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Journey of Planet Ayurveda

Journey of Planet Ayurveda

Around 20 Years Ago, in 2002, we have started our journey of Planet Ayurveda with the purpose of 'Taking Ayurveda to Every Home Worldwide'. It is the story of an ordinary man born in the family of Jewellers, and got passionate for contributing towards building up a healthier society with the help of Ancient and Traditional System of Medicine of India – Ayurveda. His passion and search for accomplishing the aim of establishing a Healthy Lifestyle among the people in the society all over the world took him towards Ayurveda – The Natural Way of Healing. It is a story of a man who has grown up in the pearls and jewels used to make jewellery for impressive outlook of a person, but chose to help the humanity to look beautiful from within, with the real jewels of nature, i.e., various types of herbs that originate in earth, and water. These incredible jewels of nature make the person look glamorous from outside by providing a strong support from inside. He denied to choose his family business to earn a mortal wealth and opted for exploring the natural and real wealth of the universe – "Health of living beings", naturally.

Internal happiness and Health automatically leads to outer beauty!!

Now the time is to unfold the leaf of the real story behind the Planet Ayurveda and its origin. Who is that man about whom we are discussing? What made him the one, he is now? It is none other than me, known to you all as Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I always had a thought to utilize myself in doing something that can benefit the humanity at a major level. But, being a member of the jewellers family, my father and brother always wanted me to learn the family business and grow it higher. I never had any interest in this mortal glamour of the people, but always thought to do something that can make them glamorous in an immortal manner. From the young age, I was a net savvy and wanted to get indulge in an act for social welfare through all the available sources.

How it All Began?

For a long time, I was suffering with Acute Tonsillitis, and used to get relief from it with the natural home remedies. One day, when I visited Dr. Gulati as a patient, who is a renowned Ayurveda Specialist worldwide and helping the people to heal the chronic diseases with all his knowledge and experience. At that time, he was teaching the final year students of Ayurveda as well as providing consultations to the patients there. He asked a question, and my interest in the field made me to answer that. By chance, the answer was not even known to those final year students of Ayurveda, he asked about me and inspired me to move forward in this field. He provided me the treatment for my disease as well as enlightened my path to pursue my career in such a wonderful field. This ray of inspiration and my interest in Ayurveda took me towards it and I started my journey with Ayurveda in 1998.

My Basic Learning of Ayurveda

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

I went to Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar, for studying BAMS (Bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic Medical Science), and got more interested to learn about Ayurveda and its amazing benefits. Afterwards, I pursued my MD - Ayurveda studies from Ayurvedic Institution in Patiala along with the Yoga and Naturopathy Diploma from Gandhian Sciences in Chandigarh. It was not an easy journey in an era, where people easily opt for the alternatives to get quick reliefs without considering the adverse consequences, due to which Ayurveda, which is the best method of healing and does not have any side-effects, was getting dominated by the modern medicines, just because of its slow action.

After the completion of my academics in Ayurveda, I got back to Dr. Gulati for the internship and became his follower to learn all about Ayurveda. Dr. Gulati's professional growth and practice of giving healthy life to people through his immense and widespread knowledge in Ayurveda always influenced me to treat each and every individual in the world using the wonderful natural herbs and to lay the foundation of a healthy and disease-free society without unbalancing the natural processes.

Arjun Tea – My First Herbal Formulation

The incident which was the reason behind my first own herbal formulation – Arjun Tea was the illness of my Aunt (mother's sister). She had suffered with Heart Blockage, and doctors advised to have a bypass surgery for the same, that also with no guaranteed results. They also informed that she may not live for long if the surgery would not be performed. I took it as a challenge and set up my mind to treat the same with the herbal medicines with all the knowledge I can collect. I tried to prepare the herbal formulation with the effective and potent herbs that were proved from the ancient ages to be helpful in the treatment of the same, and it worked. It not only treated her heart disease but also, she lived for 25 years after the treatment. The whole time taken by this treatment was just 4 months, she drank the Arjun Tea thrice a day and fought against the disease with no other side effects on her health.

Arjun Tea

Origin of Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda Centre

The above incident filled me with more enthusiasm towards Ayurveda and to choose a medium for helping the humanity with its magical benefits. Finally, I laid the foundation of Planet Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic Clinic, a manufacturing, trading and exporting unit of herbal supplements, in order to expand Ayurveda, its knowledge and its benefits worldwide. I am really thankful to the persons who have supported me with all their best efforts from the very first day of Planet Ayurveda till now. As I had a big dream to "Make Ayurveda, A Part of Every Home Worldwide", so I couldn't do it alone, the people who helped me to start the organization are Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, my wife, Dr. Madan Gulati, my mentor as well as my father-in-law, Dr. Saras Gulati, my mother-in-law, and Mr. Ashwani Thakur, my cousin. Even after years of practicing Ayurveda, I take my Guru, Dr. Gulati's help in preparing formulations and running Planet Ayurveda, whenever it requires, as his experience is and will be always greater than mine. They all, along with the other team members, who joined Planet Ayurveda, always help me in achieving the objectives of the organization in a well manner.

I can proudly say that it was really the best decision of my life to contribute my life in making the society healthier with Ayurveda. I always feel blessed and thankful to the love, care and respect that I have earned walking on the path of exaggerating Ayurveda. It has become an inseparable part of my life that made me the man, I am today.

When I transforms to We, then Illness becomes Wellness.

In my story, this wellness is not only of an individual, but for the whole humanity. I have done researches on the different concepts of Ayurveda, and natural herbs, attended many seminars, conferences, award shows, conveyed lectures, got interviewed by TV and Radio Channels, written articles and blogs for my own website, many national and international newspapers, and magazines till the date. Also, we have conducted many health consultation events with the help of Planet Ayurveda team including the Doctors, Planet Ayurveda Resellers and Distributors.

Learning is a continuous process!

And it becomes really interesting when you have a dream for a long-run!!

I learned a lot with all these, still learning and always try to share my knowledge and experiences with the people through all the available mediums and whenever I get a chance.

Our journey with Ayurveda is really very fantastic till the date and I know it has much more fascinating for us in future. We are walking on a way that leads to Holistic Healing through Herbs. We have successfully spread Ayurveda and treated the patients suffering from various acute and chronic diseases not only in India but also in numerous countries globally through online and offline sources along with our resellers and distributors. Thanks to all those who are connecting and joining hands with us in sharing and serving the humanity with this amazing and wonderful Ancient Science of Medicine i.e., Ayurveda.

With Every Walk in Nature, We Receive Far More than We Seek..!

By Discovering Nature, We Discover Ourselves..!!

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