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Hodgkin's Disease Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment

Hodgkin disease is a type of lymphoma and is the cancer of the lymphatic system. Globally, it is the third most common type of cancer in kids and teens aged 10-14. Lymphatic system in the body is responsible for fighting off infections and there is a chain of lymph nodes throughout the body. Lymphoma begins in the cells of the lymphatic system itself. Hodgkin disease is named for Dr. Thomas Hodgkin who described many types of cancer within the lymphatic system in 1832.

The first sign of Hodgkin disease is painless swelling of the lymph glands, since swelling of the lymph glands is a natural response to infection. Other symptoms include weight loss, night sweats, fatigueness, fever, chest pains, breathing problem, itchy skin and pain in lymph nodes. Doctors can diagnose Hodgkin disease with a biopsy which involves removing and examining a piece of tissue under a microscope. After it is confirmed the individual is suffering from Hodgkin disease, treatment follows and it depends on how far the disease has spread.

Treatment of Hodgkin disease normally involves radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The Doctor examines the number of clusters of lymph glands and the types of cells involved in the patient's body. Radiotherapy is generally prescribed for 6-8 weeks for the treatment of Hodgkin disease.

Chemotherapy involves as specific injections into veins and prescription of chemotherapeutic drugs in the form of tablets. But the chemotherapy for the treatment of Hodgkin disease leads to many side effects like loss of hair in the patients, fatigueness and nausea. In some of the cases of Hodgkin disease, high dose chemotherapy is recommended which followed by an autologous bone marrow transplant.

Treatment of Hodgkin disease needs to be taken for prolonged periods to get best and effective results. In combination with modern system of medicine, ayurvedic treatment has played a good role in reducing symptoms of Hodgkin disease which include improvement of the immune status of the body and prolonging survival period of the patient.

Ayurveda can be helpful in the management of Hodgkin disease in many ways which can be prophylactic, palliative, curative and supportive. Ayurvedic medicines help to improve the quality of life of the patients as they can act as an adjuvant or a co-therapy along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Ayurvedic medicines consist of natural herbal remedies which help to reduce the therapeutic dose of the allopathic drugs. Our Crab Care Pack helps to slow down the progress of Hodgkin disease in cases where chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery is contra-indicated and the cell-protective activity of the effective herbal supplements helps to improve comfort and the quality of life of individuals.

The Crab Care Pack

This pack contains herbal remedies for cancer which work in a synergistic manner to help fight the body with the cancer. The cancer can be of any type but these supplements work together to perform optimum function at cellular level and help stop the spread of cancer to various organs.

  1. All these supplements can be consumed even if the cancer has already spread and it is a malignant cancer.
  2. All these herbal remedies for cancer can be consumed even if the person is undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These herbs for cancer would rather help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


  1. Curcumin Capsules: 2 capsules to be taken two times in a day with plain water after meals
  2. Ashwagandha Capsules: 2 capsules to be taken two times in a day with plain water after meals
  3. Chanderprabha Vati: 2 tablets to be taken three times in a day with plain water after meals
  4. Tulsi Capsules: 2 capsules to be taken two times in a day with plain water after meals
  5. Kachnaar Guggul: 2 tablets to be taken three times in a day with plain water after meals
  6. Guggul capsules: 2 capsules to be taken two times in a day with plain water after meals

All these can be consumed together without any problem in the above mentioned dosages, about 1 hour after meals.

It is better if the patient consumes natural food and juices of carrots, beetroot, wheat grass, aloe vera juice, amla juice.

It is better if the patient does not take frozen, packaged, citric acid fruits, fried food. Also avoid alcohol and reduce non-veg diet.

It is also better if the patient consumes raw green vegetables, fresh salads and fruits and nuts.

Pranayam (the yogic breathing exercises) are the best for all cancer patients. Check the video of Pranayam demonstration by Dr. Vikram Chauhan at this page -

Why to Use Our Products?

The difference between our products and others:-

  1. We are using 100 % vegetarian capsules made from plant cellulose and not from hard gelatin which are low in cost and are made from chemicals+ cow cartilage+ pig intestines.
  2. We are using standardized extracts in our 100 % natural herbal supplements and not regular extracts.
  3. We are filling 500 mg standardized herbal extracts in our vegetarian capsule shells while many other manufacturers are filling 250 mg herbal extracts or raw herb powder.
  4. The cost of raw herb powder is minimum, the cost of herbal extract is 10 times more and the cost of standardized extract is further more.
  5. So many people fill 250 mg herbal extracts and the rest of the 500 mg capsule shell is filled with raw herb powder or fillers / chemicals / flour etc. just to cut costs. We fill only 500 mg standardized extracts without any preservatives or fillers or chemicals.
  6. Our products are 100 % natural supplements, made from pure natural herbal extracts in 500 mg quantity in each capsule.
  7. This was about capsule based formulations. We have herbal supplements made from pure herbs, herbal tablets made from 100 % natural organic herbs.

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