can result in symptoms like irritation, palpitations, recurrent cravings, anxiety and changes in sleep patterns. It will be best if one includes golden milk before bed time, healthy meals along with fruits and vegetables in their lifestyle. Try to exercise as well.

  • Let's Take a Look at Supplements You Should Avoid

    The intake of multivitamins and multi minerals as an alternative to a healthy diet are really harmful. As through diet we only come across the amount of vitamins and minerals our body requires.But external supplementation can result in hypervitaminosis. In such conditions many symptoms can be noticed related to various systems. The top external supplementations which can be harmful are:

    1. Vitamin D : Its excess results in extra calcium absorption and thus cause muscle aches, calcium deposition in kidneys resulting in stones.

    2. Protein Supplements : They put a lot of london kidneys as well as on the liver for their digestion and excretion

    3. Vitamin E : This has omega 3 whose excess can result in digestive disorders.

    4. Calcium : Excess intake causes accumulation in arteries.

    5. Vitamin A : Its excess intake can cause rise in intracranial pressure leading to dizziness, skin irritations and joint pain.

  • The Worst Frozen Foods That A Dietitian Wants You To Avoid?

    The One Frozen Food You Need To Stop Buying Immediately is French fries. It is the most loved snack of the children, young or elderly people. But it has a lot of adverse effects. Have you ever thought about this! No right, because it is very delicious if served with cheese. So being an ayurvedic dietician, I would like to suggest you that Stop taking french fries because it may increase the risk of numerous ailments like Cardiovascular diseases (due to an increase in bad cholesterol), stomach pain, stroke, indigestion, suppresses brain activity as there is storage of lots of trans fat and salt and Weakens the immune system, especially in children.

  • A Guide To Good Treatment For Depression And Trauma

    What can people do in the moment in when they're suffering in pain, aside from seeking immediate help for thoughts of suicide. (Actionable tips would be great.)In the moments of Pain that is the consequence of Depression and Trauma, a sufferor should spend more time with his / her true well-wishers, in which Parents are always on Top, or any other family member with whom he can share everything without being judged, or a friend or partner. Sometimes, more options can als be better especially for those, who can't see any person around them to share their thoughts, that's on Social media. Be a writer of your thoughts and let your heart out with a name or anonymously that's your choice. Watch some positive and inspiring videos. No doubt, on your written post, you will receive many positive and negative comments as well, for that control your mind and emotions only to see the positive ones and implement them, and ignore the negative ones.

    Now, the question is how to control that overthinking and stress? Best option is to spend time in nature, stay alone with nature for sometime, but don't let yourself feel Lonely. There's a difference. Try a walk in grass. A hot tea or coffee or juice, as per your choice, with nature and soothing music, may be flute instrumental or other.

    Moreover, if possible go to some places where you'll find children or try helping or serving people with love, care and whatever you can. helping someone and reducing their sadness and stress, will surely make you feel better and your sadness and anxiety will automatically reduce.

  • What Are The Best Forms of Therapy For Depression And Trauma?

    Psychotherapy (Solo Counselling & Group Counselling) would also be a great help. Along with that, if it is serious then opt for natural supplements to calm your brain and balance your hormones so that your mood fluctuations can be corrected, you can have a better sleep and good thoughts. Yoga and Meditation therapies will be amazing for such problems.

  • What Else Can People Do in A Moment of Crisis?

    We have provided the best options above, but still there are some things that sometimes become necessary to do, depending upon the cause of Depression. That is Crying Once for All and let your heart feel light, but never cry again and again for the same reason. Take your time and just keep in mind that you have a family to support, friends who love and care for you, and You need yourself, the best creation of God who has to do a lot and have the capability of the same. At these moments of crisis, what requires the most is Internal Motivation rather than External Motivation. So, just don't let your negativity dominate your positivity and you will overcome this.

  • What Are The Most Prominent Benefits of Paprika?

    Healthy Weight : In paprika, there is a presence of capsaicin. This capsaicin has anti-obesity and appetite suppressing properties. This improves the fat metabolism, especially oxidizes the abdominal fat. This also reduces excessive appetite as a part of a healthy diet. hence very useful in gym-goers.

    Pain Reliever : Capsaicin also shows analgesic effects. Analgesic means it is used therapeutically for pain management.

    Supports healthy digestion : Paprika also promotes healthy digestion by increasing saliva and stomach acids. These properties help in breaking down food and making nutrients from food for energy. if your digestion is good, your overall health is good.

    Prevents Hair Loss : Paprika could also do wonders for the health of your hair. The iron in the paprika helps in the transfer of oxygen in the hair follicles.

    Induces Sleep : Vitamin B in the paprika helps in proper sleep by producing the sleep hormone called melatonin. This melatonin aids in maintaining a normal sleeping cycle. This also stimulates the body’s serotonin and norepinephrine levels, which helps you to stay happy and stress-free.

    Anti-Inflammatory Properties : This paprika has anti-inflammatory properties. So it is helpful in inflammatory diseases. It helps in curbing the swelling caused by arthritis, joint pain, etc.

    Improves Cholesterol Level : Paprika also contains capsanthin which may raise the HDL that is also known as good cholesterol. This further prevents you from heart disorders.

  • How To Use Paprika in A Diet?

    Use this paprika in your daily diet. Just add paprika powder early in the cooking for proper effect and color. Just make sure don’t fry paprika over the high flames.

  • How Much Dose of Paprika in A Daily Diet?

    You can consume 3-6 gm of paprika powder per day and it’s better to consume paprika through food/meals.

  • The Importance of Stretching in The Morning ?

    1. Increases the performance in daily physical activities.

    2. Lowes the risk of injuries

    3. Effective work of muscles can be seen after stretching

    4. Enhances the flexibility of muscles and joints

    5. A great stress reliever

    6. Decreases the headache

    7. Alleviates obesity and promotes weight loss or belly fat

  • What Stretches Would You Recommend ?

    1. Static

    2. Ballistic

    3. PNF

    4. Dynamic

    5. Passive stretching

    6. Active

  • Why Exercise Should Be A Part of Someone's Hair Wellness And Growth Routine ?

    Exercising is an important part if you want to enhance your hair health. Hair health is directly related to the overall health of an individual. If someone's mental and physical health is intact then hair health is automatically established.

  • Why Exercise is So Good For You Both Generally & How That May Translate To Hair And Hair Growth ?

    Due to exercising, blood circulation increases throughout the body. Exercising results in sweating and opening blocked pores in the skin as well as on the scalp. Increased blood circulation to the scalp helps in nourishing hair root follicles and hence result in enhanced hair health.

  • Does Exercise Actually Help Hair Grow or is Living An Active ?

    Both of these things are important whether exercising or living a healthy lifestyle. They both are responsible for hair health. Exercising keeps you active and motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle. Even they can be considered interlinked in my opinion, without exercising you can not sentence your lifestyle as healthy.

  • Are There Any Particular Exercises Someone Should Focus On ?

    Some yoga aasan like Adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose), Sirsasana (head stand), Uttanasana (forward bending camel pose) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) are very helpful, if performed on daily basis for maintaining hair health.

  • Why Overexercising & Dieting May Actually Be Detrimental & Why Moderation is Important ?

    Yes of course, excessive exercising and dieting are detrimental especially for hair health. Excessive exercising results in consumption of reserved resources of energy in the body thus deteriorating body's reserved nutrition harming hair health badly. Moreover, excessive dieting directly results in lack of nutrition in the body which is very much required for maintaining hair health.

  • Natural Ways To Treat Teenage Acne

    1. Apply curcumin paste.

    2. Don't squeeze the pimples

    3. Local application of aloe vera gel

    4. Wash it with Triphala(myrobalans) decoction.

  • Herbal Products To Treat Teenage Acne

    1. Gleaming Skin, Hair, Nails Formula - 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meals

    2. Gandhak Rasayan - 2 tablets twice daily, with plain water after meals

    3. Manjishtha Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meal

    4. Evening Prime Rose Premium Handmade Bathing Bar - As directed by a physician.

  • How Spontaneity is Beneficial For Our Mental Health?

    In today’s world where the human lifestyle has been revolutionized by technology, which has brought increased connectivity even over the longest distances, the routines of employed adults and students have become highly occupied. When there was less of technology and geographical connectivity, people would take a long time to reach school or work and they would return home before sunset. Today, working hours have been stretched and people are even working during the night. Everyone’s schedule is pre-decided and occupied. This leaves little ‘spontaneity’ in their lives. Spontaneity is the unpredictability in one’s behavior. Spontaneity is hardly seen nowadays, not only because of the hectic lives of people but also because of current pandemic restrictions.

    A pre-decided set or pattern of activities definitely makes life boring but did you know that a repetitive pattern being followed over and over again throughout the years makes the mind dull too. The mind becomes adapted to regular routines and even the body starts to behave mechanically.

    Have you ever wondered that what is so special in friends visiting you suddenly when you didn’t expect them? Events like this refresh your mind and change your routine activities for a while.

    Spontaneity in one’s behavior is highly beneficial for rejuvenating inactive energy circulation in their brain since the brain starts to think differently when an unprecedented event happens. It increases alertness and improves performance.

    However, spontaneity should be practiced will full awareness to avoid any unwanted occurrences, just because of lack of care.

  • Why Does the Sun Make Us Tired?

    When we get exposed to sunlight, we feel tired after some time. There are some scientific reasons that explain to us that why sun exposure makes us tired. Some of the reasons are:

    1. Body Temperature : Sun transfers heat to the body in the form of photons. These radiations increase the body temperature and when this body temperature starts increasing then body feels sleepy, grump and tired.

    2. Suppresses Melatonin : Prolonged exposure to sun suppresses the production of melatonin. This suppression causing us to have a strong desire to take a good sleep. Ultraviolet light sets off a number of chemical changes that may cause drowsiness and lethargy.

    3. Extreme Heat : Prolonged exposure to sun causes dehydration in the body because body is sweating and losing water continuously. This procedure makes you feel very much tired and exhausted.

  • Things To Reduce The Sun’s Impact On Us?

    We can do following things to reduce the sun’s impact over the body:

    1. Don’t stay in the direct sun for too long time

    2. Stay hydrated all the day

    3. Find shaded places if you want to stay outside

    4. Use umbrella if you are going to beach

    5. Wear long-sleeved shirt and pants to cover maximum skin part

    6. Use hats with a wide brim that goes all the way around your face

    7. Use sunscreen to avoid damage to the skin

    8. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun rays

  • 10 Primary Health Benefits of Avocado

    1. Highly nutritious - It is incredibly rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, etc. It is very good in flavour and texture.

    2. Rich in potassium - AVocados are very rich in potassium even more than bananas. This sustains the electrical gradient in many cells and regulates bodily functions.

    3. Loaded with fiber - It is loaded with fiber which is another nutrient Thus it promotes weight loss, reduces blood sugar, etc.

    4. Decreases triglycerides and cholesterol level - Avocados lowers the lipid profile and reduces the risk of numerous heart diseases.

    5. Very rich in antioxidant - Avocados has carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which are very well known for eye health. so daily intake of these helps in improving eyesight.

    6. Might possess anticancerous properties - Avocados detoxify the body and each cell, therefore, preventing the body from any type of overgrowth.

    7. Relieves symptoms of arthritis - Avocados also possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic property so aids in relieving symptoms of joints inflammation.

    8. Enrich with heart - healthy monosaturated fats - They are enriched with good fats which are healthy for our heart. It contains oleic acid that contains olive oil and reduces the risk of cardiac ailments.

    9. Healthy for bones - As avocados contain vitamin K which helps in managing osteoporosis and regulates the proper movement of joints and the body.

    10. Lowers the risk of psychological disorders - Avocados is a very good antioxidant and promotes the release of neurotransmitters thus very effective in psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc.

  • Four Herbal Supplements For Hair Growth in Any Age

    1. Gleaming Skin Hair Nails Formula - It is a natural herbal supplement prepared in the house of Planet Ayurveda. The ingredients in this formulation mainly pacify pitta dosha and aids in the growth of new hairs. It also helps in preventing greying of hairs.

    2. Hair Growth Formula - This is a polyherbal formulation suggested for hair growth by Planet Ayurveda. As its name indicates that it promotes the growth of new hairs and nourishes them.

    3. Go Richh Hair Oil - Go Richh hair oil is a polyherbal formulation in oil form offered by Planet Ayurveda experts for preventing unknowing hair loss and greying of hairs. The ingredients in this nourish the hairs and scalp and delayed their natural process of greying in '40s.

    4. Go Richh Protein Shampoo - This is also a herbal formulation prepared by Planet Ayurveda experts. This shampoo is totally herbal and free from any type of chemical, preservative, and additive. Daily use of this shampoo nourishes the hairs with keratin protein and makes them silky, smooth, and shiny.

  • The Top Leading Health Issues That Impacting Men's

    Men are suffering a lot as comparison to women. According to the men’s health network, a lack of awareness, weak health education and unhealthy work and disturbed personal lifestyles have caused a steady deterioration of the well-being of men. Some of the common leading health issues of men are:

    Heart Disorders : This is a leading cause of death worldwide. Death rate of men is more than women due to heart attacks. This is all because of stressful life and unhealthy diet style. The most common leading cause of heart disorders are high blood pressure and diabetes.

    COPD : this is a Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is also a leading cause of death in men. Many respiratory diseases start with an innocent smoker’s cough. More men are diagnosed with COPD in each year. Smoking leads to the main cause of lung cancer.

    Alcohol : Men face higher rates of alcohol related deaths then women do. Men binge drink twice as much as women. Alcohol can also results in impotence and infertility. This also leads to stress and depression.

    Depression and Suicide : this is an estimation that atleast 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders, including suicidal thoughts. This is all because of any kind of stress. Instead of showing sadness or crying, men get angry or aggressive. They feel it's not OK for them to say, 'I'm depressed,' so they cope in other ways, like drinking too much. Men are also less likely to seek help for depression.

  • The Health Benefits of Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

    Epsom salt which is also called Magnesium sulfate is rarely known for its benefits but if studied in detail is having more benefits than we think it has.

    1. As having magnesium sulfate as its major component epsom salt is good in relieving muscle cramps and weakness.

    2. It also has importance for the whole nervous system as it strengthens nerves and vessels of the body and hence results in enhancement of circulation.

    3. Magnesium also helps in keeping intestines hydrated and maintains healthy digestion.

    4. In constipation it has very good results as along with digestion enhancement it also has mild purgative properties.

    5. Pouring epsom salt in hot water for soaking your feet or whole body is very beneficial as it relaxes your mind and your body. It basically acts as a physical stress buster.

    6. It is also good for preventing risk of cardiovascular diseases as epsom strengthens both voluntary and involuntary muscle groups along with nerves and arteries.

  • The Natural Way To Cure Psoriasis

    1. Navkarshik churna

    2. Gleaming skin hair nail formula

    3. Neem capsules

    4. Manjishtha capsules

    5. Pitta balance

    6. Jatyadi tail

    7. Gandhak Rasayan

    8. Maha manjishthadi kwath

    9. Khadira Vati

    10. Khadirarishta

  • The One Thing To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

    There are many things whose application and intake, both can reduce the under eye puffiness or under eye bags. Regular use of chamomile in your water and cucumber in your diet is really very helpful in avoiding undereye bags. Moreover, Application of chamomile tea bags over eyes is also very effective in reducing under eye bags.

  • What is The Best Time To Take CoQ10 & Why?

    CoQ10 can be taken in the morning or afternoon as it may cause insomnia in some people if taken at bedtime. So the best timing to take Coenzyme 10 should be in the daytime.

  • Should CoQ10 Be Taken with Other Supplements or With Food? Why?

    CoQ10 is a fat-soluble compound and easily digestible if taken with food. If it is taken alone then it may take time for absorption. So it is best to take CoQ10 with food rather than without food.

  • What is The Recommended Dosage of CoQ10?

    The recommended dosage of CoQ10 is 50 mg to 1,200 mg but it may vary as per the health conditions of the patient. So it should be taken after consulting your dietician and doctor.

  • How Your Period May Affect Your Exercise ?

    It would be justified to say that a woman’s routine, activities and plans depend greatly on when she is expecting her menstrual period to arrive. Menstrual period doesn’t only affect which dresses she can wear and which she can’t and whether she would like an extra dessert after dinner, there are actually a lot more things that depend on which menstrual phase a woman is going through; for example, the energy to do things.

    In the first half cycle before ovulation, the energy of a woman is the highest, and therefore she can do the maximum reps in the yoga class. During ovulation some women may feel fatigued due to raised basal body temperature. After ovulation and before the period the energy is just enough to do the compulsory tasks, and during the period itself, most women do not feel like doing anything due to cramps and bloating. It is all natural and fair to do only as much as one’s body allows, because your body requires cooperation from you, and not torture.

  • Why Does Stomach Get Bloated When Hungry or Starved ?

    When a person feels bloated, it might be due to some underlying diseases like acidity, gastritis, intestinal obstruction, UC, Crohn's disease, constipation, etc., or a poor dietary lifestyle. So our diet should be healthy and highly nutritious.

    It might be due to overeating in the previous meal or due to some underlying health condition.

  • Best Supplements for Heartburn

    Heartburn is a condition where a patient feels a burning sensation in the chest region and it is more common these days. Natural supplements show wonders in managing this condition. Let's have a look at some of the natural herbs and herbal formulations:-

    Natural herbs:-

    Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - It is a coolant herb that soothes the digestive tract and aids in managing the excessive secretion of HCL in the stomach.

    Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis) - Amla is a wonderful herb which pacifies all three doshas. It helps in promoting digestive fire and neutralizes the secretion of excess HCL.

    Trikatu - It is an effective combination of three herbs i.e. Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), Maricha (Piper longum), Pippali (Piper longum) which promotes digestive fire and assist in managing Heartburn.

    By combining these Herbs Planet Ayurveda offers some of the formulations and they are:-

    1. Heartburn capsules - These are polyherbal formulations prepared for managing symptoms like acidity, heart burn, acid reflux, and many more. You can take it at a dose of 1 capsule twice a day.

    2. Pitta balance - It is also a polyherbal herbo-mineral formulation prepared for managing Heartburn, pain in the abdomen, acidity, indigestion, and other various pitta disorders.

    3. Acidoplan syrup - This formulation is in a syrup form. It neutralizes all the gastric content present in the stomach and prevents the body from all types of gastric symptoms.

    4. Avipattikar Churna - It is a powdered blend of herbs that helps in managing stomach issues and relieves excess acid production.

  • Which Supplements Should I Take At Night Time ?

    Having a hard time falling asleep? There are several numbers of potential reasons why - stress, blue light exposure, afternoon coffee runs and many more.

    According to the science of ayurveda, There are two wonderful herbal supplements that work on your sleep time to do it better :-

    1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) This is a wonderful stress relief herbal supplement. It is useful in debilitating conditions. It is an effective nerve tonic. This herb enhances physical as well as mental stamina. It is a natural rejuvenator that helps to maintain proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscles. It maintains the sleep cycle.

    2. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) This is a most effective memory-boosting herbal supplement. It increases the coordination between brain neurons thus helps in improving short and long-term memory. It helps in treating stress, anxiety, and depression. When these factors are treated then the sleep cycle will automatically come under control. you will get a sound sleep.

  • What Are The Emotional Aspects of Weaning & Its Impact on Maternal Weight?

    For some mums that last breastfeed can be tinged with sadness, feelings of what you had, and feelings of what you will miss. It is quite normal. On the other hand, after weaning the weight of the mother started increasing. The reason behind this is Prolactin (a hormone that is released during lactation in women) Once you stop breastfeeding, this hormone, known to reduce the metabolism of fat, only decreases gradually.

  • Tips To Avoid Weight Gain After Weaning?

    Mother should follow the following tips:-

    Eat healthy snacks which help in nourishing the body

    Exercise daily for 15- 20 minutes in the morning

    Avoid overeating and eat as per your diet.

    Give some time to adjust your body in a new routine.

    Avoid taking fried and oily food.

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