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How to Balance Pitta dosha?

According to Ayurveda, our body (Or the whole universe) is made up of 5 elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Space) and the 3 physiological humors – vata - pitta –kapha represent these 5 elements in our body. Explaining in a gross way, these 3 are responsible cellular metabolism, nervous system and structural composition of the body. The whole universe or the inorganic form of this universe is also made from these 5 elements in gross form and devoid of soul. Living entities like humans have soul (Atma in Sanskrit) and are connected with God (Paramatma in Sanskrit). So According to Ayurveda, life typically comprises of 5 elements + a soul.

Vata or the Vayu is Representing

Air and Ether = Vayu is controlling power or represents the movements in the universe, atom and also inside our body. The 5 types of Vayu (vata) represent the movements in the body. The nervous system is the controller of all movements inside the body. Breathing, Circulation, Excretion, Muscle contraction and relaxation, thoughts are all controlled by Vata. The vata is of 5 types Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana, Vyana. It is very important to restore balance of Vata dosha if any of them is in imbalanced state.

Pitta Represents the Fire

Digestion, Metabolism, breaking down of bigger molecules into smaller molecules, formation of new cells is all controlled by Pitta. The fire changes the atoms into molecules and molecules into compounds and compounds into cells and cells into tissues and vice versa.The pitta is of 5 types – Pachak, Ranjak, Bhrajak, Alochak, Sadhak. It is very important to restore balance of Pitta dosha if any of them is in imbalanced state.

Kapha Represents the Earth and Water

The structural support of the universe or the human body is Kapha. The whole connective tissue inside our body is represented by Kapha. The layers supporting the organs, fluids supporting the organs (synovial, cerebrospinal flud, peritoneal, pericardial fluids) bones, flesh and body tissues are all represented by Kapha dosha. The kapha is of 5 types –Bodhak, Kledhak, Tarpak, Shleshak and Avalambak. It is very important to restore balance of Kapha dosha if any of them is in imbalanced state.

What is a Disease?

These vata- pitta- kapha influence of body physiology and if there is any imbalance in their functioning, the pathological changes start to appear in the body causing disease.

What Affects the Balance of Tridosha?

The initial symptoms of any disease are indicators of an imbalance in the working of these 3 pillars, which is affected by so many factors like – aging, diet, lifestyle, social behavior, sleep, sexual behavior, instincts, prakriti (inborn nature) and so on. In this article we are going to discuss the articles, which lead to imbalance of Pitta dosha.

What is Pitta Dosha?

As discussed above, it is is the fire energy of the universe or the body. It is the metabolic fire which converts atoms into molecules and compounds into cells. It's the energy which cooks the food for us and extract the energy from it.

All the steps included from breaking down food and taking out energy and carrying out cellular physiology and making of cells and cell repair and vice versa is done by Pitta dosha.

Some people correlate it with Bile which flows through liver and goes to intestines, spleen, heart, eyes and skin. It's major quality is heat and function is metabolism. All the enzymes and catalysts, metabolic reactions inside the body are done by Pitta dosha.

The main indicator of pitta dosha is heat of the body.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Imbalanced Pitta Dosha?

These mentioned below are major signs and symptoms but some of them may be missing in people as they appear from mild, moderate or severe pitta imbalance.

  1. Increased feeling of heat in the body
  2. Redness and inflamed rashes, cold sores and feeling thirsty all the time
  3. Acidity, heart burn and ulcers
  4. Unexplained bleeding – Gums, Piles, Menstruation
  5. Intermittent diarrhea
  6. Obsessed to make things perfect
  7. anger, irritability, loose temperament and too much of it leading to hatred, jealousy, intolerance, impaired memory
  8. Lack of focus and concentration
  9. Redness in eyes
  10. Blood Pressure
  11. Skin diseases
  12. Premature aging – Premature graying of hair
  13. Decreasing eye sight
  14. Indigestion, Gas, Flatulence, mild Pain in abdomen after eating food

How to balance Pitta Dosha?

Pitta is synonym of Fire in Ayurveda. There are certain dietary, lifestyle modifications recommended by Ayurveda to balance the Pitta dosha.

Cooling the body, Mind and spirit is very important to maintain the balance of pitta dosha in the body. If you know the pitta is increased, then start following the pitta pacifying diet. This is how diet (Tastes) affects our doshas.

Foods which are Naturally Sweet or Bitter are Excellent for Pitta Dosha

  1. Asparagus, Coconut water, Broccoli, Brussels, Cabbage, Celery, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Green vegetables, Okra, Zuchini, Long Gourds, Round gourds, Pumpkin, Papaya, Radish, Carrots,Coriander, Cilantrol, Fennel and Cardamom.
  2. Ghee is perfect for keeping pitta in balance. Olive oil, Cow's ghee is better than Buffalo's.
  3. Eating at right time is recommended and as per appetite is recommended.
  4. Eating peacefully is also very important.

What to Avoid in Increased Pitta Dosha?

  1. Pungent, Sour and Salty foods are not recommended. Peppers, too much protein diet.
  2. Alcohol and smoking, Yogurt, Citrus fruits, Pickles, Chillies, Cayenne peppers are not at all recommended.
  3. Canned, Packaged, frozen, pastries, are not recommended
  4. Heating foods in energy are not recommended
  5. Energy drinks, Soft drinks are not recommended
  6. Caffeine, nicotine and other stimulating diets are not good
  7. All types of non-veg diet should be avoided, especially red meat
  8. Fried food.
  9. White wine should be preferred over red wine.

Balancing the Mind?

Yoga, Meditation, Deep breathing is very important to keep the Pitta dosha in balanced state. It also helps to control vata dosha and keep the mind cool

Pitta Balance - Best Herbal Formulation to Restore the Pitta Imbalance

There are many herbs, diets which help to keep Pitta dosha in balanced state. The pitta balance is a wonderful combination which comprises of cooling compounds, natural calcium compounds to restore the pitta imbalance quickly.

Ayurvedic Energetics of this formulation - Pitta Balance

Vata = Restores the Vata Imbalance (Increased Vata) - Improves Bone density, Good for Menopause, PMS, Fatigue, Tiredness

Pitta - Reduces the Pitta Dosha – Excellent for Blood Pressure, Heat in the body, Palpitation, Heart Burn, Acidity, Ulcers, Skin diseases, Excessive Bleeding due to Menstruation, Piles or gums , Decreasing eye sight, Premature graying of hair, falling of hair

Kapha - It increases Kapha dosha as its cooling and not recommended for people suffering from lung infections, pneumonia, cough.

Effects on Mind – Cooling ! !

Pitta Balance is a wonderful product which can be used in many diseases without causing any side effects.

  1. Mental clarity, helps in controlling anger, frustration, aggression and negative emotions. Basically it controls the fire.
  2. Since it is rich in natural calciums, it helps females in menopause.
  3. Pitta balance is rich in natural calciums, so it improves bone marrow density
  4. It helps in leg cramps, muscular cramps, restless leg syndrome.
  5. It helps in anxiety, palpitation, increased heart rate and stress
  6. Since it is cooling it is excellent for blood pressure
  7. It is best for Acidity, Ulcers and bleeding piles or gums
  8. It helps to restore a healthy skin and clears complexion as it works like a blood cleanse.
  9. It helps to restore patience and helps to fight criticism, intolerance, irritability
  10. Wonderful for females who are irritable, especially during PMS
  11. It improves healthy digestion and improves eye sight

It comprises of the following ingredients:

Sr. No. Common English Name Classical Ayurvedic Name Quantity
1 Coral Calcium Praval Pishti 125 mg
2 Agate Calcium Akik Pishti 125 mg
3 An Ayurvedic Calcium  compound Jahar Mohra Pishti 125 mg
4 An Ayurvedic Calcium compound Kamdudha Ras 125 mg
5 Pearl Calcium Mukta Pishti 50 mg
6 Tinospora corifolia stem extract Giloy Satva 125 mg

Dosage – 1 capsule once to twice daily is enough.

Serving Size – 1 capsule contains 675 mg
1 Bottle Contains – 60 veg capsules

The outer capsule shells are 100 % vegetarian and natural and organic, and the product is free from all chemicals, yeast, gluten, animal products and preservatives.

To buy Pitta Balance, please visit

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