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Herbal Remedies to Improve Calcium Naturally in Women


Calcium is an important micronutrient required by all of us as part of a daily diet routine. Our bones, Teeth, muscles, nerves, heart and kidneys all require adequate amounts of calcium in blood for their proper functioning. Calcium is required for the maintenance of optimum bone density in the body. Our bones continue to grow after birth till the age of twenty years. From 20 – 30 years of age all women and men have a maximum bone density. Thereafter, the bones start to lose the bone matrix and become porous and weak. There are many disease which affect the bone growth and density. Hypothyroidism, Osteoporosis, Hypocalcaemia etc. Lack of calcium in diet causes excessive release of calcium in blood. As a result, there occurs a calcium deficiency in blood. Women require a proper calcium intake especially as they have to go through various stages in life during which the daily requirement of calcium varies for example during pregnancy and after menopause.

Pregnancy is a high metabolic state that involves higher amounts of macro and micronutrients as the baby requires its supply of nutrition from the mother for an entire period of nine months. Calcium and Iron are two supplements that are required in high doses in pregnancy. If these requirements are not met, the women loses extra calcium from the body and may become hypocalcemic. Even after pregnancy, during the period of lactation, the mother requires adequate amounts of calcium to meet her body needs as well as for the milk formation in the mammary glands. An adult women requires up to 1000 mg of calcium per day. This requirement goes up after the age of 50 years, when a women should consume at least 1.2 g of calcium per day. In teenage girls, the calcium requirement is especially higher which may go up to 1300 mg per day.

Common Natural Sources of Dietary Calcium

The best way to meet the body's daily requirement of calcium is to consume natural and healthy food products which include fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Milk, yoghurt, Butter milk, Tofu, fortified soy products like soy beans and soy milk, Orange juice and rice beverages are very good natural suppliers of calcium. Cheese, Orange peel powder are also other good calcium sources that are easily available everywhere.For non-vegetarians, Salmon, Tuna and egg yolk are other good sources of calcium and vitamin D which is very much required for efficient calcium absorption.

Among vegetables, Broccoli, Spinach, Okra, Turnip greens, Mustard greens, Collard greens, Garlic and sun dried tomatoes are good sources of calcium. Amongst fruits, dried figs, dates, rhubarb, dried plum, kiwi and mulberry are good options. There are many artificial sources of calcium also that are readily available over the counter. These supplements are not very useful as they do not give desired results but pose risk of developing calcium stones in the body. Taking artificial calcium supplements leads to higher levels of serum calcium in blood. As a result, there are increased chances of developing calcification of arteries and other body tissues.

Natural Calcium Supplements and How they Help?

Natural calcium supplements replenish the body's calcium stores naturally and at a slow rate giving enough time to the body for their efficient absorption. According to a recent study, consuming approximately 600 mg of calcium in the form of natural food products is sufficient to maintain a healthy level of calcium in the body.

A proper dose of Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Phosphorus is also required for maintaining normal calcium levels in blood for people of all ages.

Planet Ayurveda's Natural Calcium Supplements

Planet Ayurveda's supplements have been formulated after extensive research on the various animal, plant and vegetable sources that are best suited for managing calcium deficiency in the body. Coral calcium capsules from Planet Ayurveda are a combination of natural plant and vegetable extracts that effectively help in sustained and efficient calcium absorption by the body.

The Ingredients of Coral Calcium Complex are as follows:-

  1. Praval pishti
  2. Akik pishti
  3. Jwar mohra pishti
  4. Kamdudha rasa
  5. Mukta pishti
  6. Giloy satva

Coral calcium is obtained from natural coral calcium salts that are rich in many vitamins and minerals. Studies have revealed that regular consumption of coral calcium supplements help reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases and many carcinomas like prostate and breast cancers. Regular use of these supplements helps to maintain healthy bone and teeth, healthy muscle mass and nerve control. It also helps maintain weight and relaxes and soothes mental stress and anxiety. Complaints of muscle cramps, hyperactive nerves etc. are also reduced. Coral calcium complex is an absolutely safe and cost effective natural supplement that can be your great natural source of essential micronutrients.

Dose - 1 Capsule twice daily.

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