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How to Get Rid from Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally?

Fibromyalgia is the complex chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by physical, social and psychological pain. Muscular pain, joint stiffness and cartilage tenderness are the pivotal symptoms of this disorder. Serotonin metabolism, thyroid problem or a neurotransmitter related to mood are the three major abnormalities that are shown in the individuals suffering from Fibromyalgia. Planet Ayurveda has successfully provided some of the superb herbal remedies and given answer to the difficult question of how to get rid from Fibromyalgia.

Basic Causes of Fibromyalgia

The basic causes of this situation are given below:-

  • Accumulation of the unwanted food particles resulting in fermentation giving rise to free radical absorption, named Aama in the various parts of the body.
  • This disorder is also known as the Vata imbalance disorder. Vata is an Ayurvedic term, which represents a prakriti of the individual that is related to the kinetic energy. Thus, this disease is caused due to the imbalance of the kinetic energy within the body.
  • Also, stress is yet another major cause of Fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

The major symptoms of Fibromyalgia are many. It ranges from tiredness and fatigue to chronic pain situation in various parts of the body.

  • Disturbed sleepless situation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Deficiency in the immune system
  • Depression
  • Muscular pain
  • Stiffness in ligaments and joints
  • Pain during the menstrual period
  • Hypersensitivity

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

To get rid from Fibromyalgia, it is always recommended to opt for the natural treatments and the herbal remedies. This is because; the herbal remedies are completely natural with no added chemicals and preservatives. They do not have any side effects. They are less expensive when compared to the other medical treatments. The natural treatment helps to develop certain chemicals that will help the body to heal himself without the aid of any external agent. The herbal remedies help to play a miraculous role in treating the situation.

Herbal Remedies for Fibromyalgia by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Fibromyalgia Care Pack for natural treatment of fibromyalgia. These herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. All these herbal remedies of Planet Ayurveda are 100 percent pure, natural and vegetarian. These are free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. These are safe to use as these are free from side effects.


  1. Stress Support - 1 capsule twice daily with warm water.
  2. Aamvatantak Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily with warm water.
  3. Boswellia Curcumin - 2 capsules twice daily with warm water.
  4. Joint Aid Plus - 2 capsules twice daily with warm water.
  5. Shatavari Ghrit - ½ tsp twice a day with warm water.

Products Description

1. Stress Support

Stress is one of the major causes of Fibromyalgia. Thus, the herbs, which are used to produce this supplement aid to relieve stress without giving any side effect to the body.

2. Aamvatantak Churna

This herbal supplement provides a simple and organic way to treat this complex and chronic disorder named Fibromyalgia. This medicinal supplement contains a wonderful collection of the rare detoxifying and anti-inflammatory herbs that help to provide the perfect relief from the painful situation of Fibromyalgia.

3. Boswellia Curcumin

This capsules are beneficial in reducing inflammation related to skeletal muscles. It further reduces pain, stiffness and swelling in joints. This capsules consists of Boswellia serrata also known as Shallaki and Curcumin which is Turmeric. They together work in reducing inflammation and intensity of pain caused Fibromyalgia.

4. Joint Aid Plus

This is a perfect combo pack of some of the rare Ayurvedic herbs, which have anti inflammatory characteristic. These herbs include the extracts of guggul, ashwagandha, shallaki, nirgundi and gilloy. These herbs help to treat the swelling and pain to a huge extent. All these herbs work synergistically to provide relief to the patients suffering from Fibromyalgia.

5. Shatavari Ghrit

This is a natural Ayurvedic formulation used in the treatment of Gynecological disorders. This herbal medicine is in ghee form. This product is prepared from the ingredients such as Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), doodh (Bos taurus), Mulathi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Jeevak (Microstylis muscifera), Kakoli (Lilium polyphyllum), Munakka (Vitis vinifera), etc. This is a very helpful remedy for maintaining the female health. This product balances Vata and Pitta doshas. It balances the hormonal disturbances in the body. Shatavari ghrit is used in the diseases like urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, ache in limbs, leucorrhea, infertility, dysmenorrheal, etc.

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Besides the above herbal remedies and natural treatment, maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle are absolutely essential to get relief from the neuro-sensory chronic complex painful situation.

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